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Friday, December 27, 2013

Date A Star Season 2 Episode 4 - Romeo Tan and Cheryl Wee + Xu Bin and Ming Bridges + Jayley Woo and Wong Jinglun

Season 2 - Episode 4
End of 3rd Date and Starting of Date 4

Xu Bin (24) Dates Ming Bridges (21)

Despite the many mishaps that happen during the cupcake making session.
The cupcakes turned out delicious.

Ming arranges to meet Xu Bin at Snow City in Jurong.
Xu Bin turns up late looking tired and uneasy.
He explains that he had been busy filming.

They get dressed up in winter apparel.

Xu Bin is seen fiddling with his phone and looking unhappy.
Ming tries to cheer him up and they play around with the snow and slides.

As they're making a snow man, Xu Bin excuses himself to make a call.
When he returns, he bids Ming goodbye as he has other commitments.
Ming is taken by surprise, but hope everything is okay.

Romeo Tan (28) Dates Cheryl Wee (26)

Cheryl meet Romeo at the Sea Aquarium at Sentosa.

Romeo surprises Cheryl when he brings his nephew along for the date.

Cheryl shares that she has 9 cousins and they travel together often.
So she is used to handling kids as well.
They both like the innocence of children.

 Wong Jinglun (30) Dates Jayley Woo (22)
Jayley arranges to meet Jinglun to play games at Orchard Cathay.

They challenge each other again and end up in a bet.
The loser has to do pumping.

Jayley loses to Jinglun in the XBOX Kinect Games that imvolved dancing and boxing.
I'm not sure if she lost on purpose.

Jinglun, being the gentleman, joins her to do pumping.

They have a meal together at a Chinese restuarant.

Jinglun discovers that Jayley can play the guzheng and is pleasantly surprised.

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