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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee Welcomes Baby Boy ZED

So after months of anticipation and waiting, Fann Wong has given birth to her first child on Singapore's National Day!

Was it a coincidence? Or was the timely birth planned?
 According a report from,

"Contrary to popular belief, it was almost entirely left to chance that Fann Wong would give birth on National Day. "

Weighing in at 2.82kg, Zed has Fann's eyes and Chris' nose and mouth.

Here's a look at Fann and Christopher's Baby Boy, ZED:

Zed's birth took place at Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital in Singapore. Fann Wong underwent  a 10-hour-long labour that eventually led to a Caesarean section.
10-hour-long labour that culminated in Zed being born on Saturday by Caesarean section - See more at:



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