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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yes We Can! Channel 8 TV Drama New Show 我们一定行 (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing)

 "Yes We Can!" is about celebrating traditions and fulfilling dreams.
The story revolves around the protagonist Lin Junwei, (Romeo Tan)
who decides to quit his job and ventures to
set up his own company named ‘Can Do’.

Whether you want to start a business, keep your business going
or venture into a new business,
‘Can Do’ will help you to achieve it.

Junwei picks up two other partners, Zhang Xueqin (Rebecca Lim) and Li Yi (Xu Bin) to form the ‘Can Do Trio’ to help many senior citizens running a business to inject new elements into their old trades in a determined effort to give them a new lease of life. The trio invariable gets entangled in a love triangle, and their romance unfolds as they persevere towards their business goals.

‘Yes We Can!’ is a unique, funny and heartwarming drama that will inspire viewers and keep them in good spirits as they usher in the Lunar New Year.

Show begins on 8 January 2014,
Monday to Friday at 9pm on Channel 8!

"Yes we can!" Theme Song | 我们一定行 Theme Song
By Red Roof Records (by Jeremy Kwan, Carmen Ang, Ric Liu)

Download the single at:

Liu Junwei is full of dreams and passion. As a child, he had seen how his father was reduced to poverty after placing too much trust in his buddy, Jiang Wen. This incident has made Junwei adopt a utilitarian outlook. Bursting with confidence, he eschews being a long-suffering employee. Junwei, therefore, starts a company called “Towering Fly”, where he is both the boss and employee. The principle behind his company is that whether you are establishing a business, preserving or revamping it, “Towering Fly” will realise your goal!

Junwei’s first contract is expanding the business plan of his elder sister, Liu Cailing. Cailing runs a thriving food stall at a cooked food centre. Junwei transforms the little stall into a small eatery.  The eatery does a roaring business until a labour crunch forces it to close down. Cailing is back to square one and returns to operate a stall at the cooked food centre.

Zhu Siyi, Junwei’s girlfriend who works as a personal investment consultant in a bank, adopts a meticulous approach towards life. She sees herself and her boyfriend retiring by the age of 45. Fearing that Junwei’s unrealistic attitude will ruin her plan, she breaks up with him. Devastated by this, Junwei vows to make Siyi regret leaving him.

Junwei’s first customer is Zhang Baida, an old master shoemaker of Nyonya Kasut Manek (beaded shoes). Baida makes authentic kasut manek. As he is getting on in age, he wishes to popularise this disappearing trade. Hong Qingshan, Baida’s good friend, approaches Junwei to revitalise the Kasut Manek shop. Baida banks his hopes on Junwei without hesitation.

Tragically, acting on Junwei’s advice, Baida moves some old items and is fatally crushed by them! Baida’s daughter, Zhang Xueqin, is a sheltered girl. Following Baidai’s death, Xueqin takes it upon herself to continue Baida’s Kasut Manek business to fulfill his dream. As such, Xueqin pesters Junwei who had accepted the deposit earlier. Junwei seizes the opportunity to move his business into the Kasut Manek shop and orders Xueqin around as though she is his assistant.

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 Romeo Tan plays as Liu Jun Wei.
A confident and intelligent young man with aspirations to make it big with his own business. Young and full of ideas, he brings a burst of sunshine into people's lives and helps people around him to rejuvenate their businesses. Through his endeavors, he meets and falls in love with Zhang Xueqin, played by Rebecca Lim!

 Zhang Xueqin, played by Rebecca Lim
 She is a total computer geek who stays at home and prefers not to leave the house. Though soft-spoken, she possesses a kind spirit and is determined to complete whatever she sets out to do. The only person she raises her voice and loses her temper is towards Liu Jun Wei and they often exchange mean words with each other.


Li Yi, played by Xu Bin
  Li Yi is a successful dentist who has a warm and gentle spirit. However, practicing dentistry was his parents' wish for him was never what he truly wanted to do. Together with Xueqin (Rebecca Lim) and Jun Wei, they form the "Can-Do Trio" and encounter interesting people and adventures!


 Sora Ma plays as Zhu Si Yi
 Zhu Si Yi, was Liu Jun Wei's (Romeo Tan) girlfriend. She is a young driven sales manager at a bank, who maps out her entire life and career plan and is a determined go-getter who will follow through with her plans. Believing that money is more important than love, she breaks up with Liu Jun Wei when he quits his job to set up his own business and targets Xu Bin's character, Li Yi.


Chen Liping plays Liu Cai Ling
A food stall owner who is also the sister of Romeo Tan’s character Liu Jun Wei, and the love interest of Hong Qing Shan (Chen Hanwei), a man who has been madly in love with her for 20 years.

Chen Hanwei plays Hong Qing Shan

Eelyn Kok plays He Yun Zhi

Yun Zhi is in love with Yao Wen Long's character. 

To be updated.


Yes We Can!《我们一定行!》- Romeo 自爆料了什么?
Let Romeo and Rebecca tell you all about their kissing scene and what juicy secret did Romeo reveal?

Yes We Can!《我们一定行!》- 浪漫的偶像约会?
Romeo and Rebecca on the set of Yes We Can filming a romantic date at Sentosa.


Chen Hanwei

Chen Shucheng and Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim and Romeo Tan at the press conference of YES WE CAN!

Eelyn Kok Selfie


1. Rebecca Lim underwent training to learn the Nonya art of beading for the show.

2. Chen Liping underwent training to learn how to make Kwek for the show.

Yes We Can!  我们一定行  (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing)
Check back for updates on Episode Synopsis and video links for catch ups. 

Catch Episodes on Toggle First (Not free though)!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!/269830

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 1 | Episode One

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 1!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-1/269829

Liu Jun Wei has a knack for business but due to his frustrations at work, he decides to break out on his own instead. However, his girlfriend, Si Yi, does not support his decision which results in unhappiness between the two. Jun Wei decides to go ahead and opens a business specially aimed at helping others revamp their businesses. Xue Qin’s father, Bai Da, owns an old Nyonya Shoe shop. Xue Qin and Jun Wei’s first few encounters results in an inexplicable fate.

Liu Junwei has a knack for investments and is eloquent. However, he suffers at the hand of his incompetent superior, Mr Chew. Junwei’s girlfriend, Siyi, is an investment consultant. She objects to him setting up his own business. Cailing, Junwei’s sister, sells cakes at a hawker centre. She makes all the cakes herself, and business is good. Her suitor, Hong Qingshan, has wooed her for 20 years. Junwei tries hard to persuade Cailing to expand her business. Cailing’s cousin, Li Xiaoyou, used to run a martial arts school before he injured his back and closed it down. He hopes to become a boss again one day, but now works as a props maker.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 2 | Episode Two

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 2!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-2/269831

Jun Wei’s first business is to expand his sister’s, Cai Ling, snack stall into a shop. Due to his successful marketing strategy, business started booming. Cai Ling’s suitor, Qing Shan hopes Jun Wei can help Bai Da save his troubled Nyonya Shoe shop and revive its business. Jun Wei refuses to help Bai Da after observing the business due to the unprofitability of the Nyonya Shoe trade.
Junwei goes to the hospital with Qingshan and meets Xueqin there. Baida is advised to stay in hospital for a checkup, as he suffers from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Xueqin feels consoled when the customer is full of praise for Baida’s beaded shoes. Junwei’s first project is to expand Cailing’s business. A dental appointment leaves Junwei impressed by dentist Li Yi’s skills. Li Yi volunteers at a centre for the elderly after work. He was close to his late grandfather and was upset when his parents’ negligence caused his grandfather to die without anyone knowing. His wish is to set up a centre for the elderly that provides services free of charge.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 3 | Episode Three

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 3!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-3/269918

Bai Da’s sudden death from an accident at the shoe shop left Xue Qin devastated. The snack shop is forced to shut down due to a fire mishap at the shop. Jun Wei decides to help revive Bai Da’s Nyonya Shoe shop. However, after much evaluation he still feels this business is too difficult to survive in these times. He asks Qing Shan to persuade Xue Qin to sell the shop away.

Xiaoyou and Qingshan have difficulty taking Cailing to a doctor, as she refuses to ride in any vehicle with wheels. Yunzhi helps out by knocking her out and carting her into a taxi. Qingshan rushes to Baida’s shop after receiving a call from Xueqin. The eatery is on fire, as Xiaoyou and Qingshan had forgotten to turn off the stove. The place is so damaged that it has to close for repairs. Junwei is sure they will recoup their losses in no time.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 4 | Episode Four
Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 4!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-4/270246

Jun Wei tries his hardest to win Si Yi back but she heartlessly rejects him. Si Yi sets a target for her life every year but because of Jun Wei, she is not successful in achieving it. Si Yi’s grandfather, Hai Tao, tries to persuade Si Yi not to break up with Jun Wei but the two end up in a row. Hai Tao moves out to stay with his friend, while Si Yi does not stop him from doing so.

Xueqin and Li Yi learn Junwei is upset because Siyi has decided to leave him. Siyi tells Junwei that his desire to set up his own business reminds her of her father, who had made the entire family suffer with him. She yearns for a stable life. Furthermore, she cites her responsibility to care for Haitao, her grandfather.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 5 | Episode Five
Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 5!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-5/270247

Xue Qin hopes Jun Wei can help Li Yi achieve his dream of helping the elderly. Jun Wei reveals that his father was betrayed by a friend before, resulting in the closure of his father’s shoe shop. His father then had to set up a small stall in the corner of a HDB block. His father eventually passed away. Jun Wei is determined to open a shoe shop to fulfill his father’s dreams. Xue Qin’s impression of him changes.

At their dinner date, Siyi does all she can to impress Li Yi. Xueqin’s impression of Junwei changes after she learns how his father was cheated of his shoe business by a friend and had led a difficult life as a cobbler until the day he died. Junwei’s ambition is to fulfill his father’s wish and open a shoe shop.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 6 | Episode Six

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 6!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-6/270383

Li Yi thinks that Si Yi also likes helping the elderly and asks her out to visit the elderly. When Si Yi realizes that Li Yi wants to visit the block which her grandfather is staying in, she hurriedly finds an excuse to leave. She does not want Li Yi to find out about her and Hai Tao’s relationship and misunderstand her of abandoning her grandfather.

Cailing has no idea why she is so afraid of children and vehicles with wheels. Suspecting she had an unhappy past related to the two phobias, Qingshan tries to help her. Xueqin manages to find Tu, but he refuses to make puppets. Tu’s son, Sky, tries to blackmail them.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 7 | Episode Seven

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 7!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-7/270667

Qing Shan and Cai Ling realizes Xue Qin is interested in Jun Wei and tries to match-make them by creating the opportunity for Xue Qin to confess her feelings to Jun Wei. Jun Wei, feeling at a loss at her sudden confession, pulls her out to clarify things. Cai Ling, seeing Jun Wei pull Xue Qin away, reminds her of the past… …

Junwei is surprised Li Yi’s girlfriend is Siyi. She does not object to Li Yi investing in Junwei’s company. Huixin playing with Zeze and asking him to call her “Mummy” enrages Cailing. Cailing is surprised to learn Siyi is dating Li Yi and does not object to the centre for the elderly project. Junwei asserts that Siyi has no idea it is a non-profit set-up.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 8 | Episode Eight

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 8!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-8/270818

Jun Wei and Li Yi tries to revive the puppet trade, animating the puppets and repacking them before selling them. However, response was lackluster. Due to his previous failure of the snack shop and elderly care services, Jun Wei is determined to turn things around. He decides to organize a competition to promote the sale of mini puppets characters, which started to take off.

Zeze refuses to go home and is nearly knocked down by a vehicle. The incident rekindles Cailing’s memories of the past. Twenty years ago, she had eloped with Jimmy. She left with their baby after he threw her out. An accident killed the baby and Cailing lost her memory. Her father kept the truth from her. Qingshan and Xiaoyou want to help Cailing pull herself together. Li Yi is upset Siyi has been lying to him about Haitao. Junwei feels bad when they break up.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 9 | Episode Nine

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 9!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-9/271312

Cailing sleepwalks and takes Qingshan for her former lover. He is about to kiss her when Xiaoyou appears. They resolve to help Cailing. Junwei is pleased when an American firm decides to work with them on the puppet project. Cailing finds an old photograph and remembers how she had left home in her teens and given birth to a son, Sky. Having promised to take Sky on a flight, she is determined to overcome her phobia.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 10 | Episode Ten

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 10!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-10/271313

Yunzhi has lost her scar and become beautiful, but she still talks in her roughshod way. Xiaoyou returns the bread stall to her and goes back to being a props man. Siyi feels the pinch when Li Yi reaches into his own finances to sponsor the centre for the elderly again. Siyi is unhappy when Junwei asserts she is dating Li Yi because of his background and the centre for the elderly project is making her upset. Junwei refuses to admit it when Xueqin declares he has yet to get over Siyi.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 11 | Episode Eleven

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 11!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-11/271828

Haitao hopes Siyi will reconcile with Junwei. However, as Li Yi treats Siyi very well, he has no objections to their relationship either. Li Yi decides not to withdraw his share, but insists on carrying on with his centre free-of-charge. Siyi convinces him to accept the elder-care centre suggestion, so that he can raise the money to start another centre that does not charge any fees. Xiaoyou stands in for a secondhand goods collector who had injured himself. Qingshan tries to find Limei. He hands the letter to Xueqin, but she will not forgive her mother.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 12 | Episode Twelve

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 12!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-12/271923

Both Xiaoyou and Qingshan ask Junwei to help them. Xiaoyou and Qingshan receive Cailing at the airport. Xiaoyou is jealous when Cailing gives Qingshan a hug. Cailing whips up a meal for everyone and is shocked by the change in Yunzhi. Xiaoyou tries to keep his distance from Yunzhi. Tending to Qingshan when he is ill, Cailing notices the letters he had written her when she was away. Moved, she agrees to accept his love. Junwei surveys the old goods Xiaoyou has collected and suggests he set up an old-goods-turned-new business.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 13 | Episode Thirteen

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 13!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-13/272046

Cailing refuses to tell Qingshan why she is breaking up with him. Junwei tells Xueqin they are incompatible. Yunzhi and Xiaoyou register their marriage at the Registry of Marriages. She is overjoyed, but he does not want her to tell their friends for the time being. Siyi tries to patch things up with Li Yi with a birthday gift, but he insists on breaking up with her. When she learns Junwei has broken up with Xueqin, she tells Xueqin that Junwei had used her to spite her. Yunzhi gives Xueqin a makeover, in the hope that the latter will attract Junwei’s attention. Qingshan tells Xueqin that Junwei would prefer her image to be more like Siyi’s.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 14 | Episode Fourteen

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 14!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-14/272307

Junwei is crestfallen when Xueqin breaks up with him after kissing him. Sensing Qingshan is unhappy about her being menopausal, Cailing decides to leave him. Yunzhi is ill, but rejects Xiaoyou’s offer to take care of her. A customer demands $10,000 in compensation after getting injured while sitting on a chair bought from Xiaoyou. Xueqin suggests Junwei approach Li Yi for help. Li Yi insists on withdrawing his share, but is willing to help Junwei settle the case.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 15 | Episode Fifteen

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 15!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-15/272308

Yunzhi tells Xiaoyou to compensate her with a child. Qingshan urges Xiaoyou to treasure Yunzhi, as her gesture shows she values their relationship. Xueqin masters the skill of beading shoes and even starts a class. Junwei works on a proposal for the shoe business. Junwei suspects Karl’s masterpieces are actually works done by Weiren. While visiting her mother at the nursing home, Xueqin meets Weiren. She learns how he had let Karl use his works, to be able to afford his wife’s nursing home fees.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 16 | Episode Sixteen
Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 16!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-16/272550

Li Yi quits his job as a dentist to be a full-time volunteer, and moves into an HDB flat to cut costs. Despite Xiaoyou’s attempts to repair the cot, Yunzhi remains upset. She throws him out and dumps the cot. Xiaoyou carries the cot home. Huixin learned how to dance in school and hopes to dance with her father. Junwei and Qingshan organise a Mid-Autumn Festival party, so she can fulfil her dream. Taking note of Xiaoyou’s success, Jiang Wen approaches Junwei for help in reviving his lantern business. Junwei recognises him as the man who had betrayed his father and nurses the idea of seeking revenge.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 17 | Episode Seventeen

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 17!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-17/272551

Huixin’s supervisor threatens her into admitting that Qingshan had molested her. Cailing posts bail for Qingshan, and Huixin is sent to Social Welfare. She does not dare to tell Cailing the truth, but her colleagues help clear Qingshan’s name. The ordeal prompts him to decide to help others like Huixin. Li Yi asks Siyi to get a bank loan for him, as he intends to re-open his dental clinic. He admits he still loves her. Cailing and Qingshan ruin Junwei’s revenge plan. Cailing is upset when Junwei urges her not to stop him from collaborating with Jiang Wen. Siyi is unhappy she has not been told the history behind this tension but that Xueqin knows the whole story.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 18 | Episode Eighteen
Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 18!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-18/272817

Junwei is shocked about Li Yi kissing Siyi. Li Yi apologises, and hopes Junwei will not fault Siyi. Acting on Siyi’s advice, Li Yi returns home to make peace with his parents. Yunzhi is upset. Out of spite, she tells Xiaoyou he is not the father of her baby, and he believes her. She ignores him even though he tries hard to please her. Junwei is pleased when Jiang Wen manages to get the bank loan.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 19 | Episode Nineteen

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 19!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-19/272973

Cailing’s eatery opens. She teaches Huixin and the other mentally challenged staff how to make pastries. She discovers that Huixin is talented and hopes to create new versions of traditional cakes to attract the younger crowd. Baifa reminds Junwei and Xueqin that their one-year agreement is almost up and they will have to sell the shop if business does not pick up. Noticing Junwei holding Xueqin’s hand while discussing the beaded shoe business, Siyi is jealous.

Yes We Can! (Wo Men Yi Ting Xing) Episode 20 | Episode Twenty
(Last Episode)

Yes We Can! 我们一定行! - Episode 20!-%E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%9A%E8%A1%8C!-episode-20/272974

Junwei admits he had realised their relationship was different after they got back together but did not have the courage to break it up. He is grateful to Siyi for being forthright. Junwei admits to Li Yi that he is attracted by the price Mr Feng has offered for the company and hopes the others will agree to it. During the meeting, Shuquan tells everyone they can continue to do what they like after the sale of the company, but they will no longer be the bosses. Xiaoyou approves but Xueqin is worried she will lose her father’s shop. Li Yi and Junwei manage to convince everyone to agree to the sale.

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