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Friday, December 27, 2013

Date A Star Season 2 Episode 3 - Romeo Tan and Cheryl Wee + Xu Bin and Ming Bridges + Jayley Woo and Wong Jinglun

Season 2 - Episode 3
End of 2nd Date and Starting of Date 3  

Wong Jinglun (30) Dates Jayley Woo (22)
Jinglun ends up performing the Kyomi song and dance in the middle of
the ice-skating rink since he lost the bet to Jayley.
Jayley is amused and impressed by his spontaneity.

They stop skating and start chatting over a meal.

Jayley shares that she prefers guys to be themselves in general.
She feels that when they try to impress girls on dates, it comes across as a little pretentious.


She's afraid of being disappointed later on when they show their true selves.
So she prefers it if they keep it real.

Romeo Tan (28) Dates Cheryl Wee (26)

Cheryl suffers a minor abrasion on her knee during the go kart race.

She was hit at the back by an on-coming kart, while Romeo over took her in front.

Romeo feels bad about the accident and wished he did not over take her
so that the accident could have been avoided.
He tend to her wound. She feels touched.

For their next date, Romeo and Cheryl arranges to meet at a Craft Shop that's also a cafe.

Cheryl shares that when her Mum was dating her Dad when they were 15,
17 members of her Mum's family sat behind the both of them
in a movie theatre when they went on a movie date.

Cheryl jokes that maybe her Dad might be nearby checking on Romeo.

Xu Bin (24) Dates Ming Bridges (21)

Xu Bin and Ming meet at a Obstacle Course at Bedok Reservoir.

Ming swiftly overcomes the 1st obstacle, while
Xu Bin gets apprehensive about taking the big leap.

He starts to regret meeting up at the Obstacle Course.

Eventually, they both complete the course and chat over their experiences.

Next, Ming invites Xu Bin over to her place to bake cupcakes.
They have some difficult using the electrical appliances to
chop up the ingredients for the cake mixture.

One of the appliances start to emit smoke and
Xu Bin halts the production crew as he spots a fire within the appliance.


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