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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Vernon A and Jayne Tham engaged in 2013

According to a report from on August 2013, she's the one for Vernon A. Yup, Jayne Tham (Co-owner of Sœurs and Love Bonito model) and Vernon A have been engaged since August 2013 and they are getting married in 2014.

The couple have been dating for 2 years. For Vernon A, this will be the 2nd time he walks down the aisle. The pair met through mutual friends some time back. Though it's hard to tell from their appearance, they are also 17 years apart in age. Vernon is 41 and Jayne is 24 (Year 2013). Congratulations to the lovely couple!

For more information, read the full interview report at:

Update: 8th July 2014
Jayne & Vernon held their wedding banquet on 6th July, 2014, Sunday at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. Here are some wedding related pictures from Janye's Instagram feed:

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