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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

96 Cafe Channel 8 2013 Drama Starring Julie Tan Ian Fang and Desmond Tan

96°C Café (96°C 咖啡)
Show Introduction

A light-hearted story revolving coffee @ 96°C Café... Liqiao and Xijie run a café named 96°C. One day, Xijie forgets to bring the tiramisu to the cafe and insists on going home to pick it up on her own. Time passes by quickly and Xijie still has not returned to the cafe. Just as Liqiao is worried sick for the safety of his wife, he receives a call from the hospital that Xijie has met with an accident...

Show Trailer

96 Degree Cafe Main Cast

Julie Tan stars as Yuchen
Paige Chua is acting as Xijie

Desmond Tan is acting as Liqiao - Xijie's husband
Ian Fang
Ian Fang is Chuan Zhi, who falls in love with Yuchen.

Show Time

96°C Cafe was aired on
MediaCorp TV Channel 8 April 29, 2013
weekdays at 9pm.

Episode Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

Episode 1 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 1

Tang Yuchen accepts a vacation job at 96 Degrees Cafe. Her boss, Xu Liqiao, is no longer enthusiastic about running the joint, as he just lost his wife, Luo Xijie. His vents his frustrations by participating in Thai boxing. While buying flowers, Yuchen saves Liu Chuanzhi from his pursuers. She gets upset that the effort has ruined her flowers.Liqiao’s grandmother, Granny Xu, is worried that Liqiao is depressed.Yuchen tries to make Xijie’s famous tiramisu, to cheer Liqiao up. Chuanzhi turns up at the café and finds out that Yuchen is in love with Liqiao.Liqiao’s sister, Ruolin, works in a design company.

When provoked by her colleagues, she claims she is marrying Bill, her lawyer-boyfriend of 10 years. Bill is tired of Ruolin controlling his finances and freedom, and is not keen on marriage.Lao Jingfeng is a doctor who loves to flirt after work. He urges Bill to reconsider the marriage.Jingfeng is beaten up for getting involved with a gangster’s woman. He is saved by his foster father, Tang San, who used to be an underworld member. Tang San is estranged from his daughter, Yuchen.Bill threatens to call off the wedding when Ruolin objects to Jingfeng being his best man.Yuchen meets an old lady she had helped in the past and learns the old lady indirectly caused a fatal accident when she was picking up Yuchen’s wallet. Yuchen is unaware the victim is Xijie.

Episode 2 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 2

Ruolin hands out her wedding invitations to her colleagues. When she becomes nauseous, she assumes she is pregnant. Pleased she is pregnant, Bill showers her with concern.Liqiao lashes out at an employee who has dirtied his camera. Yuchen tries in vain to mediate. When Chuanzhi asserts that there is no place in Liqiao’s heart for Yuchen, she gets angry and chases him away.Chuanzhi comes to realise his father, Haoren, has suspended his credit card.

When Haoren tells Chuanzhi to stop wasting time at cafes, Chuanzhi tells his father to end his affair.Ruolin discovers she is not pregnant and will have problems conceiving. Afraid Bill will back out of the marriage, she suggests an earlier wedding.Tang San pays Yuchen a visit, but she chases him away.Jingfeng rushes to Tara’s rescue.

A botched surgery had destroyed Tara’s singing career, which is why Jingfeng takes such tender care of her.Ruolin and Liqiao find out Granny Xu has a stomach tumour. They urge her to undergo surgery.Yuchen’s brother, Weida, is finally released from prison. Weida had taken the rap for Tang San’s lackey. He fails to convince Yuchen to let Tang San move back home.Weida tells Liqiao that Yuchen likes him. While saving Yuchen from an accident, Liqiao takes a hard knock on his head and loses his memory.

Episode 3 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 3

Liqiao forgets Xijie completely and regards Yuchen as his girlfriend. Persuaded by Granny Xu, Yuchen agrees to play along.Jingfeng rushes to Tara’s side after a call from her and finds her shopping for shoes. She even hints to her fans that he is her boyfriend. When he clarifies their relationship, she tells him that he can never leave her.Jingfeng finds out Ruolin may never get pregnant. She warns him not to tell Bill.Chuanzhi is thrown out of his apartment.

 He agrees to work at the cafe to repay his debts, but asks for free food and lodging. Yuchen refuses to let him sleep in the cafe. Weida finds Chuanzhi in the streets and takes him in, in spite of objections from Yuchen and Jingfeng.Ruolin knocks down a pregnant woman but manages to expose the accident as a scam. Weida is impressed. He is sad to learn Ruolin is getting married.Ruolin’s colleague, Ann, discovers Ruolin has been seeing a Chinese physician because she has fertility problems.Bill discovers the truth from Ann when he visits Ruolin at the office.On the wedding day, Bill does not show up.

Episode 4 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 4

Bill refuses to forgive Ruolin. Liqiao prevents Yuchen from injuring herself against a lamppost and takes her into his arms. Sparks fly between them.Ruolin throws herself into her work. Besides cleaning the house, she cleans the cafe as well.Chuanzhi sees Yuchen trying out foam patterns to please Liqiao. Yuchen snatches his mobile phone away when he photographs the pattern. Both of them fall. Weida presumes Chuanzhi is trying to get fresh with his sister.Noticing how upset Ruolin is when returning her wedding gown, Weida decides to buy the gown.

Seeing Weida with the gown leads Tang San to suspect Weida is gay.Ruolin feels awkward when she returns to work. Jingfeng goes to her rescue by posing as her new suitor. He tells her Bill has left the country.Tang San is upset that Ruolin took Chuanzhi in, but he still refuses to let him return home.Jingfeng rejects Tara when she expresses her feelings for him.Jingfeng is stunned when Weida asks him for advice on courting Ruolin.Liqiao is moved by how much Yuchen cares for Granny Xu.Bill returns from overseas. Ruolin returns the bank passbooks and the apartment she had invested in on his behalf.Granny’s tumour turns out to be benign.No one realises Liqiao is just feigning amnesia.

Episode 5 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 5

Ruolin is upset when Bill dates Bobo. She goes drinking and meets Tara, who is also wallowing in misery. They vent their frustrations by calling in to a radio programme and speaking their minds.Ruolin stops Tara from killing herself and calls Jingfeng. He declares that he does not love Tara. Ruolin is disgusted that he is unashamedly a philanderer.Yuchen argues with Chuanzhi and accidentally scalds his hand.

He insists she wash his hair for him. Weida decides to help her, which leads Tang San to become certain that Weida is gay.Tang San introduces May to Weida. He does not realise she and Tian are collaborating to cheat Weida of his money.Tang San tricks Yuchen into agreeing to let him move home. Tang San gets into an argument with Granny Xu when he steps on her dog’s poo. Granny Xu’s dementia acts up. Weida accompanies her back to the cafe and discovers she is Ruolin’s grandmother.Yuchen deliberately causes Tang San to catch a cold.Liqiao hears Granny Xu urging Yuchen to marry him. Chuanzhi stumbles upon Liqiao’s secret and urges him to tell Yuchen the truth.Liqiao gathers up the courage to break up with Yuchen.

Episode 6 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 6

Liqiao breaks up with Yuchen, but does not reveal he had feigned amnesia. Chuanzhi tries hard to cheer Yuchen up. Tang San presumes Chuanzhi has an ulterior motive.Liqiao confides in Peifen and tells her that he does not want to hurt Yuchen; he is still unable to get over Xijie.Ruolin warns Peifen that Jingfeng is a flirt, but Peifen, who has never fallen in love, is not deterred.May goes all out to win Weida over.

He is at a hotel with her and drugged, but manages to escape her “clutches”. He falls on Ruolin. Haoren decides to let Chuanzhi work in the cafe, for being obedient to Yuchen.Chuanzhi challenges Liqiao after the latter pushes Yuchen away, and is given a hard punch.Weida makes it clear to May that he will never fall for her.Ruolin is embarrassed when pictures of her and Weida are uploaded onto the Net.Ann tries in vain to make Haoren commit to their relationship.Chuanzhi tells Yuchen that Liqiao had feigned amnesia.

Episode 7 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 7

Yuchen reveals she has long known Liqiao was faking his amnesia. She is sad that despite her efforts, he still cannot forget Xijie. He feels bad when she offers to pose as his girlfriend to pacify Granny Xu.Chuanzhi visits his comatose mother, Xiuling, in hospital. He meets Haoren and Ann. Ann tries to win him over. Ruolin ruins Jingfeng’s chances of wooing Peifen at the park. Jingfeng tries in vain to make Weida give up on Ruolin. He even badmouths her to Tang San.Weida goes to Ruolin’s office and tries to clarify what happened at the hotel.

Tang San is relieved, as the video clip proves that Weida is not gay.Tara’s fans lash out at Jingfeng for dumping Tara. Ruolin discovers the truth and sympathises with Jingfeng. He tells her to make things clear to Weida if she is not interested in him.Peifen invites Jingfeng and Weida to be her guests on air. During the interview, Jingfeng diffuses the confusion surrounding his relationship with Tara, while Weida expresses his love for Ruolin.Peifen cheers Jingfeng up and refuses to heed Ruolin’s advice to stay away from him.A male fan attacks Jingfeng. Chuanzhi and Liqiao are injured trying to save Yuchen.

Episode 8 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 8

Chuanzhi is unhappy when Yuchen fusses over Liqiao, even though his injuries are more serious. Ruolin sneers at Jingfeng for getting innocent parties involved in his problems.Ann learns Chuanzhi is injured and rushes to the hospital. She meets Ruolin, who taunts her for trying to curry favour with the son, in order to become a stepmother.Yuchen sees how Chuanzhi treats Ann and deduces who the latter is.Jingfeng gives Ruolin a lift back to the cafe, but leaves her in the lurch when Peifen calls. Peifen makes him climb a hill to watch the stars.

Though she finds it romantic, he does not appreciate it.Ruolin takes Granny Xu to the coffeeshop. Along the way, she overhears Tian and May plotting to cheat Weida of his money. To save him, she lies to May that she is his girlfriend. After May leaves, Ruolin is moved by Weida’s sincerity and finally accepts him.Yuchen sends soup to the hospital and sees Chuanzhi visiting his comatose mother. Liqiao is crestfallen to see Chuanzhi and Yuchen together at the hospital.Scolded by Liqiao at work, Yuchen contemplates resigning. Chuanzhi encourages her to quit and promises to help Liqiao at the cafe.Liqiao asks Yuchen not to leave, but she asserts that it is too late.

Episode 9 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 9

Everyone worries when Yuchen goes missing. She has encountered a mad man in the streets. Chuanzhi saves her and takes her to the hospital. The ordeal makes Liqiao realise how important she is to him, and he resolves to make amends.Xuefen quarrels with her husband, as she is planning an abortion due to health risks. Ruolin is concerned when Xuefen and Xiuli discuss the disadvantages of having a younger boyfriend.Dr Yun asks Jingfeng to help him with a surgery, as his hand is injured.

Eric sneers at Jingfeng, who has lost confidence since the Tara incident. Ruolin vows to lead Jingfeng back into operating again.Tang San ruins Liqiao’s chances of winning Yuchen’s heart.Peifen is unhappy Jingfeng did not mention his fears to her.Yuchen accepts the job at the design company. She soon realises Ann is her superior and Haoren is her boss. Chuanzhi instructs Haoren not to tell Yuchen how they are related.Jingfeng finally agrees to do the surgery.Liqiao’s persistence pays off. Yuchen finally accepts his love.

Episode 10 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 10

Chuanzhi cannot accept that Yuchen is dating Liqiao. He spites Liqiao by pretending to kiss her. Yuchen convinces Chuanzhi to remain friends.Haoren is unhappy when Ann arranges a meal for him with her mother without informing him. Ann is envious when Weida organises a surprise birthday party for Ruolin and invites all the staff. Ruolin flares up when Weida fumbles, but Jingfeng goes to his rescue. Ruolin realises Weida does not suit her, and begins to see Jingfeng’s merits.

 Liqiao tries to console Weida, who blames himself for ruining the party.Jingfeng falls out with Peifen over the surgery.Ann criticises Yuchen’s design of an ideal cafe. She is angry when Haoren reprimands her in front of Ruolin. Haoren makes it clear to Ann that as long as Xiuling is alive, their relationship must be kept under wraps.Jingfeng learns that Tara is seducing an old millionaire. When he tries to talk her out of it, she tells him not to operate any longer and harm more patients. He decides to give up the idea of surgery.Ann drinks with Jingfeng at a pub and kisses him. Upset, Peifen confronts him when pictures appear in the tabloids and breaks up with him.

Episode 11 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 11

Peifen breaks up with Jingfeng; she knows they are not compatible.Jingfeng mediates between Ruolin and Weida. A woman who likes Weida sneers at Ruolin for being too old for him, and asserts that Jingfeng is a better match for her. Tang San objects to Weida dating Ruolin, but Weida insists on going ahead.Ann’s relationship with Haoren has been strained since Ann kissed Jingfeng. Yuchen is delivering a design when her flashdrive falls into a drain. Wenjie helps her retrieve it, and leaves a positive impression on her.Wenjie is Xijie’s sister.

Liqiao agrees to take her in during her stay in Singapore.Ruolin surprises everyone when she has a makeover.Ruolin spends the night consoling a depressed Jingfeng. The next day, she blurts out Ann’s relationship with Haoren when Ann picks on her at work. Haoren fires Ruolin right away. Ruolin blames Jingfeng for her plight and demands he wait on her until she finds a new job.Wenjie is unhappy Liqiao is dating Yuchen.Tang San gives Tian money to stop him from talking about Xiong.Ruolin wants Weida to keep their relationship quiet.Tian cons Weida into delivering dope for him to JB. Tang San exposes him. When Jingfeng turns up, Tian tells him about Xiong.

Episode 12 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 12

Tian tells Jingfeng that Tang San caused the death of his biological father. Jingfeng is unforgiving, and Yuchen ignores Tang San.At a café, Yuchen is scrambling to finish her work when Wenjie spills coffee onto her laptop. Liqiao ignores her problems and tends to Wenjie’s scalded hand.Chuanzhi secretly helps Yuchen finish her design. The next day, Haoren sees the completed work and recognises that Chuanzhi had a hand in it. He hopes Yuchen will encourage Chuanzhi to develop a career in design.Haoren tells Ann to watch her behaviour in the office.

He refuses to reconcile with her. Ann is jealous when Haoren goes to Tara’s rescue when Tara is harassed.Chuanzhi brushes Yuchen off when she suggests he become a designer.Jingfeng tells Ruolin not to toy with Weida’s feelings if she is not serious about him.Tang San is upset Jingfeng refuses to forgive him.Liqiao worries when he discovers that Granny Xu seems to get along well with Uncle Zhang. Yuchen is upset when Liqiao refuses to believe that Wenjie is prejudiced against her.Jingfeng overhears Tang San apologising to his lackeys. Wenjie finds out Yuchen had indirectly caused Xijie’s death.

Episode 13 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 13

Wenjie agrees to keep the truth from Liqiao, but wants Yuchen to leave Liqiao.Haoren loses a contract to his rival. Ann blames Yuchen, even though she was the one who had accepted bribes from their rival.Distraught, Yuchen breaks down in Chuanzhi’s arms. When she apologises to Liqiao, Wenjie insinuates that she and Chuanzhi must have done something to let Liqiao down.Chuanzhi urges Yuchen to tell Liqiao the truth and seek his forgiveness.

Unable to bring herself to do so, she claims instead that problems at work made her cry.Haoren clinches an opportunity for Tara to make a movie. Chuanzhi is disgruntled about the calls Tara keeps making to Haoren about the contract.Riled up when Haoren tells her off, Tara gets drunk at a pub and is nearly raped. Jingfeng saves her and urges her not to be so reliant on others.Yuchen is undergoing so much stress at work that Chuanzhi decides to return to Haoren’s company. She finds out that he is Haoren’s son.Haoren fires Ann after learning she betrayed the company. He explains that he treats Tara well because of his friendship with Tara’s parents. Ann is not placated. She fights with Tara at the cafe.Yuchen decides to tell Liqiao the truth.

Episode 14 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 14

Liqiao cannot accept that Yuchen indirectly caused the death of his wife. Yet again, Yuchen breaks down in Chuanzhi’s arms.Tara receives a disfigured doll and suspects Tang San, as he had warned her not to harass Jingfeng.Tang San shows concern for Yuchen, but she does not appreciate it. He denies that he sent the doll to Tara.Tang San develops back pains. Presuming he is dying, he prepares a will. When he sees Granny Xu and Uncle Zhang looking frantically for Uncle Zhang’s son, he takes them back to the cafe. Weida reads the will and gets the mistaken idea Tang San wants to kill himself.

At the cafe, Uncle Zhang is finally reunited with his son, Qingliang. Granny Xu is sad when Qingliang decides to take Uncle Zhang overseas to settle down.Tang San is happy to realise his children still care about him. Chuanzhi takes Yuchen to the stables to cheer her up. Liqiao is unhappy to see them together.Tang San is hospitalised. He has a gall stone condition and needs surgery. After much deliberation, Jingfeng agrees to operate on Tang San.Wenjie causes Liqiao’s misunderstanding with Yuchen to deepen. She even makes Yuchen believe she and Liqiao have slept together.

Episode 15 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 15

Wenjie admits she likes Liqiao, but knows he only has Xijie in his heart. While drunk, he had repeatedly called out Xijie’s name.Chuanzhi cannot believe Liqiao slept with Wenjie. The next day, Liqiao finds himself in Wenjie’s bed. He feels bad when she tells him that she will not take what happened too seriously.Chuanzhi challenges Liqiao to a duel over Yuchen. The challenge ends in a tie.Ruolin is infuriated when Tang San tells Weida off for agreeing to revamp his coffeeshop as she has suggested.Liqiao moves back to Granny Xu’s place to avoid Wenjie.

Ruolin senses something amiss.Weida asks Jingfeng to talk to Ruolin, who has been ignoring him. Granny Xu mistakes Jingfeng for Bill, and drags him and Ruolin out to take a ferris wheel ride, even though they are afraid of heights. Jingfeng is very attentive to Granny Xu’s needs. Ruolin finds herself falling for him.Yuchen completes her project and heeds Chuanzhi’s advice to forget Liqiao.Mark meets Wenjie while paying respects to Xijie. Yuchen overhears Mark telling Wenjie how his love for Xijie had rekindled after they met again. However, Xijie chose to stay by Liqiao’s side.

Episode 16 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 16

Liqiao holds Yuchen in his arms when he sees her outside the cafe. Jealous, Wenjie warns him not to hurt Yuchen, as Xijie is the one he really loves. Yuchen cannot help blurting out how Xijie had fallen for Mark and wanted to elope with him. Liqiao refuses to believe her, and they quarrel.Weida goes all out to impress Ruolin and even turns up to do yoga with her at the park. She finds herself comparing him with Jingfeng.Ruolin tries to avoid Jingfeng, but fate brings them together time and again. On a ferris wheel, her phobia grips her and she holds tightly onto him. Weida, who had wanted to propose to her, sees them together and leaves with a broken heart.

Chuanzhi is unable to find Mark. He gets a Caucasian to pose as Mark, but Wenjie exposes the imposter. Ann goes to the office to tell Haoren she is pregnant. While they are arguing, they fail to notice Xiuling regaining consciousness. Chuanzhi is overjoyed when she comes round.Tang San is happy Jingfeng has caused Weida to fall out of love. Ruolin is very unsettled. She realises Weida loves her very much and had even bought her the bridal gown she had ordered for her failed wedding.Liqiao overhears Wenjie’s conversation with Mark and discovers Xijie did betray him.

Episode 17 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 17

Unable to face up to the truth and to Yuchen, Liqiao leaves.Xiuling marches to the hospital upon her discharge. She throws Haoren out and fires Yuchen. Even though she was in a coma, she was aware of the activities going on around her. She is offended at being betrayed by Haoren and unhappy that Chuanzhi is dating Yuchen. She orders Chuanzhi to leave Yuchen immediately.Weida refuses to believe there is nothing going on between Ruolin and Jingfeng. When Jingfeng carries the drunk Weida home, Tang San urges him to court Ruolin, as he deems her and Weida unsuitable for each other.Ruolin is anxious about Wenjie managing the cafe by herself.

Yuchen offers to help out. Wenjie blames Yuchen for Liqiao’s departure.Xiuling tells Ann she has thrown Haoren out, and gives Ann money for an abortion. Haoren decides to sever ties with Ann.Jingfeng decides to step away from the tension between Weida and Ruolin. To complicate matters, Bill asks to reconcile with Ruolin. She gets upset when Jingfeng and Weida pass the buck and neither speaks up to have her.Jingfeng tells Bill he has fallen for Ruolin and will marry her when the time is right. He hopes Bill will stay away from her.Chuanzhi is unhappy when a customer asserts that the coffee he makes is not as good as Liqiao’s.

Episode 18 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 18

The landlord tells Liqiao someone has offered a high price to buy the piece of land where the cafe sits on, so he will no longer be renting the shop space out. Chuanzhi finds out Xiuling is behind this, but is determined to be with Yuchen.Yuchen suggests buying the piece of land so as to be able to carry on the business, but they do not have enough for the down payment. She urges him to reconcile with his mother, and he gets angry. Weida is shocked when Yuchen asks him for a loan. Ruolin receives a letter regarding a barista competition Liqiao had signed up for.

Chuanzhi decides to take Liqiao’s place, and starts training hard.Ruolin agrees to accept Bill, but wants him to propose to her in public. Jingfeng remains calm.Xiuling trips while arguing with Tang San and threatens to sue him.Jingfeng discovers Bill is out to cheat Ruolin of her money. When Bill proposes to her at the cafe, Ruolin exposes him.Chuanzhi’s hand is injured when he mediates between Xiuling and Yuchen. Tang San decides to mortgage the coffeeshop to help Yuchen.Weida pretends to date Wenjie, so that Ruolin and Jingfeng will have no qualms about pairing up.

Episode 19 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links
96 Cafe - Episode 19

Chuanzhi overhears Xiuling telling Yuchen to leave him, and retorts that as adamant as she is about his love life, so is he about defying her wishes. Back at Tang San’s place, Yuchen assumes Tang San is nice to Chuanzhi because of his background. However, Tang San realises Chuanzhi is true, and urges her to forget Liqiao.Chuanzhi tries to make coffee with his left hand but is unable to do so well. His feelings are hurt when Yuchen compares him to Liqiao, and she apologises.Everyone is relieved when Yuchen signs the contract to buy the land.

Yuchen’s relationship with Wenjie improves; the latter is impressed by what Weida and Yuchen do for those they love. Wenjie tells Yuchen she had faked the bed scene.Liqiao turns up at the competition and manages to win an award for the cafe. He reveals he had gone overseas to look for coffee beans for the competition. Hoping to start anew with Yuchen, Liqiao is shocked when she tells him that she has decided to give him up.Granny Xu passes away after spending a day with Liqiao and Ruolin. Chuanzhi takes Yuchen home, knowing Xiuling has organised a party to find him a girlfriend, Chuanzhi takes Yuchen home and introduces her to everyone as his girlfriend.Tang San ruins Liqiao’s date with Yuchen.

Episode 20 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 20

Jingfeng asks to marry Ruolin within 100 days of Granny Xu’s funeral. She agrees. While trying on their wedding attire, Jingfeng feels tightness in his chest, but shrugs it off as nothing.Ruolin tells Liqiao she is getting married and urges him to fight for Yuchen’s love.Tang San finds Weida crying over the news of Ruolin’s wedding. He tells Ruolin that Weida had pretended to date Wenjie for her sake.Yuchen leaves the cafe to take up small renovation projects.

When Chuanzhi calls on her, she encourages him to reconcile with Xiuling.Xiuling is pleased when Chuanzhi hands her a proposal for the company’s future development and moves back home. Haoren asks to reconcile with Xiuling, as he has broken up with Ann.The day before Ruolin’s wedding, Weida claims he will not be attending the ceremony, as he is going abroad. He pretends to be happy to give Ruolin his blessings.On the wedding day, Ruolin does not turn up and the ceremony is called off. Later, she explains her problem to Jingfeng.Yuchen is caught between Liqiao and Chuanzhi, as both men have done a lot for her.

Episode 21 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 21

Upon revamping the cafe according to Yuchen's description of her ideal cafe, Liqiao invites her over for a surprise and persuades her into reconciliation Touched by his efforts, Yuchen realises that her feelings towards Liqiao have not withered despite the countless obstacles and misunderstandings that stood in their way.

Episode 22 Synopsis and Video Catch-up Links

96 Cafe - Episode 22

Chuanzhi's hard work in winning the heart of Yuchen finally paid off as she is moved by his relentless efforts. Moreover, Chuanzhi's willingness to sacrifice his status as the son of a wealthy businessman to stay by Yuchen during her difficult times is a strong portrayal of his sincerity towards Yuchen.


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