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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aloysius Pang

Aloysius Pang Profile

Name: Aloysius Pang (冯伟衷)
Age: 24 (Year 2014)
Date of Birth: 24-Aug-1990
Gender: Male
Born in: Singapore

Schools attended:
Yuying Secondary School
Singapore Institute of Management University (2010)

Aloysius Pang Trivia

1. Many people confuse Aloysius Pang with Shawn Lee (Of I'M NOT STUPID MOVIE fame).
The 2 of them really look alike.

2. His favorite Quote:
"Life is too precious to take things for granted. Be thankful you’re still breathing, because someone out there just took their last breath."

3. His first screen kiss is with Ya Hui in the Channel U drama "Served Hot".


4. Aloysius seems to be on very good terms with Kym Ng. They have a lot of Instagram pictures together. Kym Ng acted as his MUM in the drama "It Takes Two"!

5. He is together with Xu Bin and Kimberly Chia under the management of Noon Talk Media.

6. He was a child actor before but quit when he was 14 as he was unable to handle the public attention.
"A lot of people said to me, 'who do you think you are? You think you're a big shot because you're an actor?'" Pang told The New Paper.

"I thought the problem was because I was an actor, but it was actually my inability to handle the situation.

"I was rebellious then and loud in public. I understand now why people taunted me, I had brought it upon myself."


7. He was cast as a Zombie before for a advertisement under Shaw Cinemas.

8. Aloysius Pang performed a Magic Show during a fan gathering session in l

Aloysius Pang Recent Projects

1. World At Your Feet 球在你脚下 - 2014

2. Channel U Drama - Served H.O.T. (烧。卖) Served Hot

3. I'm in Charge (小子当家) which aired in May 2013

4. It Takes Two (对对碰) - 2012

5. Poetic Justice (微笑正义)- 2012

6. He acted in Dasmond Koh's movie "Timeless Love" (那个夏天) - 8 March 2012

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Aloysius Pang talks to TODAY, about his role as 'He Tai Long', in 'Served H.O.T.', a new Channel U television comedy-drama about the search for a legendary million-dollar laksa...

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