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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Date A Star Season 2 Episode 2 - Romeo Tan and Cheryl Wee + Xu Bin and Ming Bridges + Jayley Woo and Wong Jinglun

 Season 2 - Episode 2
End of First Date and Starting of Date2 

Xu Bin Dates (24) Dates Ming Bridges (21)

The video starts where Ming is being approached by an Ang Mo named Nelson while Xu Bin was away. He casually introduces himself as a friend of  a fan and even asks for her number.
Ming rejects him politely and have some awkward moments with Xu Bin
over the incident.


Romeo Tan (28) Dates Cheryl Wee (26)

Romeo and Cheryl roam around the Universal studios and end up chatting during a break.
Romeo suprises Cheryl with a COOKIE MONSTER plush that she had been eyeing
while they were walking around.


She mentions that Romeo has a lot of fans
who have been secretly taking picturs of him while
they were out of their date.
They exchange views on how they would like their ideal mate to be.

For their next date, Romeo arranges to meet Cheryl at a Go Kart Racing venue.
He finds out that Cheryl can be quite competitive and the 2 of them decide
to have a race.

During the race, Cheryl is bumped by Romeo's kart and might have gotten stuck or hurt.
Romeo is worried.




 Wong Jinglun (30) Dates Jayley Woo (22)

Jinglun and Jayley head off to a Karaoke joint for a sing-a-long session.
They play a games: "Who can hold the longest breath"
Jinglun asks Jayley what are her usual past times and she mentions
that she likes to go ice-skating with her friends when she has time.

In return, he mentions that he likes sitting on the bus,
which causes her to burst into laughter at the ridiculousness of his nonsensical remark.

Picking up on the hint, he arranges to meet her at the ice-skating rink for their next date.

She thought that he might be a professional ice skater.

But when they're both in the rink,
she realizes that he's very much a rookie at ice-skating.
He had previously mentioned that he had been to the rink 4 times before.
But later we find out, he was only at the rink previously as a spectator.

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