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Friday, January 24, 2014

George Young And Janet Hsieh Are Dating

In a report fron on 24 January 2014, the man himself clarified the rumours that he was indeed the man Janet Hsieh (Of FUN TAIWAN travel show fame) was dating.

The pair have been friends for about 10 years but only started seriously dating around the start of 2014. According to 34 year old George:
" I just saw this whole other side of her, our friendship moved to another stage, and now we’re dating."

He had visited Janet in Taiwan and fallen sick. Janet looked after him and even cooked for him.

Upon his return to Singapore in early January 2014, he planned a surprise birthday party for Janet at the W Hotel at Sentosa with mutual friends. The pair separately uploaded images of themselves at the hotel on their Instagram accounts that led to media attention that they could possibly be dating.

Janet and George have attended various functions together as friends previously.

George being introduced to Xiao S by Janet at an event.
George had joined Janet on her travel program, "FUN TAIWAN" as a special guest. Here's a video of them interacting:

Related Video:


Various picturs of the couple from their Instagram posts:

Update: 29 Jan 2014
To follow up with the disclosure of their relationship in good humor,
Janet Hsieh posted a funny couple photo with George Young on her Facebook spoofing another picture
taken by Wang Lee Hom and wife Lee Jinglei (when they announced their relationship status to the public).



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