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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Google Glass - Will It replace the Mobile Phone?

Launch Trailer of Google Glass

Not sure what Google Glass is or what it does. All I know is that you put it on like a pair of spectacles or glasses and it probably serves as a camera? So this post is a bit of a investigative research or discovery process of what Google Glass is really about.

Quick search on the net and there's a review of it byYouTuber iJustine's Channel on 28 June 2013:

What I gathered from watching her review is that:

1. You can use Google Glass as a handsfree phone just by tapping the side to receive an incoming call
2. It can be used as a camera to take pictures via Voice Command and the tilt of your head up and down.
    Or by pressing a button on the right top panel.
3. Similarly, it can be used as a video camera to record videos from your perspective (Think Blair Witch Project). By default, it can only record 10 second videos.
4. The battery lasts about 5 hours.
5. You can share pictures of what you took instantly. 
6. There are some hand gestures that you need to use via the Google Glass touch pad (Track Pad) to activate actions. (Slide, click, share, scroll, cancel)

Another review that was done by Marques Brownlee in August 2013:

He breaks it down to 7 stuff that what GG (I think they should name it Google Goggles!) can do:

1. Take a picture
2. Record a Video
3. Get Directions
4. Send a Message
5. Phone Calls
6. Google+ Hangouts
7. Google

Other interesting info:
1.  It needs to be connected or synced with your phone via Bluetooth or Wifi to share data.
2. You can share pictures with your friends as well.
3. It costs about US$1,500 and it's not available for the public yet. Mainly for testers at this stage.
4. Prescription wearers to get Google Glass in US

1. I wonder if its really heavy to wear.
2. Would it affect how your eyeballs are aligned if you're wearing it for a long time, since the Glass is on the right?
3. Would we lose our privacy? Someone could easily hack into the Glass and video cam our vision.
(Bank passwords, Naked spouses, Current Location etc.) It's kind of like a spy ware if you lose control of it.

1. Good for people who need to be hands free
2. Probably good for the deaf ,blind or physically challenged to get directions. Better if there's a sound byte from the Map function. This would give them more mobility and access to information on the move.
3. It;s good for solving crimes if we can gather various videos from different sources wearing GG at time of incident.  

An introduction video from Google on how to use the swipe functions:

Funny Google Glass Video from a Singaporean's Perspective: (Not sure whether its real or a spoof)

If you're interested in getting Google Glass you can try this link (think it's only available if you're a US resident):

More localized information and reviews at:


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