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Monday, January 13, 2014

Date A Star Season 2 Episode 6 - Romeo Tan and Cheryl Wee + Xu Bin and Ming Bridges + Jayley Woo and Wong Jinglun

Season 2 - Episode 6
(Last Episode)

Romeo Tan (28) Dates Cheryl Wee (26)
Romeo burns the steak accidentally while chatting with Cheryl.

He restarts with new steak and explains that it's his first time cooking.

Cheryl is impressed with his efforts but comments
that there is room for improvement for the cooking.

They exchange presents with each other.
Cheryl has prepared some cupcakes with the word "THANK U" formed for Romeo.

Romeo on the other hand, has prepped a card with
picture montages of their dates together with a special message.

They chat for a while on how they felt when
they found out they were set up together by the prodcers.

As both of them did not know each other beforehand, they were both unsure and hesitant.

Romeo even suggested to the producers if he could change his date to someone he knew.
At this point Cheryl glares at him.

But he says that he was glad that he got to know her as
he found out that they had a lot in common.

Xu Bin (24) Dates Ming Bridges (21)
Xu Bin arranges to meet Ming at the Eurasian Community House

where there is a Museum and Restaurant.
He thought she might feel more comfortable or familar with the ambience or place.
But she says it's her first time there.

He surprises her with written handheld cards of how he feels about her.

They tour the museum and he makes fun of her Mandarin at times.
She calls him "Uncle" in retort.

Ming shares information on what her Mother wore during her wedding.
A cheongsam and a Western bridal gown.

Xu Bin asks what she would wear when it's her own wedding.
She said probably the same coz she's very traditional.

They adjourn to the meal next and exchange presents.
Ming receives a lunchbox with a Hello Kitty toy inside.

Xu Bin receives a travel pillow for his neck from Ming.

Wong Jinglun (30) Dates Jayley Woo (22)
Jinglun and Jayley are on a picnic together.

They start chatting about their previous times together.

He says that at first he found her quite tomboyish.

But after getting to know her better, she seems very cute.
Jayley shares that she gets to see 2 sides of Jinglun.

The serious side and and funny side.
And says that they can chat easily.

They exchange presents with each other.
She gets him an assortment of gifts.

He presents with a gift voucher offering his service as a one day guide.

He gets up a one point and starts to do a cover dance of PSY's


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