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Monday, January 27, 2014

Channel U SCRUM! New TV DRAMA 冲锋 (Zhong Feng)

Channel U SCRUM! New TV DRAMA 冲锋 (Zhong Feng)

From the producers of Jump! comes yet another inspirational idol drama Scrum!
which takes viewers into the world of rugby set in a polytechnic.

Show begins on 26 Feb 2014(Wed) and airs from Wed to Fri at 8pm - 9pm.
Last episode on 26 March 2014

Five years ago, Greenwood Polytechnic’s Black Rhino rugby team was the undisputed champions in the rugby arena. The situation changed when senior players graduated and the standard of the current team steadily declined.

Although the rugby players are passionate about their game, no matter how hard they try, they experience failure year after year at competitions. As a result, some players have given up and traded their dreams for greener pastures while others have lost faith and drive in life altogether. Their only hope is for an experienced coach to lead them on a path to victory.

Alexis Wong is a champion rugby coach in the B Division boys’ team. She hails from the elite class, with an ivy-league education and an in-born arrogance. When a twist of fate lands Alexis in Greenwood Polytechnic as an interim rugby coach, she takes on the job grudgingly to bid time, with no intention of lifting a finger to train the players. In her view, the poly boys are amateur players, with no will or skills to compete. However, after a few eventful encounters, the Black Rhino boys’ sincerity and hunger for success start to change Alexis’s attitude.

Jeffrey Xu, Felicia Chin, Chris Li, Carrie Wong, Jae Liew,
Chen Zhi Hao Junior, Winston Soh, Jalyn Han, Allen Chen, Wang Yu Qing, Chua En Lai








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SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 1 | Ep 1
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 1!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-1/274964

Huang Zhaonan, a rugby coach whose team has won three matches in a row, warns her team not to cause her to lose face. Yongchun, whose mistake caused the death of a fellow police officer, is admonished by his colleagues. He is demoted and sent to Greenwood Polytechnic as an undercover agent.

His assignment is to gather evidence against a gambling syndicate using students as runners. Zhaonan pushes the referee when one of her players is injured during the match. She is suspended for six months because the referee nearly swallowed his whistle during the scuffle.

Zhaonan, a shopaholic, is deep in credit card debt. Left with no choice but to seek a coaching job at Greenwood Polytechnic, she has a run-in with Yongchun on her first day at work.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 2 | Ep 2
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 2!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-2/274966

Zhaonan promises Yan Xi she will take care of the rugby team. Mingwei wants to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, Rourou. Zhaonan notices him outside the toilet and assumes he is up to no good. She does not realise he is there because Rourou is inside. Mingwei used to be from a wealthy family.

Since the death of his father, Xu Ziping, he has been leading a frugal life with his grandmother. He does not believe his father committed suicide because he owed loan sharks money.

Yizhan learns from his sister, Yiqing, that their father is being beaten up by loan sharks. Gang leader Hei-gang admires Yizhan’s courage and prowess and tries to recruit him.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 3 | Ep 3

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 3!-%e5%86%b2%e9%94%8b!-episode-3/274967

Zhaonan does not stop Yizhan from leaving the team. Siqi and Mingwei try to persuade Yizhan to talk to Zhaonan. Yizhan pushes Siqi and discovers she wears special shoes for her handicap.

Yongchun fails to find any evidence even after copying data from Mingwei’s computer. Yizhan has no choice but to seek help from Hei-ge, who asks him to encourage students to place footballbets.

 Zhaonan tries to find new players for the rugby team. Jiaqiang offers to help make posters, but she tells him off for having bad handwriting and chases him away. Zhaonan sees Jiaqiang training extra hard to keep up with the others. Instead of encouraging him, she insists he has no talent.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 4 | Ep 4

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 4!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-4/275352

Zhaonan is peeved Yongchun gets along well with her father. Rocky’s father approves of Rocky joining the rugby team, but Rocky does not like the rough sport and the sun. Yongchun loiters in the park, as he has no money to rent a better place and the motel is too noisy. He meets Zhaonan’s father, who is suffering a relapse of his depression. Grateful for his help, the old man invites Yongchun home. Zhaonan tries in vain to make Yongchun leave her house.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 5 | Ep 5

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 5!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-5/275353

When Yongchun defeats her, Zhaonan suspects her father is coaching him. Since Yongchun was a football player, the rugby players refuse to accept him. He takes all the pranks in his stride. Zhaonan takes Jiaqiang to a physiotherapist, Sam, for her injuries.

Sam, who was Zhaonan’s senior, asks her out for a meal, as they have not seen each other for a long time. Yongchun manages to gain his fellow players’ acceptance.

As he cannot reveal his real reason for joining the team, he claims he wants to woo Zhaonan.

Siqi finds out Yizhan is treated like a target by the rugby team he has joined. She tries in vain to make him return to the Black Rhinos.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 6 | Ep 6

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 6!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-6/275354

Knowing the reason her father had turned up at the match, Zhaonan’s attitude towards Yongchun improves. Siqi notices Yizhan watching the match and tries to persuade him to return to the team. Sam is unhappy when Zhaonan asks Jiaqiang to play, even though her arm has not fully recovered.

 Jiaqiang opts to play and helps the team score. Yongchun replaces Mingwei in the second half and does well. Jiaqiang goes all out and brings the team to victory. Her injury worsens. Mingwei and the others are disgruntled that Zhaonan cares only about winning.

Yongchun tries to cheer Zhaonan up, but causes her to sprain her ankle instead. He is jealous when she asks Sam to tend to her wound. Yongchun joins Hei-ge’s gang with Mingwei’s help.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 7 | Ep 7
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 7!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-7/276218

Yongchun gains Hei-ge’s trust by not avoiding his knife. Zhaonan learns the rugby team will be disbanded if they do not get through the national league preliminaries. Yan Xi convinces the players to report for training.

Though pleased, Zhaonan puts on a stern face. Mingwei faints in the field, and Sam suspects a heart problem. Mingwei refuses to undergo a hospital checkup.

Sam alerts Zhaonan and asks her out to dinner. Siqi is curious to know who has been sending her cakes every few days. When Jiaqiang next puts cake in her locker, he sees her invitation to meet.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 8 | Ep 8
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 8!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-8/276402

Mingwei’s injury causes the team to lose points at the start of the match. Yizhan decides to return to the team. Unfortunately, the players lack practice as a team and lose the match. Yizhan blames himself, but is grateful to Siqi for adding his name in before the match, so that he could play.

Jiaqiang decides to give Siqi up after noticing how happy she is chatting with Yizhan. Yan Xi is surprised when Zhaonan encourages the players instead of scolding them.

Zhaonan is concerned the players will leave the team. Zhaonan is moved when Yongchun gives his supper to her when she develops gastric pains. He even takes her to a karaoke lounge to relax.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 9 | Ep 9

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 9!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-9/276460

Jubilant after one win, Zhaonan vows to clinch the national title. She is puzzled Yongchun keeps asking her about Guonan. Yongchun sneaks into Guonan’s room to investigate and has to pretend to be cleaning the place when Guonan returns.

Guonan warns him not to toy with Zhaonan’s feelings. Zhaonan comes up different training programmes to help the players overcome their individual weaknesses. Yongchun tails Guonan to a home for the elderly and sees him giving money to Zheng.

After he has left, Yongchun chats with Zheng and learns how Guonan and Zheng used to play for the Mighty Rovers. The team disbanded after an accident during a match.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 10 | Ep 10
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 10!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-10/276461

To Yongchun’s dismay, Ziting pretends not to know him. When they are alone, she reveals she has not told Hei-ge she was once married and has a son. Yongchun lies that he has been with Hei-ge since the police force fired him. He and Ziting agree to keep each other’s secrets.

Siqi walks into Jiaqiang’s mother’s cakeshop. Jiaqiang avoids her. Knowing Jiaqiang likes Siqi, his mother lets her try a cake made by him.

Mingwei gets into a fight with Leonard over Rourou and makes it clear Rourou is pregnant.
Rourou leaves home when Hei-ge orders her to abort the baby.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 11 | Ep 11
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 11!-%e5%86%b2%e9%94%8b!-episode-11/277325

Rourou overhears Siqi’s mother asking Siqi to chase her out. She lies that she has decided to return home. Mingwei and Siqi worry when Rourou plays truant for days and is uncontactable. The Dark Rhinos reach the semi-finals.

Many people bet on them to win the tournament. Mingwei learns he has heart disease. He cannot decide whether he should continue competing or give it up. Hei-ge is at Ziting’s shop when Yongchun passes by with Weizhi.

When Weizhi calls Ziting “Mummy”, Yongchun lies that the child is mistaken. Back home, Zhaonan questions Yongchun.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 12 | Ep 12

Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 12!-%e5%86%b2%e9%94%8b!-episode-12/277326

Mingwei lies that Rourou’s baby is his when his grandmother chases her out. During the second half of the match, Yongchun rigs the game, in an attempt to crack the case.

Sensing something amiss, Zhaonan replaces him. Nonetheless, the team wins and enters the finals. Yizhan and Mingwei snub Yongchun for helping Hei-ge.

 Hei-ge loses money and tells Yizhan to repay his father’s debts within three days. Sam tells Zhaonan that Yongchun had rigged the match. She chases Yongchun out of the team and her house.

SCRUM! ZHONG FENG  Episode 13 | Ep 13
Scrum! 冲锋! - Episode 13!-%E5%86%B2%E9%94%8B!-episode-13/278083

Zhaonan tenders her resignation. Incensed with her, Hei-ge threatens to hand evidence against Guonan to the police. Yongchun manages to placate him. Yan Xi explains to the team that Zhaonan has no choice but to leave. She urges the players not to let Zhaonan down.

Mingwei intends to sell his prized rugby ball to raise money for Rourou’s medical checkup. She tries to stop him. They tussle, and a thumbdrive containing evidence of Hei-ge’s money laundering activities drops out.

Mingwei wants to call the police, but Rourou begs for some time to persuade her brother to surrender himself to the police. Yizhan’s father is so exhausted working overtime everyday that he gets injured. Yizhan finally forgives him.

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