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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Rosalyn Lee and Justin Vanderstraaten Married?

Was watching this advertorial they were doing at for a sunblock/protection kinda product from "L'Oreal Paris UV Aqua Essence"

Watch the video here:

She made an accidental slip that might actually reveal that the 2 lovebirds have already gotten married.

At video timing 1:15 she says...

"I didn't marry you for..."

And then Justin gave an awkward "opps" look and went "wuuuuuuu........didn't marry me??.

She went "opps"

"She said it on camera"

So are they married or not?
Sorry for being kaypoh. But gotta know!!!

We're not sure, coz she still called him her boyfriend at the beginning of the video.

 What do you think?!! Guess it's just a harmless joke and jibe!



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