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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Dream Makers 2 志在四方 2 zhi zai si fang 2 Ch 8 TV Drama

Sequel to Star Awards 2014 Best Drama, The Dream Makers 2 continues to follow the lives of those working in the frontline and backstage of a TV Station, where temptations of fame can change a human, especially in an environment where the common belief that “the devil gets the hindmost” prevails. Faced with competitions and pressure, can the protagonists overcome all once again?

The Dream Makers 2 - 志在四方2 - Official Trailer 1 by MediaCorp Channel 8

The Dream Makers 2
From 4 Dec 2015 to 16 Jan 2016
Mon to Fri, 9pm to 10pm

The Dream Makers 2 - 志在四方2 Theme Song - 主题曲 -
终于sung by Kit Chan by MediaCorp Channel 8

It has been three years since Zhou Wei Yun (played by Zoe Tay) had been transferred from the Variety department to the Drama department to be the VP. Since the death of Yu Fan, Wei Yun’s outlook on life had changed. She becomes more cheerful and personable in her dealings with others.

She stays with her mother, who has dementia, and a maid and lives life like a swinging bachelorette, focusing on her work. She produces programmes that are sincere and from her heart. As she does not produce shows just to please the viewers, coupled with the rising popularity of internet content, the ratings for TV dramas have been falling, adversely affecting the advertising dollars as a result. There seems to be no breakthrough.

Her bosses decide to hire a powerful lady, Guan Xie En (played by Huang Biren) to be another VP for the drama department to pressurize Wei Yun. She is a business management genius who is good in marketing and cost cutting. She takes over half of Wei Yun's production resources.

Although she is supposed to be allotted only the 7pm slot, she manages to pull in enough sponsors to take over the prime-time slot of 9pm, competing directly with Wei Yun. Drama department is then split into two teams. Some of Wei Yun’s subordinates betray her for Xie En. However, Xie En is shrewd enough and pushes the disloyal lot back to Wei Yun.

Meanwhile, since Wei Yun’s departure from the variety department, it had been under the charge of another VP, Lin Tao (played by Li Nanxing). Lin Tao is very creative and innovative, so the ratings for variety shows have been on the rise, performing much better than when it was under Wei Yun.

Actually Lin Tao is anxious to be successful as he has a vengeful motive. Many years ago he had set up a production house with his good friend, Richard, but Richard later absconded with his money and even stole his girlfriend! Lin Tao is determined to succeed and prove himself to Richard.

The three VPs have different goals in life, and different way of handling things. They are friends and rivals at the same time as they have to compete with each other, yet help one another, and are in the same boat.

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周薇芸Zhou Wei Yun - 郑惠玉 Zoe Tay

官谢恩Guan Xie En(外号:当官的、谢主隆恩)- 黄碧仁 Huang Biren

林韬 Lin Tao - 李南星 Li Nan Xing

方彤琳Fang Tong Lin(外号:大头虾)- 瑞恩 Rui En

蓝钦辉Jason Lam(外号:节省男) - 戚玉武Qi Yu Wu

赵非儿 Zhao Fei Er - 欧萱 Jeanette Aw

钟一鸣Zhong Yi Ming - 陈罗密欧 Romeo Tan

陈光 Chen Guang - 张振寰 Zhang Zhen Huan

周耀祖Joey - 方伟杰 Ian Fang

董子怀Dong Zi Huai - 陈欣淇 Julie Tan

方元仁 Fang Yuan Ren(外号:King Kong)- 周崇庆 Dennis Chew

郑守义Zheng Shou Yi – 刘松仁 Damian Lau

钟倩怡 Zhong Qian Yi - 陈美凤 Chen Mei Feng


The Dream Makers 2 - 志在四方2 - Behind the Scenes [Photo Shoot] - Online Exclusive! by MediaCorp Channel 8

A Peek at The Dream Makers Closet! (2/2) by The Celebrity Agency




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 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2 Ch 8 TV Drama 

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2 EP 1

It has been three years since Zhou Wei Yun (played by Zoe Tay) had been transferred from the Variety department to the Drama department to be the VP. Since the death of Yu Fan, Wei Yun’s outlook on life had changed.

She becomes more cheerful and personable in her dealings with others. She stays with her mother, who has dementia, and a maid and lives life like a swinging bachelorette, focusing on her work. She produces programmes that are sincere and from her heart.

As she does not produce shows just to please the viewers, coupled with the rising popularity of internet content, the ratings for TV dramas have been falling, adversely affecting the advertising dollars as a result. There seems to be no breakthrough.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2 EP 2

Jason and Weiyun work together to get the scene redone, and the programme goes on air. Fei’er rushes back to the studio after filming a drama and learns the opening dance segment for the variety show has been taken over by Tonglin. Fei’er is shocked when Steve, a show contestant, pulls his pants down while dancing with her.

Yuanren and the other reporters suspect it is a gimmick thought up by Lin Tao to boost ratings. Fei’er learns Chen Guang’s reaction was also part of the scheme by Lin Tao and Steve. She tells Tonglin, who feels indignant for her, as the media assumes Fei’er was part of the ploy. Tonglin wants to propose to Jason.

She asks Fei’er to help buy a ring. Fei’er's heart sinks. Guan Xie’en, a successful businesswoman, is appointed VP of the drama unit. Weiyun, who does not like Xie’en, feels pressured. Xie’en selects the best scriptwriter and producer; her plan is to take charge of the 7pm drama slot. Weiyun’s mother, Yalian, suffers from dementia and misses her late…

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2 EP 3

 Producer Qin is hoping to work under Xie’en when he learns the drama unit will be split into two, with Xie’en and Weiyun as the heads. He convinces his colleagues to support Xie’en. Xie’en insists on firing Quan, who had made a mistake at work because he was distracted by his wife’s illness. Nothing Weiyun says can make her change her mind.

Tonglin tells Weiyun about Steve. Weiyun shrugs it off and reminds her that many things in showbiz are not as they seem. At the studio, Tonglin is taken in when Lin Tao scolds Steve for what happened. Fei’er loses control of her emotions when she learns Tonglin wants to propose to Jason. She feels even worse when Jason consoles her.

Lin Tao learns about the marriage proposal and suggests Tonglin should do it on air to boost ratings, as well as create hype for Jason. Tonglin turns down the idea. Unhappy with Jason, Yuanren tells him off for not initiating a more serious relationship after dating his sister for three years. Jason is pleased to learn…

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2 EP 4

Xie’en and Weiyun are unhappy they are driving the same car with the same colour. Jason and Tonglin quarrel because of the public proposal. Infuriated, she gets into Weiyun’s car instead of leaving with Jason. She complains that she had fallen into Lin Tao’s trap unknowingly. Jason tails Weiyun’s car.

As it is about to rain, Weiyun lets Tonglin get out of the car to be with Jason. Fei’er and Yuanren learn the background to the couple’s falling out. Tonglin tells Fei’er she had looked forward to a romantic proposal and is unhappy, even though Jason accepted her proposal on air. Fei’er tries to console her.

The next day, Tonglin is moved when Jason tells reporters she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Weiyun gives her team a treat, even though they had wanted to betray her. Qin does not believe Weiyun is so kind as to forget what he and the others did.

Xie’en snatches away the 9pm slot as well, and lines sponsors up for a 30-part drama. Xiaoxiao is upset when Xie’en’s…

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 5

Both Xie’en and Weiyun offer good terms in their proposals. Yiming is arrogant in his dealings with them. Weiyun has to mediate when Jason and Qin argue over an editing issue. In the pantry, Jason meets Xie’en, who asserts that she admires his movies. Weiyun hopes Jason will become a producer in the drama unit.

Tonglin supports Weiyun and does not want to star in Xie’en’s drama. Chiding her for being unprofessional, Weiyun advises her not to miss out on a good role. Lin Tao tells Tonglin many sponsors have come forward with offers since news of her impending marriage was made public. Lin Tao introduces Jason to Richard, who asks Jason to direct his movie. The Zhous are happy when Joey is chosen to be the male lead in Richard’s movie. Weiyun is surprised Jason is the director.

He agrees to play along with the sponsors, so that Tonglin will not be put in a spot. Eddy stands in for an actor who does not turn up for filming. He meets his mother, Xie’en, and is reminded of how she used to beat him up when he was young. Jason turns down Weiyun’s job offer. Xie’en peeks at her son filming and feels bad about the past.

Weiyun sees the crippled Shouyi at the foot of the block where someone had jumped off years ago. She knows he stands at the same spot from time to time, but she has no idea what he is looking at. Shouyi helps Weiyun change her punctured tyre and says strange things. Eddy’s brother, Eden, stops Weiyun’s car and gets a free ride.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 6

Tonglin, Jason, Fei’er and Yiming appear in a bridal magazine ad together. Fei’er is sad to see how close Tonglin and Jason are, and feels even worse when Jason admits he had agreed to the gimmicks because of Tonglin, even though he hates such stuff. Yiming and Fei’er quarrel during the shoot.

Yuanren confronts Yiming and tells him Diana claims she had conceived his baby and has a DNA report to prove it. Fei’er’s father, Zhao De, drives a taxi. One of his passengers is Zihuai, a girl from Taiwan who claims to be a big fan of Fei’er’s. Zihuai hands over a stack of photographs of Fei'er, hoping Zhao De will get her to sign each one. Zhao De urges the miserable Fei’er to forget Jason.

He tries to use Zihuai’s photographs to distract her. Diana tells Yiming they had met when he was filming in Beijing and spent a night together, after which she discovered she was pregnant. She kept the child. Yiming feels uneasy when she flares up after he offers her money to settle the matter. Yiming’s mother, Qianyi, offers Diana US$1 million to stay away from him. Yuanren is peeved when Diana does not send him the details as agreed.
Fei’er creates an excuse to make Jason give her a ride. Zihuai lashes out at Tonglin for snatching away Fei’er’s boyfriend. Fei’er is upset when Jason makes it clear Tonglin is the one he loves. She gets drunk at a pub and is taken home by Yiming. The next morning, she is shocked to see him on the same bed. Tonglin is stunned to see intimate pictures of Fei’er with Jason.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 7

 Tonglin is disturbed when she finds pictures of Jason and Fei’er in intimate poses in his pocket, and even hears him calling out to Fei’er in his dreams. She cannot bring herself to ask him about it. Fei’er and Yiming feel awkward after sharing the bed all night.

Fei’er and Tonglin’s friendship is put to the test when their fans quarrel and the reporters do not stop harping on their love triangle. Weiyun learns about Tonglin’s worries and advises her not to let such negative thoughts affect her. While paying respects to Yu Fan, Weiyun meets Shouyi. She gives him a treat for helping her change tyres the other day, and is surprised when he asks to go bowling with her.

Yiming’s mother, Zhong Qianyi, is a successful businesswoman. Qianyi had bribed Diana to get rid of her because Diana was pregnant with Yiming’s child. She reminds Yiming that the five years they had agreed upon is almost up and he should retire from showbiz and take over her business. Yiming decides to accept Weiyun’s offer, even though the role calls for him to be a rubbish picker in some scenes.

Xie’en schemes to make him change his mind. Incensed, Weiyun reveals Rufeng had copied Xiaoxiao’s storyline for the new drama. Yuanren sees the picture of Jason and Fei’er. Jason lies that it belongs to a reporter. He returns the picture to Fei’er and pleads with her to keep the truth from Tonglin. Jason is upset his movie has been commercialised. He confides in Tonglin, who is preoccupied with the Fei’er issue. A mystery person edits a video of the scene in which Fei’er expresses her love for Jason.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 8

 Weiyun and Xie’en are peeved when they turn up for work wearing outfits in the same colour. Xie’en is jubilant when she manages to get Yiming to star in her drama. Weiyun claims she has found a better male lead. Even before buying the rights to Zihuai’s novel, Xie’en convinces Yiming to be in her drama.

Zihuai does not like her stories edited, and is delighted when Xie’en asks her to write the script for the drama. While running around in the television station, Eden notices Weiyun celebrating Uncle De’s birthday. She sees Eden running off. Soon after, someone announces his watch has disappeared. Eden runs into the lift, where he meets Xie’en. She takes him out for some food.

When she is away buying fruit juice, however, he disappears. Weiyun meets Eden and recognises him as the boy who had lied to her. She is shocked to hear him addressing Lin Tao as “Dad”. Eddy meets Xie’en when he is looking for Eden and warns her not to let Eden find out who she is. Unable to find the watch on Eddy, Lin Tao lets the two brothers leave.

Weiyun sees a different side of Lin Tao when she learns how he became the boys’ godfather. Eddy discovers that Eden had stolen the watch for him as a birthday present. He urges his brother not to let others look down on them. Lin Tao helps Yuanren find his long-lost teacher, and encourages Yuanren and Tonglin to host a programme to help others find their loved ones. Tonglin meets Zihuai on the set and recognises her as Fei’er’s fan. Lin Tao finds out Xie’en is Eddy and Eden’s mother.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 9

 Fei’er has to play a mother in Weiyun’s new drama. Weiyun tries hard to convince her that it will be a good chance to showcase her acting skills, but Fei’er’s assistant is afraid it will mean Fei’er will forever be given the older roles. Xie’en tells Lin Tao how she had given up everything for her career, thinking she could settle her family matters after she was promoted.

In the end, her marriage ended in divorce. Eddy assumes Lin Tao has betrayed him and arranged for him to meet Xie’en. Someone takes pictures of Lin Tao chatting intimately with Eddy. Xie’en’s impression of Weiyun improves when she hears Weiyun telling the drama unit staff member off for gossiping about Lin Tao and Eddy. She reminds Weiyun to be careful when working with Eddy.

Jason is frustrated when the leads in his movie and even the storyline are changed to cater to the sponsors’ demands. Fei’er confides in Jason, as she is worried she will not be able to play the role of a mother well. She is sad when he tries to keep his distance. Rufeng criticises Zihuai’s work. Determined to improve, she works overnight in the office.

Weiyun gives her encouragement. Xie’en, on the other hand, tells her off for being unprofessional. Zihuai is upset after Rufeng trashes her script yet again. Xie’en explains he has been touchy since being exposed for copying someone else’s story. Chen Guang goes to Xie’en’s rescue when she meets a road bully. She is unaware he is out to seek revenge for his late brother. Jason decides to annul the contract and pay Richard compensation.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 10

Lin Tao snatches away Richard’s sponsors. The two men used to be business partners and friends. Things soured after Richard wrested the company out of Lin Tao’s hands and even took his girlfriend. Tonglin is supportive when Jason decides to give up Richard’s movie project. She calls on Richard and convinces him not to pursue the matter. Richard records their conversation when she promises to return the favour someday.

Jason decides to accept Weiyun’s job offer. He is surprised when Richard tells him that he need not pay any compensation. Tonglin refrains from telling Jason that she had visited Richard. Lin Tao invites Weiyun to Eddy’s birthday party. She recognises Eden’s acting talent and decides to let him play Fei’er’s son.

Both he and Lin Tao object, but to no avail. Though Weiyun’s drama ratings dip again, she is unwilling to compromise on her principles to cater to popular sentiment. Qin gets angry when Weiyun lets Jason take charge of Fei’er’s new movie. Impressed by Eden’s acting, Jason finds out more about his background.

Fei’er puts up with her ugly image in the new drama for Jason’s sake. Tonglin makes things difficult for Yiming, in support of Fei’er. Jason takes pains to get Fei’er and Eden to portray their characters well. Lin Tao learns someone is looking for Fei’er’s father, Zhao De, and decides to make that the theme of the first episode of his reality show.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 11

 Lin Tao asks Yuanren to find out more about Zhao De and the person who is looking for him. He does not inform Tonglin and Fei’er. Yuanren learns Zihuai is the person who is looking for her biological father in Singapore. Zihuai shares that her mother had remarried and settled in Taiwan. On a visit to Singapore, her mother had visited her father. Upon her return to Taiwan, she discovered she was pregnant.

Yuanren takes the straw used by Zihuai to get a DNA test done. He then goes to the filming set to get a strand of Fei’er’s hair. Xie’en tells her team their new drama will be aired before Weiyun’s, so that their ratings will not be affected by the examination period or school holidays. She scolds her team for complaining about the tight deadline. Tonglin needs to film in Australia to fulfil the sponsors’ requirements.

She is also travelling there to visit Jason’s parents. Xie’en resolves the matter by deciding to film there. Meiqing cannot take care of Eden and Eddy, and asks Xie’en for help. She lies to Eden that Xie’en is his aunt. Eden is delighted that Xie’en lives in a big house. Fei’er is shocked to witness the reunion between Zihuai and Zhao De. Zhao De does not dare tell Fei’er that he had forced himself on his ex-wife and impregnated her.

Fei’er learns how Zihuai has been ill-treated by her stepfather all these years. Zihuai has known for some time that Fei’er is her sister. It is she who has been filming Fei’er and Jason on the sly.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 12

Xie’en suggests to the bosses that they slash expenditure. The move directly affects Weiyun’s 9pm slot. Lin Tao’s new series breaks all records and even outdoes Weiyun’s 9pm drama. The upper levels tell her to hand another 20 hours of programming to Xie’en.

Weiyun is irritated when Lin Tao asks to borrow Fei’er for Tonglin’s wedding special, which will be shot in Australia. In a sour mood, she insists Jason amend his script. Qin sows discord when Jason quarrels with Xiang on the set. Weiyun is rushing off to look for her mother, Yalian, when she finds her car keys missing.

She rejects Xie’en’s offer of a lift and rides in Lin Tao’s car instead. He thinks she is joking, but later realises her mother is really missing. Weiyun goes to the school where Yalian used to sell food. Lin Tao passes by the school and is reminded of how Yalian had given him free meals and taught him not to resort to stealing when he was a boy. Weiyun comes to realise he is the boy she used to play with.

Eddy does not appreciate Xie’en’s efforts to prepare breakfast for him and Eden. He vents his anger on Eden, who begins to dislike Xie’en, as he recognises that Eddy is perpetually in a bad mood because of her. Lin Tao finds out Richard did not marry his ex-girlfriend, Meiling. Eddy learns about Lin Tao’s feud with Richard.

Eden is injured during filming and sent to the hospital. Weiyun deduces that he and Eddy are Xie’en’s children. Xie’en is sad that Eden seems to like Weiyun better than he likes her.

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 13

 Lin Tao asks Fei’er to interview Tonglin when the latter is trying on bridal gowns. Surprised at how simple Tonglin’s gown is, Fei’er is reminded of the past. Zihuai hears Jason telling his parents he will bring his laptop to show them pictures of him and Tonglin. Zihuai amends her script and is jeered at by Rufeng. She pretends to be upset to gain sympathy, but her expression changes when she turns around.

Chen Guang witnesses the sequence and senses that she is not a simple girl. Zihuai asks Fei’er to let her into Tonglin’s home, so that she can prepare beef noodles as an apology. She downloads videos of Jason and Fei’er into Jason’s laptop. Jason is asked to direct the filming in Australia, as the director has fallen ill. Lin Tao and Fei’er barge into the room to film him, Yiming and Tonglin. Yiming wants the scene to be edited and is asked to appear on Lin Tao’s programme in exchange.

Lin Tao watches Fei’er looking at Jason and suspects she still has feelings for him. Jason is displeased when Lin Tao pops into his parents’ house without informing them and films their disheveled looks. Jason is shocked when videos of him and Fei’er pop up when he wants to show his parents pictures of Tonglin.

He confronts Fei’er. Zihuai calls Fei’er and is jubilant when she realises the latter is crying. Lin Tao rushes off to Singapore when he receives news of Meiling. Fei’er and Yiming spend the night in a cave together after an incident in the wild.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 14

After getting to know Fei’er better, Yiming starts to fall in love with her. When they are caught returning to the hotel together, Fei’er admits she was with Yiming all night. Tonglin is sad when she loses the blanket her parents left for her. The hotel staff promises to send it to her if they find it. Jack realises Yiming seems concerned about Fei’er’s jacket.

He tips Qianyi off. Zihuai gets angry when she learns Jason had misunderstood Fei’er in Australia but that Fei’er’s friendship with Tonglin remains unaffected. Qianyi learns Yiming was with Fei’er all night and tries to find out more from him. Qianyi turns up at the boutique where Fei’er and Zihuai are shopping. She warns Fei’er to stay away from Yiming, and Fei’er makes it clear she has no feelings for him. Zihuai is infuriated that Fei’er is on close terms with her idol, Yiming.

Zihuai tells Jason that Fei’er has been losing her temper frequently since her return. She even hints that Fei’er asked her how to edit videos before she left for Australia. Xie’en insists on filing a report on De’s mistake. Weiyun feels she is doing so on Eden’s account. Jason is well aware Qin is behind the incident, to get back at him. Weiyun goes bowling to relieve stress.

She meets Shouyi at the alley. Xie’en’s drama is a hit. Tonglin becomes even more popular. Zihuai gloats when Fei’er becomes depressed and keeps throwing up. Xie’en is distressed that she cannot seem to get along with Eddy and Eden.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 15

Zihuai takes Fei’er to the clinic and learns she has a mild case of anorexia. They meet Xie’en and decide to dine together. Zihuai goes all out to please them both. Xie’en wants Fei’er to star in her new drama. Zihuai pretends to be happy for her. Knowing Fei’er is on the brink of going into depression, she deliberately makes her feel worse by letting her read the negative online comments. Eden has been very disobedient since Eddy left home.

Lin Tao consoles Xie’en and advises her not to worry. Lin Tao is sad to see how frail Meiling has become. He advises her to pull herself together and not let Richard ruin her life. Lin Tao asks Weiyun to go to the mall, as Eden seems to be in trouble. Weiyun learns how Eden had tried to steal a mobile phone, so as to be able to call Eddy.

She manages to get Eden off the hook, and lends him her old mobile phone. Xie’en learns Eden has not attended school for two days and that he often lies to his teachers. Weiyun takes Eden home. She is able to empathise with Xie’en; still, she promises not to mention what Eden has done. Zihuai sends proof of Rufeng’s plagiarism to Xie’en.

He is forced to resign, and Zihuai is jubilant. She realises Chen Guang seems to be eyeing Xie’en. Chen Guang sees Xie’en home and learns about her problems with Eddy and Eden. Eden records and uploads videos of them together, calling theirs a May-December romance. Eden leaves home when Xie’en discovers what he has done and smashes the mobile phone. He calls on Weiyun. Eden finds out Xie’en is his mother after he overhears her conversation with Weiyun.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 16

Tonglin daydreams about her wedding and is embarrassed when she realises she is at a meeting to discuss the wedding sponsorships. Tonglin feels the wedding is too commercialised, but Jason is willing to put up with it, as some proceeds will go to charity. Tonglin decides to buy a branded watch for Jason, but changes her mind after Fei’er reminds her that he does not covet such things. Thinking Jason will not be there, Fei’er goes to Tonglin’s house.

She feels awkward when he turns up. Yuanren senses something amiss. Jason does not believe Fei’er did not upload the videos that are in his laptop. Jason hides in the room to sew a quilt for Tonglin. When she tells him her concerns about Fei’er, he has no idea whether he should speak up about the videos. Zihuai sounds Fei’er out and makes her reveal what happened in Australia. Chen Guang takes Zihuai out for Taiwanese snacks. The food reminds her of how she was tortured by her parents, and he finds himself feeling sorry for her.

Sharing how his brother died after being set up by his boss, he advises Zihuai to be strong and to let the evildoers suffer retribution. Zihuai catches Yiming’s attention by saying she is Fei’er’s sister. She is disappointed when he picks a nice winter outfit and sends it to Fei’er. When he invites Fei’er to dinner, Zihuai begs her to agree, so that she would be able to meet her idol. Lin Tao and Chen Guang manage to find Eddy, who is working as a parking attendant.

Chen Guang urges the boy to return to Eden, and hints that the way to seek revenge should be to get close to Xie’en and torture her. Zihuai is jealous when Yiming neglects her during the meal. Yuanren takes Diana and her son to the restaurant. Yiming becomes tongue-tied when Yuanren asks if he is the father of Diana’s son.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 17

 Yiming finds out Qianyi buying his so-called popularity. Even his fan club chairman is a hired employee. Zihuai is infuriated to learn Fei’er had kissed Yiming while drunk. Yiming confides in Fei’er. He is concerned when, yet again, she throws up after eating. Chen Guang asks Zihuai out. Drunk, he declares his love for her. Jason is incensed that Uncle De has to leave. Weiyun tells him Xie’en was so worked up because Eden is her son.

She empathises with Xie’en, and urges Jason to keep the relationship a secret. Jason goes to the washroom after an argument with Qin. He meets Xie’en along the way and lashes out at her for abusing her power. Word about Xie’en and her son spreads throughout the station. Tonglin finds out what happened after Xie’en’s reaction to her wedding invitation is icy. Jason’s parents stay at Tonglin’s place during their visit and are dissatified with her.

Joey, who will be hosting Richard’s programme with Chen Guang, does not want to compare poorly. Weiyun tells him to learn from Chen Guang instead. Weiyun pays for Guixiang and Jialong to go on a trip to Europe, as the eatery is being renovated. Xie’en acts on Weiyun’s suggestion to buy Eden a mobile phone, and is happy to see him enjoying his gift. Xie’en decides to let Yiming play the lead in her new show, which Qianyi has agreed to sponsor.

Zihuai is infuriated that Fei’er gets to act with Yiming again. Zihuai tells Chen Guang she wants to take everything that is Fei’er’s, as she is unhappy her biological sister has had a good life while she she experienced only suffering in Taiwan. When he expresses his concern for Zhao De, she reveals Zhao De had raped her mother.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 18

Jason is incensed that Uncle De has to leave. Weiyun tells him Xie’en was so worked up because Eden is her son. She empathises with Xie’en, and urges Jason to keep the relationship a secret. Jason goes to the washroom after an argument with Qin. He meets Xie’en along the way and lashes out at her for abusing her power. Word about Xie’en and her son spreads throughout the station.

Tonglin finds out what happened after Xie’en’s reaction to her wedding invitation is icy. Jason’s parents stay at Tonglin’s place during their visit and are dissatified with her. Joey, who will be hosting Richard’s programme with Chen Guang, does not want to compare poorly. Weiyun tells him to learn from Chen Guang instead.

Weiyun pays for Guixiang and Jialong to go on a trip to Europe, as the eatery is being renovated. Xie’en acts on Weiyun’s suggestion to buy Eden a mobile phone, and is happy to see him enjoying his gift. Xie’en decides to let Yiming play the lead in her new show, which Qianyi has agreed to sponsor. Zihuai is infuriated that Fei’er gets to act with Yiming again.

Zihuai tells Chen Guang she wants to take everything that is Fei’er’s, as she is unhappy her biological sister has had a good life while she she experienced only suffering in Taiwan. When he expresses his concern for Zhao De, she reveals Zhao De had raped her mother.

Chen Guang is delighted when Eddy tortures Xie’en at home. He tells Eddy how Xie’en had caused the death of her subordinate by making the latter a scapegoat. Xie’en spares no effort tending to Eden when he falls ill. He is moved. Finally, after an incident involving Uncle De, he acknowledges Xie’en as his mother.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 19

 Lin Tao gives Apple one week’s leave to convince Chef Chen to appear on his programme. Chen Guang pulls a prank on Joey and causes the latter to be scolded by the producer. Lin Tao tells Weiyun how his so-called buddy had taken away everything he had and even poached his girlfriend. He stopped himself from attempting suicide and vowed to seek revenge. Weiyun and Lin Tao meet Shouyi.

Weiyun realises Lin Tao had helped Shouyi in the past. She gets his phone number when he declares that he wants to give her and Lin Tao a treat. Fei’er, Zihuai and Zhao De pay respects at Zhao De’s father’s grave. Fei’er regrets not sending her grandfather off because of an audition. Zihuai is reminded of how her mother had died burdened with regret.

However, she lies to Fei’er that their mother died peacefully. Jason’s mother dislikes Tonglin more and more after observing her behaviour at home. She meets with Fei’er and expresses her regret that Fei’er had broken up with Jason. Fei’er speaks up for Tonglin. Jason stands up for Fei’er when Boss Zheng insults her. Grateful, she becomes emotional at home and hurts her hand.

Zihuai pretends to console her. Jason moves to a hotel with his parents the night before the wedding. Yuanren is tickled when both Jason and Tonglin ask him to put a special gift on the bed. On the wedding day, Zihuai arranges for the kissing scene to be aired. When confronted, Fei’er admits she still loves Jason. He tries to explain, but Tonglin assumes he still has feelings for Fei’er too.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 20

Tonglin and Jason quarrel. Lin Tao worries, as the wedding is soon to go on air, “live”. He asks Chen Guang to interview Fei’er first. However, Weiyun turns up in time to take her away. Chen Guang makes it seem like Lin Tao had given instructions for Fei’er to be questioned publicly. Tonglin pulls herself together, and the wedding runs smoothly. Zihuai quarrels with Fei’er’s assistant over where Fei’er should go.

She is jealous when Yiming asks Fei’er to stay at his place for a few days to avoid the media. Yiming is moved Fei’er still shows concern for his son, who is ill, even though she is so upset. Tonglin and Jason reconcile after receiving the wedding gifts they have bought each other. She finds out it was he who mended her precious blanket but, mistaken, she had accepted Zhanpeng’s love instead. Insisting on leaving Yiming’s house, Fei’er reveals Qianyi had warned her to stay away from her son.

Yiming asks Fei’er to go to Australia with him to avoid the gossip. Zihuai uploads the video of Tonglin slapping Fei’er, and worries Zhao De by exaggerating the situation. Fei’er asks Zihuai to deliver her passport to the airport. Enraged that she is going away with Yiming, Zihuai tips the reporters off. Lin Tao is pleased with the ratings. He decides to report on Fei’er’s past. Weiyun learns Shouyi decided not to kill himself after watching her father’s programme. Shouyi convinces Chef Chen to appear on Lin Tao’s programme.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 21

Zi Huai scripts to intensify the depression conditions of Fei Ers role and reminds Fei Er not to collaborate with Yi Ming for his recent bad reputation. Unaware that Zi Huai wants to separate the both of them and Fei Er is thankful towards Zi Huais concern. Fei Er explains to Tong Lin and Jason that she was not the one who sent out the kissing video. Both of them does not believe her. Tong Lin declares that they are merely colleagues and no longer friends. Fei Er is deeply hurt.

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 22

Fei’er breaks down during the meeting, and Yiming worries. Zihuai is jubilant she has succeeded. Fei’er feels the role does not suit her, but Xie’en asserts that if she does well, she can regain her fans’ support. Yiming learns Lele is seriously ill. He takes his son home to rest and does not fear facing the reporters. Qianyi confides in Diana.

Overhearing, Yiming begins to empathise with his mother. Fei’er does not understand why Zihuai wrote the role of a depressed person for her. Pretending to be ignorant, Zihuai urges her to play the role well. Zihuai tells Chen Guang she wants Fei’er to lose everything and suffer what she did. Inspired, he plots to make Xie’en’s closest relatives go to prison.

Joey becomes arrogant with his newfound popularity, and Weiyun becomes concerned. The bad publicity does not faze him at all. Guixiang and Jialong set off on their trip after leaving their valuables with Weiyun. Eden mistakenly assumes Chen Guang is trying to court his mother. Xie’en goes through the things in her storeroom and discovers Chen Guang’s identity.

Xie’en asks the MD to transfer Jason to her unit. To her surprise, he refuses to move. Weiyun is surprised when Xie’en asks for Qin instead. Weiyun receives news that Guixiang and Jialong have died in an accident while on their trip.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 23 

Richard refuses to let Joey take leave, even though he has just lost his parents. Put off by Richard’s behaviour, Lin Tao offers to help Weiyun. He consoles her when she breaks down as Lian goes through another relapse. Shouyi notices Weiyun standing where he usually does. She tells him that she had indirectly caused the deaths of her brother and his wife.

Guilt-stricken, she asks how she should punish herself. He takes her home and relates how gambling broke his family up. He hopes he will have courage to visit them someday. Tonglin is happy she gets to work with Jason in Weiyun’s new drama. On the day Chef Chen is supposed to appear on the programme, Weiyun takes Shouyi on a tour of the station.

They see Chef Chen being pestered by reporters and are stunned to learn he has cancer. Shouyi is disgusted that Lin Tao should use Chef Chen’s cancer as a publicity stunt. Joey gets into a fight while filming as a result of his arrogance. Jason forgives him because of the trauma of his parents’ deaths, but Joey does not mend his ways. Weiyun learns Jason hit a fan who threw eggs at Tonglin.

Though Xie’en took a video of what happened, Jason is certain she will not help him. Weiyun confronts Lin Tao and discovers his enemy is Richard. Joey insists on doing a scene himself. He gets into trouble when he knocks someone down.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 24

The victim refuses to accept Weiyun and Jason’s apology and vows to sue. Jason admits he had neglected to consider that Joey is a new driver. Weiyun recognises that Joey had lied to her. Afraid of losing his job, Joey begs Weiyun to help him. . Tired of the office politics, Jason seriously considers resigning. Tonglin calls on Xie’en and asks her to be Jason’s witness. Xie’en tells Eden she had indirectly caused the death of Chen Guang’s brother and has yet to apologise to him.

Eden is confident his mother has the courage to do so. Zihuai adds all that happens to Fei’er and Zhao De daily into her script. This arouses Fei’er’s suspicions. Zihuai also hides the winter wear Yiming has bought for her. Fei’er is exhausted by the filming. Yiming suspects she is depressed and learns about her suspicions regarding Zihuai. He decides to investigate. Weiyun sides with Joey during the internal inquiry into the accident and almost causes Jason to be fired.

Xie’en testifies on Jason’s behalf. Xie’en pays respects at Chen Guang’s brother’s grave. Chen Guang spots her and gives her a call. She is unable to bring herself to apologise to him. Weiyun feels bad when Jason decides to resign. Yiming take Lele on an outing and has a good time. Bogged down by their own problems, Fei’er and Yiming have difficulty during filming. Word on Zihuai setting Fei’er up and Lele dying during surgery affects them so much that they move everyone on the set by the emotion they inject into their roles. Fei’er is shaken by how meticulously Zihuai had planned to set her up.

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 25 

Jason decides to quit being a director. He throws away his collection. Yuanren advises Tonglin to respect her husband’s decision. As Tonglin had once praised the Penang Laksa Jason cooked, he contemplates running a food stall. Fans are surprised to see the couple viewing stall spaces. Tonglin jokes that a director needs to experience life. Lin Tao is invited to join the new television station.

He asks Chen Guang along. Chen Guang agrees readily, as he is indebted to Lin Tao and the Good Samaritan who sponsored his studies and daily expenses after his brother died. Richard realises Chen Guang is on Lin Tao’s side and had deliberately ruined his programme. Tonglin’s contract is about to expire. Lin Tao hopes she and Jason will join the new station.

Fei’er is sad when Jason returns the floral basket she had sent to mark the opening of his laksa stall. She is embarrassed when reporters spot her and insist she take a picture with Jason and Tonglin, who asserts that they are no longer friends. Jason has no intention of joining the new station. He encourages Tonglin to do what she wants.

Fei’er runs away when Zhao De tries to take her to a psychiatrist. Eddy is grateful when Lin Tao manages to get him back into the stunt team. Yiming exposes Zihuai’s ploy and reveals Fei’er did not expose her because she did not want to blow the matter up. He is sad to see Fei’er hurting herself.

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 26

 Many employees from the Variety Unit are poached by the new station. The Drama Unit people become envious, and speculate whether Weiyun and Xie’en have been approached as well. Chen Guang asks Xie’en why she is avoiding him. She gives the excuse that she is the superior and should not be too close to him. Zihuai tells Chen Guang that Fei’er has not confronted her since learning the truth.

When she learns Xie’en probably knows Chen Guang’s identity, Zihuai urges him to take action soon. Chen Guang and Zihuai discover that Joey is taking ecstasy pills with his friends. Weiyun is worried to learn that Joey has been hanging out with Benson, who is famous for his drug habit. Xie’en and Weiyun find themselves confiding in each other about their problems.

Lele’s death makes Qianyi come to her senses. She promises not to compel Yiming to take over her business and even encourages him to give Fei’er support if he really loves her. Fei’er cannot take the mental torture anymore and asks Xie’en to amend the script and kill her off soon. Zihuai is forced to amend the script. Qianyi meets Fei’er and even gives her advice on what she should do.

Back home, Fei’er throws Zihuai out and learns the latter was the product of a rape. Weiyun stops herself from calling the police when she stumbles upon Joey taking drugs with Benson. Chen Guang sets Eddy up for drug possession before he discovers that Xie’en is his secret benefactor.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 27

Just in time, Chen Guang manages to warn Xie’en to get rid of the drugs in her house. He explains that he had wanted her to go through what he did, but changed his mind after learning she had sponsored his studies. However, he has yet to forgive her. Xie’en is moved to tears when Eddy finally forgives her. Lin Tao invites Xie’en to join him at the new station.

He sneers at Richard in the car showroom when he buys the luxury car Richard is eyeing. Xie’en is considering leaving the station. Knowing this, Weiyun gives her some advice. They learn the station has a new boss. Lin Tao and Michael turn up at Chef Chen’s wake. Shouyi lashes out at Lin Tao for making use of Chef Chen’s illness.

Lin Tao tells Weiyun he will not ask her to join him at the new station, as he wants her to be his spy. Back home, Weiyun learns Joey is joining Lin Tao as well. They quarrel when Weiyun voices her worries about his friendship with Benson. Joey breaks the fish bowl that contains Yu Fan’s remains. Weiyun is devastated. Eddy paints over the harsh words he had written to spite Xie’en. She is relieved. With help from Eddy and Eden, she gains Chen Guang’s forgiveness. Lin Tao convinces Joey to kick his drug habit. Shouyi turns out to be the station’s new boss. In front of everyone, he fires Lin Tao.

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 28

Chen Guang decides to join Lin Tao at the new station. Patricia tries to persuade Tonglin to do so, but the latter refuses to leave VBS. Zihuai tells Tonglin that Fei’er seems unstable and may attempt to hurt Tonglin. Chen Guang tells Zihuai he feels much better since forgiving Xie’en, and hopes she will let go of her hatred as well. Zihuai refuses.

Zihuai apologises to Kat and encourages her to return to Fei’er. Sad that Fei’er has become so frail, Kat tries to make her see a doctor. Jason’s stall is not doing well, but he pretends otherwise, and even gives Tonglin an expensive treat on her birthday. She does not expose him. Tonglin goes to the hawker centre to film a food programme and deliberately talks in front of his stall. Jason knows she is trying to help him. He is tolerant when she asks him to cut a cake with her on screen.

However, at the birthday dinner that night, he flares up and the meal ends on a sour note. Yuanren objects to Tonglin’s attempts to get a nine-to-five job to cater to Jason’s needs. Hoping Jason will be able to persuade Fei’er to see a doctor, Kat tells him about her. He does manage to get Fei’er to see a doctor. Zihuai puts up an act and gains Fei’er’s forgiveness.

Jason quarrels with Tonglin over her efforts to change jobs. Zihuai goes to the set with Fei’er and tells Tonglin that Fei’er had instigated her from the start. Fei’er realises she has been tricked. In the midst of the tussle, Tonglin is injured. 

志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 29

Jason rushes Tonglin to the hospital, while Fei’er is arrested after Zihuai claims Fei’er caused Tonglin’s injury. Tonglin is disfigured and loses sight in one eye. Yuanren and Jason are upset. Yuanren tries to confront Fei’er, but Kat helps her escape the media.

When confronted, Zihuai admits she had engineered everything out of revenge, as she hates the fact that Fei’er enjoyed a good life while she was left with her stepfather and mother. She stops Zhao De from hitting her and relates how she had suffered when she was young. Severing ties with Zhao De, she leaves home.

Xie’en tells Zihuai it was Fei’er who convinced her to let her take charge of the new drama. Fei’er even gave up a movie opportunity in Hongkong to be in Zihuai’s drama. Xie’en asks Zihuai to go to the new station with her. Shouyi explains why he did not tell Weiyun who he was right from the start. He hopes to put her in charge of Variety to revamp the department, while Xie’en takes charge of Drama. He is confident Xie’en will not leave.

Weiyun visits Joey at the rehabilitation centre and is happy to see he has changed. Tonglin refuses to see anyone except Jason and Yuanren. She cannot accept her disfigurement. Jason tries in vain to console her and ends up breaking down as well.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 30

Zihuai declares that her plan is not complete. Chen Guang lashes out at her for being inhumane. Yiming hires a private investigator (PI) to find Fei’er. The PI records Zihuai’s conversation with Chen Guang. Zihuai refuses to give herself up to the police. Yiming has no choice but to expose her deeds.

Requesting a transfer to Variety to work for Weiyun, Xiaoxiao tells Xie’en that she is cold and aloof. Zihuai is infuriated when Xie’en decides not to let her join the new station. Soon after, the police turn up to take Zihuai away. Tonglin returns home and chases Jason and Yuanren out of the room, so that they need not see her disfigured face.

Chen Guang bails Zihuai out and takes care of her when she gets drunk. Chen Guang tells Xie’en he has decided to join the new station with Lin Tao because Lin Tao helped him when he first started out. Xie’en is well aware she owes her reconciliation with her sons to Lin Tao. What Shouyi and Eden say prompts Xie’en to decide not to switch over to the new station.

Yiming goes to Fei’er’s house. He rushes the unconscious Zhao De to hospital. Jason shows Tonglin the videos he has taken of people who support her. Qin is incensed when Lin Tao rejects his offer to join him. Lin Tao finds out his new boss is Richard.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 31

 Richard pretends to apologise to Lin Tao, but in front of the staff, sneers at him for always being a loser. Tonglin learns that even with plastic surgery, she will not regain all her looks. Jason suggests she accept her condition.

Agreeing, she walks out of the house to buy ice-cream. She is moved by the concern shown her by people in the streets. Shouyi, Weiyun and Xie’en pay Tonglin a visit and invite her to become a DJ. They also ask Jason to return to the station. Tonglin becomes a DJ and thanks everyone on air for supporting her. She also urges the missing Fei’er to return home.

Wandering aimlessly in the streets, Fei’er’s mental condition worsens. Zihuai is fired. She gets worked up when Xie’en points out that for revenge’s sake, she has lost both family and career. Zihuai meets Jason and Tonglin on her way out and is taken aback when Tonglin gives her a hug and assures her that she has forgiven her.

A secondhand-goods seller helps a dazed Fei’er and keeps pestering her. Zihuai visits Zhao De in the hospital and finds out he has had a stroke. She cries when he apologises to her. The secondhand-goods seller and his wife convince Fei’er to go to their home.

Humiliated by Richard, Lin Tao feels bad that he has caused his entire team to lose their jobs. In Weiyun’s presence, he breaks down. Weiyun rushes to stop Lin Tao from confronting Richard, and is seriously injured in an accident.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 32

Lin Tao feels bad about Weiyun’s injuries; he attempts to jump off a building. At the crucial moment, the big screen across the street airs words of encouragement from a famous personality. When Xie’en calls to say Weiyun has survived surgery and is no longer in a critical condition, he pulls himself together. With encouragement from Shouyi, Lin Tao agrees to forget the feuds and return to work at the station. Jason winds up his laksa business and returns to the station as a director.

Chen Guang decides not to join the new station, as he dislikes Richard’s character. He is surprised when Lin Tao tells him that he no longer worries what Richard will do to achieve high ratings, as all he wants is to do a good job for his own programme. Zihuai is filled with regret when she recalls all that has happened and realises Fei’er and Zhao De dote on her. Qianyi and Yiming go all out to find the missing Fei’er.

Fei’er is locked up by the secondhand goods seller, who steals her house keys and goes into her house to snitch her valuables. Zihuai manages to find Fei’er. They tussle, and Fei’er goes berserk and injures Zihuai. Yiming takes care of Fei’er in the hospital. Tonglin and Jason turn up to apologise to Fei’er and they become friends again.

Tonglin returns to the screen, while Lin Tao, Weiyun and Xie’en help Shouyi fulfil his long-time wish. Fei’er recovers and begins a happy life with Yiming. Zihuai starts a relationship with Chen Guang, while Tonglin and Jason welcome a baby into their lives. Weiyun fulfils Yu Fan’s tenth wish, with Lin Tao’s help.

 志在四方 2 Zhi Zai Si Fang 2  EP 33

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