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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jayley Woo - Note To My Teenage Self Episode 4

 Note To My Teenage Self Episode Channel U Program

Episode Description:
Starting out as a blogger, Jayley Woo is a rising star who made her way up from starting her own blog to starring in her very own movie. However in her rebellious teenage years, she finds herself almost on the wrong side of the law.

Episode Synopsis and Spoiler:
1. First Love
Jayley starts the video interview by offering Lee Teng some Royce chocolates. She shares that her first love gave that to her as a gift. Lee Teng is taken by surprise at her openness. He asks her if Edwin was her 1st love. She candidly replies no.

She shares that her first love was a Malay boy when she was around 15 or 16 years old. Their relationship lasted about 8 months. Lee Teng probes on the reason why they broke up. She shares that he was quite popular with the girls and as his girlfriend, she gets a little uncomfortable with the kind of attention he was receiving.

2. Style, Sis and Plastic Surgery
She started paying more attention to her dressing and grooming after that and gained more confidence. Lee Teng and Jayley go through some of Jayley's old photos on her blog when she had longer hair with different colors and colored lenses. He comments that she used to be very heavily Japanese influenced in style. Lee Teng says that he can tell Jayley and Hayley apart coz Hayley is just slightly sweeter looking and Jayley is more spunky.

He also thought that Jayley was the older sister. Jayley shares that they were born 5 minutes apart and that Hayley likes to make fun of Jayley but saying she looks older. He brings up the topic of plastic surgery and says that some people have suggested that she might have done something to enhance her features. She replies that one of the harshest commment on that was that she probably did her nose. She says that she did nothing surgical to her nose and even lets him feel her nose bridge. She says if she did her nose, she can't do the piggy nose thingy with her finger.

3. Teenage Journey: Channel U Campus Super Star Contest Auditions and Shoplifting
Jayley shares that she actually joined the Campus Super Star Auditions twice and she really likes to sing. She sings a segment of  Zhang Hui Meu's Song "Ji De" (Loosely translated: "REMEMBER"). The first audition attempt, she did it on her own. During the 2nd year's audition, she and her sister were on stage together. But because of anxiety and nervousness, her sister broke down crying and Jayley also cried. They were allowed by the organisers to try again after they had regained their composure.

She shared that it was during the time where it was popular to write autobiographies in school then. One day, while at a bookstore, she got impulsive and placed some glitter pens in her pocket. She was caught on the CCTV and her Dad was called to the store. She was given a stern warning and she regrets her actions and thinks she was very silly at that time to do that.

4. Personality Quiz, Letter from Dad
Lee Teng asks Jayley to try out a personality quiz:
"You're in a jungle one day, you have 5 animals with you. An elephant, tiger, monkey, peacock and dog. As there are treacherous roads ahead, you're forced to forsake the animals one by one. Rank in order, which animals you would leave behind"

Her reply and Lee Teng's comment on what each animal represents 
1. Peacock (Lover)
2. Elephant (Parents)
3. Monkey (Your kids)
4. Tiger (Money and Power)
5. Dog (Friends)

Lee Teng brings out a letter from Jayley's Dad. Jayley is surprised.

She shares that there was a time when she had a harsh argument with her Dad when she was around 8. She said some stuff she really regretted and didn't mean.

Reading her mind, in the letter her Dad wrote, he asks her to let it go and that there are no grudges between parents and kids.

And ask her to take care and work hard in the long journey ahead.

She says she will work really hard and take care of her parents.

5. Letter to Self
(Loosely translated and transcribed)
"Hi 15 year old self,

Not that I'm 22, I'm doing okay. Thank you for believing in yourself. Otherwise I would not be where I am today. If I can turn back time, I will still be myself. If I did not go through those experiences, I would not be me today. Thank you. - Jayley "


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