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Friday, January 10, 2014

Date A Star Season 2 Episode 5 - Romeo Tan and Cheryl Wee + Xu Bin and Ming Bridges + Jayley Woo and Wong Jinglun

Season 2 - Episode 5
End of 4th Date and Starting of Date 5

Romeo Tan (28) Dates Cheryl Wee (26)
Cheryl is left with Romeo's nephew while he goes away for a while.

She manages to distract his nephew (Skyler) with some sweets when he gets upset when
Romeo's phone is taken away from him.
She shares that she has a lot of younger cousins in her family
so she has a knack for dealing with kids.

Cheryl finds that Romeo is quite a family man who place an emphasis on
spending time with his nephew.

Romeo brings Cheryl to a horror and mystery themed game venue.
She looks very worried and tries to go along with it.

She wonders why he brought her to such a place.
Coz she had earlier shared that she was very scared of horror movies.

She is very scared and screams "I Don't Want" several times once they
are in the game room and the game begins.
She is genuinely freaked out but he continues to try to solve the mystery.
Suddenly there is a movement from the curtains and someone rushes out.
They are both scared and Romeo bursts out laughing.
Cheryl screams and wants to get out.

She shares that she was really very scared.
She said she felt alone in the room as he was very focused on playing the game
and did not comfort her or spared a thought for her feelings.

They did not finish the game in time and had to leave the room.
They get to leave the room and she is very relieved.
She says she is still very scared.

Romeo arranges to meet Cheryl at the W Hotel at Sentosa Cove.

She is seen preparing some cupcakes.
He is seen in an apron learning how to make steak.
He meets her at the hotel lobby and compliments her on her hairstyle.

She says that his apron is similar to her skirt.
He asks if she can guests what he is up to.
She says he should be cooking since he is wearing an apron.

She is relieved that this last date is not horror themed.

Xu Bin (24) Dates Ming Bridges (21)

Xu Bin makes some soup to make up for suddenly exiting the last date with Ming.

Ming is practicing her guitar and singing with her teacher when

Xu Bin makes a sudden appearance.

They stop the practice and Xu Bin presents her with the soup he had spent 2 hours to cook.

And also a framed photograph of their Snow City adventure.

She's glad that he tried to make up for it.
He mentions that the soup is a kind of his way of apologizing for his behavior on the last date.

She asks him if he has ever heard of his song.
He says yes. There were 2 he remembered.
"You Xie Nan Hai Bu Neng Ai (Some Guys You Shouldn't Date)"
and "I Want You Back"

She suggests that they sing together.
He is a but hesitant as he doesn't know the lyrics to the songs.
She pulls out songsheets and he obliges.

He asks her if guys like him can be loved.
She says she finds him trustworthy and dodges the question directly.
And how she gets her inspiration from.
She says from life and experiences.
He shares that he used to really love to sing and finds her deeply passionate about music.
They continue to play with the guitar together.

Xu Bin shares that he is thinking of bringing her
to a romantic place for their last date together.
To make a lasting inspiration on her.

Wong Jinglun (30) Dates Jayley Woo (22)
Jayley arranges to meet Jinglun at Suntec.

She requests for him to close his eyes and leads him to a secret area.

When he opens his eyes, he sees a giant bus.
It's the Duck Tours Hippo Bus.

He is very surprised and touched as he thought such
gestures should normally be done by guys for girls.

She shares that she had given him such a tough time previously
on earlier dates, so she thought this time she would give him a more pleasant date.

They get on the bus and spend the time chatting and looking at the city views.

He starts to share his intensive knowledge on buses.
His hobby was to sit on buses when he was young during holidays.
He could even remember the bus's license plate number. (What!!!)

She shares that he should have shared less information on buses
as she did not had any knowledge on that topic or interest.

They started talking about childhood games and their age gap.
He shares that he is very touched that they got the chance to sit on the bus together.
He will always remember this and wonders if he's been too OTT.


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