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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yvonne Lim and Alex Tien's Wedding in Singapore

A fairy tale wedding.

That pretty much sums up Yvonne Lim & Alex Tien's Wedding held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Singapore on 7th September 2014 (Sunday).

Video footage from (16 Sept 2014 update):

Notably, Yvonne was sporting a baby bump and glowing in bliss. She was 5 months pregnant. But that did not stop the sporting bride from doing a slow dance with her hubby, to a choreographed mass dance for her guests.

The couple had exchanged their vows a day earlier on 6th September 2014 (Saturday), in a smaller ceremony at the Ritz.

According to a report from, the wedding banquet had 49 tables. Which means the newly weds had about 490 guests.

More Photos of Yvonne and Alex at their wedding:

Photos of Yvonne and Alex at the press conference before their wedding banquet (Post Rom):

Photos of the wedding decorations:

Photos of guests:

Related Instagram Pictures:



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