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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where To Buy Suits For Singapore Grooms

Been busy prepping for my upcoming wedding. Think it's pretty easy for girls to get their gowns and dresses. There are so many options!

But for guys, it's a different story. Some of the suits available look really dated.


And if you do not shop around, you have no idea on what you could be missing out on. The latest cuts, fabric, color and styles make a big difference when you try them on.

You need to look out for stuff like "Slim Fit", "Skinny Fit" and "Ultra Skinny Fit" when you try on different styles. Details like button colors, pleats and accessories are also crucial. Ultimately, the guy must feel comfortable and confident when he wears the suit.

Tip: Look out for pockets to stash Hongbaos.

My bf has no idea where to get a suit! And does not seem to be proactive about looking for a suitable one. So I decided to do some research to help him get a reasonably priced and stylish one.

Did a quick search on a couple of wedding forums and blogs and here's a consolidated list of tailors, retailers, shops in Singapore to find suits for men.

You can plan a day to visit all of them, as it's a walk down from Delphi Orchard, all the way to Plaza Singapura. Probably should start from 11am to 9pm, best on a weekday, if not Saturday.

Unless you are a quick shopper and know what you want, it might be very tiring and stressful for the guy to try on different suits and walk around the whole day, so you might wanna split it into 2 days.

1. The Men's Club (Delphi Orchard, Singapore, Closed on Sunday)
2. Tangs (Orchard Road, Singapore)
3. Topshop Topman (Ion Orchard, Singapore)

4. Massimo Dutti (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)
5. Zara (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)
6. G2000 (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)
7. White Rose Parlour (Orchard Gateway, Somerset)
8. Suit Select Singapore (Plaza Singapura, Dhoby Ghaut)


1. The Men's Club
(Delphi Orchard, Singapore, Closed on Sunday)

402 Orchard Road, Orchard Delfi #03-24/25 Singapore 238876
T: (65) 6738 6152

When we visited the place on Sunday, it was closed. But the window display took our breath away.
The mannequins and suits on display were immaculate, poised and fashion forward.
Fit for a gentleman. He really liked the suits but was worried that it might be too expensive.
It looked like they provided custom made suits from what we could see. Not a lot of off the rack suits on display.

Found some photos of groom suits from The Men's Club from the site

Picture Credit & Sources:

2. Tangs (Orchard Road, Singapore)

Suits here cost from S$350 to S$1799.
There's not a lot of styles here (Less than 15), but worth a walk about. Sometimes, there are special discounts and promotions in huge retail malls like Tangs. They also bring in some eclectic International brands in their Mens Department.

3. Topshop Topman (ION Orchard, Singapore)

Suits cost from around S$250 onwards.
We felt most at ease shopping here. Staff were helpful and not pushy.
The suits had trendy cuts and details. They offer free alteration as well.
Main drawback was the lack of stock in different sizes and styles in different outlets.


4. Massimo Dutti (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)


Suits cost from S$600 onwards.
Felt the styles available when we were shopping were totally unsuitable.
They looked too casual. And probably a little stiff looking. Sizes were huge.
Perhaps it was the wrong season to be shopping for a suit there?
Had read rave reviews on Massimo though. Really like the looks I saw on
Oh well, tough luck.

Found some photos of groom suits from The Men's Club from the site


5. Zara (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)

Suits cost from around S$300 onwards.
The layout of this particular store is good for speed suit shopping. Bright white lights and horizontal display of the styles.

6. G2000 (Takashimaya Orchard, Singapore)


Suits costs from S$300 onwards.
Bf liked that the suits felt very light. But due to his body type, the suits there had way too much extra cloth near the area below his nape and back, so we opted out of this shop.
They sell accessories such as belts and have contemporary styles, so probably good to take a look.
My ex-colleague also recommended me to shop at the G2000 factory outlet at Changi City Point to get a good deal for suits. She managed to get one for under S$150 for her hubby, when he had to attend a wedding. It was on my list, but we managed to get a suit before we reached CCP. 

7. White Rose Parlour (Orchard Gateway)
#04-06 Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Photo Credit:

The suits here cost from S$180 (Jacket Only).
Style is a little indie and retro. It's a small shop. Not a lot of styles (Less than 10) but worth a look if you're keen on having different options from the conventional styles for men.

Here's a video of the Style Check In crew modelling some of their pieces.
Style Check In S4:   Episode 10

Start video at 31:15:

While you're here, you might wanna check out a nearby Barber Shop, it seems like a good place for a Stag Party. They offer haircuts, shaving, Mani & Pedi for guys in a really cool vintage setting.

8. Suit Select Singapore (Plaza Singapura)
68 Orchard Road,
#03-52 Plaza Singapura,
Singapore 238839
TEL: +65-6835-7018
OPEN/CLOSE: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

The suits here cost from S$459, according to the website.
We did not manage to shop here physically as we had already bought a suit by then.
There are 4 other outlets in Singapore, check their website for details.


1. Brooks Brothers (Probably out our budget)
2. Peninsular Plaza (KIV if we decide to custom make his suit)
3. Excellent Silk House at Far East Plaza  (KIV if we still cannot find a off the rack suit)
4. Iris Tailor in Lucky Plaza
5. Qoo10:



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