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Monday, December 23, 2013

Nicholas Tse shares that Quintus and Lucas will study in Singapore

According to a report from Yahoo on 23 Dec 2013, Nicholas Tse has admitted that he was in Singapore earlier on with Cecilia Cheung and his 2 kids. He was speaking to the media at the gala premiere of his latest film, "As The Light Goes Out".


The ex-couple was rumored to be possibly in reconciliation terms when Nicholas and his ex-wife were spotted on holiday together in Singapore. They were photographed in pictures at Hougang and Sentosa in Singapore by various parties.

Nicholas and Cecilia spotted at Sentosa (Singapore) by netizens in December 2013.

Nicholas Tse shared that a reconciliation with Cecilia was not possible. However, he confirmed  that his sons, Lucas and Quintus will be attending school in Singapore. The ex-couple will be sending their six-year-old and three-year-old to the country to study in the near future.

张柏芝为避狗仔队或带儿子离港 辣妈经常带儿子出游 

"Lucas and Quintus will settle in Singapore with Cecilia. We decided to do that as we felt that the environment was more suitable for their growth," said Nicholas.



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