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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Channel 8 New Show

When a series of crimes begin to take place, seemingly emulating the stories written by popular crime novelist Di Shen (Christopher Lee), Inspector Zhou Jian Feng (Desmond Tan) becomes suspicious of him.


Qiu Xue Qing (Rui En) is a kind-hearted psychologist with the ability to feel the emotions of the unkown perpetrators.

Together, the three protagonists begin to work together to uncover the truth behind the crimes, only to find themselves drawn into the abyss of each of their own ambiguous past.

The drama's protagonists are played by Star Awards 2013's Best Actor Christopher Lee and Best Actress Rui En.

24 September to 24 October 2014
Weekdays, 9pm to 10pm
On Mediacorp Channel 8

It is a quiet and lonely night at the beach. The gentle splashing of the waves creates a sense of serenity. From afar, the sound of a motor generator being started can be heard. On board a speed boat, the back of a man is seen trying to start the engine, but it splutters and refuses to start.

The man turns around to face a huge black plastic bag. The bag seems to contain a motionless body. The man then gets off the speed boat and walks along the beach. He is getting some tools to fix the engine.

The black bag moves. Suddenly, it reveals the sharp edge of a shard. The bag is slashed open and a girl emerges from it, gasping for breath and looking terrified.

The girl undergoes a medical examination. It confirms that she has suffered sexual and physical abuse. Investigating Officer Zhou Jianfeng comes on the scene and meets Qiu Xueqing, a psychologist. Using hypnosis, Xueqing leads the girl to relive her experience that elicits an important clue. The perpetrator is suspected to be Di Shen, a suspense writer.

Jianfeng uncovers clues that implicate Di Shen in the case. Di Shen also realises that the suspect enacted the plot of his novel which raises the possibility that he is a fan of his work. To prove his innocence and satisfy his curiosity, Di Shen gets involved in the investigation to identify the suspect.

The girl is silenced by the suspect. Xueqing is the only person who has seen him. Xueqing reproaches herself for not doing enough to protect the victim. While working together with Di Shen in the case, she is kidnapped and imprisoned...

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Christopher Lee as Di Shen
(Suspense Novel Writer)

Rui En as Qiu Xueqing
(Psychologist & Di Shen's Gf)

Desmond Tan as Zhou Jianfeng
(Police Officer)

Carrie Wong as Di Yao


Allen Chen as Yang Chen Ye

Aloysius Pang as Zhao Ke Yi

James Seah as Jacob

Paige Chua as Zhang Jing Xuan

Zhang Zhen Huang as Zhuo Ding Kang






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Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao
Catch Episodes on Toggle First (Not free though)

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 1 | Episode One 

 Acclaimed crime novelist Di Shen makes it his mission to expose the evil in humans, as he believes all humans are born depraved. Di Shen is doing a television interview when Agnes manages to escape after being held captive and tortured. As police officers Zhou Jianfeng and Guo Jingcheng fail to get anything out of Agnes, they ask a psychiatrist, Qiu Xueqing, to put Agnes under hypnosis.

Agnes reveals the assailant is the strong boxer type and was holding a copy of Di Shen’s novel. She had become acquainted with the assailant online. Jianfeng turns up at Di Shen’s booking-signing event and asks him to assist the police, who believe the assailant was mimicking the culprit in one of Di Shen’s novels.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 2 | Episode Two

Xueqing is locked up in a secret chamber. Di Shen suspects Yang Zhenye, a shareholder of the gym, and asks Jianfeng to investigate. He fails to find Xueqing and deduces she was taken away by force. Xueqing’s uncle, Gangyi, who used to be a police officer, reports her disappearance and asks Jianfeng to work urgently on the case, which he suspects is related to Agnes’. Xueqing learns Zhenye became emotionally unbalanced after he and his girlfriend were kidnapped.

His girlfriend was tortured to death because his father failed to pay the ransom. She tries in vain to escape. Di Shen suspects Zhenye locks his victims in his house. He tries to find out more from Zhenye but to no avail. Di Shen sneaks into Zhenye’s house, but runs off when the latter returns. Zhenye senses something amiss. He knocks Xueqing out with sedatives and puts all the evidence in a bag, planning to throw everything into the sea.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 3 | Episode Three

Zhenye’s lawyer, Zhang Jingxuan, posts bail for him and Zhenye is released. Di Shen tells Jianfeng he had pretended to lose control, in an effort to trick Zhenye into revealing the truth. He had borrowed the bracelet from Gangyi. Xueqing hallucinates about her father, who urges her not to die so that she can clear his name. Di Shen deduces that Zhenye may be holding Xueqing in the place where he and his girlfriend were held captive.

As Jianfeng cannot be found, Di Shen asks Gangyi for help, and finds out the factory has been bought by Zhenye. Zhenye shakes Jianfeng off and goes to the factory. Xueqing realises Zhenye is torturing himself, as it was he who killed his girlfriend. Di Shen and Gangyi arrive in time to save Xueqing, but Zhenye manages to escape. Jingxuan goes to the motel where Zhenye is hiding and tells him that his father has arranged for him to leave the country, as he feels bad that he had indirectly caused the death of his girlfriend.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 4 | Episode Four

Smoke emanates from under a chair during the book signing. Di Shen takes Di Yao to look for Xueqing. She feels someone pushing her along and, just in time, Di Shen pulls her back and takes her away. The smoke is from a tear gas bomb. Di Shen and Xueqing are asked to testify as eye-witnesses. Jianfeng is suspicious of Di Shen, who seems to get into trouble all the time. Di Yao visits Zebang, whom she has counseled in the past.

She notes happily that he is gradually adapting to his work environment. Jianfeng, Di Shen and Xueqing turn up at the book signing and use their own devices to deduce the culprit’s background and traits. Di Shen realises that since the trauma of the previous incident, Xueqing gets panic attacks when she is in lifts. He offers to use hypnosis on her to rid her of her fears.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 5 | Episode Five

Another tear gas bomb is released in a lecture hall. The bomb was put under the chair of a student named Judith. Di Shen deduces that Zebang’s target may not have been Judith, as in one of his stories, the bomber prefers to make his target’s kin and friends suffer. Xueqing is surprised that Di Shen’s novels are involved again.

At a hospital, Zebang traps intern Nicolas Goh in his car, which has been fitted with a bomb. Di Shen and Xueqing learn Judith’s father, Chen Baisheng, is eager to take her overseas. Baisheng is a doctor and Nicolas is one of his interns. Xueqing concludes that Zebang’s target is Baisheng.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 6 | Episode Six

Xueqing urges Zebang to let her tend to Xiaojing. Di Shen agrees to be his hostage instead. However, the police refuse to give in to threats and prevent Xiaojing from undergoing surgery. At the crucial moment, Di Shen subdues Zebang. Di Shen suspects that like in his novel, Zebang will not let Baisheng off so easily and could have placed another bomb somewhere else.

He asks Xueqing to get the hospital to prepare for Xiaojing’s surgery, so that they can make Zebang reveal the location of the bomb. Jianfeng questions Zebang, but he will only talk to Di Shen. Jianfeng finds another fake bomb and suspects Di Shen is helping Zebang. Hoping to negoatiate for a lighter sentence, Di Yao introduces her lawyer friend, Zhang Jingxuan, to Zebang.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 7 | Episode Seven

With Xueqing’s guidance, Tianrui reveals how he had committed his first crime. His victim was Jingxuan. He loses control under hypnosis and nearly injures Xueqing. Jianfeng and Gangyi arrive in time to save her. Tianrui denies killing Anni. In his defence, Xueqing argues with Jianfeng; she believes Tianrui would not kill. Di Shen holds a talk at the university, where he meets Jingxuan.

She is grateful to him for helping her start life anew. He suspects she is acquainted with Di Yao because of him. Di Shen is unhappy his mother’s murderer is still at large. He takes Xueqing to his old house, in the hope that she will find some clues. Xueqing senses that the murderer had harboured grievances against his mother, which means either the murderer knew his victim or Di Shen has misled her.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 8 | Episode Eight

An unknown person uploads a video online and claims to be a dark knight who upholds justice. He asks the public to vote within the next 12 hours on whether Tianrui deserves the death sentence. Zena reveals that Tianrui had taken her away with the intention of killing her. Xueqing finds her testimony strange. Di Shen and Jingxuan suspect each other of being the unknown person.

Jingcheng realises the case is, yet again, similar to one of Di Shen’s novels. He refuses to ask Di Shen for help. Xueqing approaches Di Shen and is unhappy when he turns down her request for help. Di Yao agrees with Xueqing that even the most evil person deserves a chance to mend his ways. Di Shen wants Xueqing to prove Tianrui is innocent before he will help save him.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 9 | Episode Nine

Xueqing joins Gangyi in investigating the death of an undergraduate named Li Aiqin. She garners help from Di Shen. At the hostel, Xueqing is reminded of the death of her father, Gangzheng. She is deep in thought when a suspicious-looking man runs past and disappears. As Aiqin was harassed before her death, Gangyi questions the hostel cleaner, Luo Jinzhu.

He happens to have been one of the witnesses in Gangzheng’s case. Xueqing remembers the suspicious-looking runaway man as being Gangzheng’s student; Gangzheng had praised him in front of her. Xueqing tells Di Shen that seven years ago, Gangzheng was involved in the death of Chen Lina, a student.

Rumour had it that they were having an affair, and Jinzhu had claimed she saw Gangzheng walking towards the hostel that day. Someone also uploaded a video clip of Gangzheng walking towards the hostel. Before Xueqing could get to the bottom of the matter, Gangzheng killed himself.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 10 | Episode Ten

Di Shen is upset when he remembers how he had interfered in Gangzheng’s case. Di Shen takes Xueqing to see Lina’s father. They learn Lina was mentally unstable and had created evidence of her non-existent relationship with Gangzheng. They deduce Gangzheng probably knew but did not want to hurt Lina.

Gangyi goes through the closed-circuit camera recordings and observes that Aiqin was with a middle-aged woman when she was last spotted. The woman’s back seems familiar. Liqi notices Jinzhu falling to the floor after injuring her leg and offers to see her home. Jinzhu asks her to stay for dinner and lets her chat with Baoqiang, her retarded son. After Liqi eats the food, she passes out.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 11 | Episode Eleven

Jianfeng and Jingcheng arrest Baoqiang. Di Shen and Jinzhu remain missing. Xueqing learns Baoqiang was the one who strangled Lina. Jinzhu set Gangzheng up to protect her son. A mysterious person forces Jinzhu to confess her crimes and uses the same methods to punish her. She is later found in the streets.

She admits to her guilt and reveals she has been in the custody of the Shadow Walker. Di Shen appears after Jinzhu has been found. He claims someone had given him an injection and left him in the wilderness. Jianfeng suspects Di Shen is the Shadow Walker but has no evidence.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 12 | Episode Twelve

Di Shen is about to tell Xueqing his past when he learns Di Yao has been injured. He blames Jianfeng. Jianfeng warns Xueqing against Di Shen. Di Shen regrets bringing harm upon a good man like Gangzheng. Though he had helped to nab the culprit, he still feels guilty. Xueqing calls Di Shen and tells him how she had visualised killing Jinzhu when the truth came to light. He is distracted, as he intends to break up with her.

Gangyi reveals the details of a case of hammer-wielding hacker from seven years before. The suspect, Chen Zhifeng, went on a rampage after being retrenched. When the police found him, he had hammer-inflicted injuries but no idea how they came about. Sentenced to imprisonment, Zhifeng is now a free man.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 13 | Episode Thirteen

Jingcheng chases Zhifeng when the latter tries to escape. Dingkang sees Jingcheng at the crime scene and tries to talk to him, as Jingcheng was one of the gang in the past. He mentions how Jingcheng had caused the death of Honglie, in a bid to show off his prowess. Jingxuan takes drugs to numb her mind when Di Shen reconciles with Xueqing.

Jingcheng locks Zhifeng in an empty house. Zhifeng admits he had gone on a rampage to lure the two persons who had attacked him out into the open. Mocking Jingcheng for lacking the courage to kill him, he laughs that Jingcheng fell for his ruse. Jianfeng calls Jingcheng and finds out the latter has lied.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 14 | Episode Fourteen

Jingcheng points his gun at Zhifeng. Di Shen intervenes, suggesting Shadow Walker’s way instead to make Zhifeng disappear. Zhifeng agrees. Xueqing uses hypnosis to make Di Yao realise it was she who witnessed her mother’s murder. Di Shen worries, and insists that what Di Yao saw cannot be real, as she was not at the crime scene.

Xueqing recognises that he is keeping something from Di Yao. Di Shen admits to Xueqing that Di Yao is the one who witnessed their mother’s murder. She was badly traumatised, so Di Shen hopes she will never remember it. Warning that the lost memories will just be suppressed and never disappear, she urges Di Shen to tell her the truth.

Di Yao accepts the truth, but changes in her personality surface. Jingcheng is hoping to use Shadow Walker’s method on Zhifeng. Di Shen asks Xueqing to keep Di Yao company at home. Jingcheng accidentally kills Zhifeng when he discovers Jianfeng tailing them. He knocks Jianfeng out and flees. Di Shen arrives to find Zhifeng dead and Jianfeng unconscious. He has no choice but to leave. Jianfeng cannot believe Jingcheng is Shadow Walker.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 15 | Episode Fifteen

Unable to accept that she killed someone, Di Yao loses her memories of the incident. Xueqing tries to help her, but she chooses to avoid the issue. Gangyi, Di Shen and Xueqing start investigating a series of forest murders. It has been a month since a woman was killed by an arrow and made to kneel below a tree with the word “wanton” written on the trunk.

She was having an affair with her superior, Lin Guoliang. Xueqing zeroes in on the murderer’s motive and is disturbed by what she observes. Investigations at the archery club turn up nothing. Di Yao learns about a hit-and-run case on the news and has vague memories of being involved in that accident. She gets even more confused when a man named Jacob calls and tells her not to worry about it.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 16 | Episode Sixteen

Keji’s father, Junlong, appears. His intention is to harm Xueqing, but Keji takes her away in the nick of time. Xueqing remembers how Keji had broken his leg when he attempted suicide with a group of people who had the idea that the world was about to end. Keji fell in love with her when she showed concern for him. Junlong reminds Keji of his responsibility, which makes him feel downcast.

 A second person is killed by an arrow and made to kneel under a tree with the words “unfilial” on the trunk. The deceased had fought over the inheritance with his father, who had a heart attack and died while in court. Consoling Jianfeng, Gangyi asserts that Jingcheng may not be Shadow Walker, as Shadow Walker seldom makes so many mistakes.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 17 | Episode Seventeen

Di Yao is diagnosed with schizophrenia, but Di Shen does not want his sister to seek treatment in a mental hospital. Junlong discovers Gangyi tailing Keji. Keji stops him from attacking Gangyi. Gangyi admits he did Junlong wrong in the past and hopes Keji will not follow in his father’s footsteps.

Di Yao worries when the police question her on Jacob’s assault, as she has no recollection of what she did. Jingxuan, who is Jacob’s lawyer, asserts that Jacob will lift all charges if Di Yao apologises. Di Shen refuses to let Di Yao give in. Gangyi finds out the deceased was part of a suicide squad in the past. Keji had attempted suicide with Wang Qi and Ivy. Gangyi and Xueqing are certain someone is controlling Keji’s actions. Junlong uses kinship ties to make Keji complete his mission.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 18 | Episode Eighteen

Di Shen is shocked to find Jacob’s body. When Xueqing appears, he claims someone had sent him a message to go there to see Jacob. Realising he is being set up by Shadow Walker for the murder, he stops her from calling the police. However, she insists on letting the police handle the matter. Jianfeng does not believe Di Shen’s story. He concludes Di Shen had used an air rifle to teach Jacob a lesson to avenge Di Yao.

 Xueqing is upset to learn that on the night Jacob disappeared, Di Shen was with Jingxuan. Dingkang is worried the police will find out about the case seven years ago, but Jingxuan insists on being Di Shen’s witness. Xueqing sees a photograph of Di Yao and Lina in Di Shen’s house and suspects he is connected to her father’s death. Jianfeng checks out Keji’s house and discovers the latter has a new target. He stops Keji from tailing his target, Wang Youren. Keji manages to run off.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 19 | Episode Nineteen

Keji lies to Gangyi that someone is after his life. Gangyi rushes into the woods and is shocked to find Youren’s body on a tree. He is horrified when Keji admits he killed Youren. He claims his father made him do it, so as to prevent the end of the world from coming about. Gangyi replies that Junlong is already dead and that Keji was hallucinating.

He urges Keji to surrender himself to the police. Keji stabs him and denounces him. Gangyi finally sees Keji’s true colours, but it is too late. Xueqing breaks up with Di Shen. In her lowest moments, she learns Gangyi is dead. Jianfeng tries to console her but to no avail. Keji sneaks into Xueqing’s house and admits he killed Gangyi. When he urges her to stab him for revenge, she nurses her dark tendencies.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 20 | Episode Twenty

Shadow Walker reveals the details of Wu Zhiqun’s case online and threatens to execute him if the police fail to find him in 24 hours. Tracking down the IP address of the post, Jianfeng dashes into an office and finds an unconscious Zhiqun there. Jianfeng combs through the office and concludes Dingkang is Shadow Walker. He manages to find incriminating evidence, but Dingkang goes missing. Di Shen hopes Dingkang will reform and start life anew.

 Jingxuan does not believe Dingkang will give up and change so easily. Jingxuan is hopeful about starting a relationship with Di Shen, since he and Xueqing have broken up. He insists they can only be friends. Jianfeng finds out Dingkang, Jingcheng, Jingxuan and Di Shen used to study and work together. They keep their friendship very quiet. He tells Xueqing his suspicions.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 21 | Episode Twenty-One

After talking to Xueqing, Keji loses control and takes a hostage before jumping off the building. Xueqing tells Jianfeng that Keji had a history of suicidal tendencies. Di Yao hopes to be discharged. Xueqing agrees to help. Using hypnosis, she causes Di Yao’s alter ego, Scarlet, to surface. She teaches Scarlet to pretend to be Di Yao, so that she can be discharged.

She even tells Scarlet to make Di Shen investigate their mother’s murder. Xueqing dines with Jianfeng’s mother, Guo Yalan. Yalan hopes Xueqing will be able to help her husband, Yongjun. Yongjun has viewed Jianfeng with disdain since Jianfeng’s brother died after being kidnapped. Di Yao is discharged. She tells Di Shen to investigate their mother’s murder, as she suspects the culprit is someone their mother knew.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 22 | Episode Twenty-Two

Shadow Walker appears to punish Hailiang, claiming that Hailiang kidnapped and caused the death of an eight-year-old boy years ago. Hailiang also killed a woman, causing two children to become orphans. Jianfeng tells Xueqing that when he reached the godown, Hailiang was already dead. He suspects Di Shen is the Shadow Walker. Jianfeng and Xueqing discover that the abbreviations used by the kidnapper were legal terms.

They suspect Jingxuan. Jingxuan suspects Xueqing could be the one setting them up. Di Shen does not want anybody else to get harmed and strives to wrap everything up quickly. Jianfeng discovers someone has edited the video posted by Shadow Walker. Xueqing figures it is Jingxuan’s way of hiding her identity and also to mislead the police.

Against The Tide 逆潮 Ni Chao Episode 23 | Episode Twenty-Three

Xueqing causes Di Yao to suffer a schizophrenia relapse. Di Shen is upset when he discovers what Xueqing has done. Jianfeng asks Xueqing for help, as he cannot decipher how Jingxuan killed Hailiang. Xueqing tells Jianfeng the culprit hated Hailiang and killed him. He feels Jingxuan merely helped Di Shen seek revenge and should not have hated Hailiang. Moreover, the injuries do not look like they were inflicted by a woman.

Xueqing is taken aback when Jianfeng asserts that she had broken up with Di Shen because she suspected him of being the Shadow Walker. As Jianfeng has evidence to prove Xueqing killed Jingxuan, he hopes she will give herself up to the police. Just as Jianfeng is trying to drag Xueqing away, Dingkang rams into them with a car and takes Xueqing away. Dingkang captures Xueqing and Di Yao. He wants Di Shen to obey him or be killed. He instructs Di Shen to find Hong Qiming, who was suspected of killing a 24-year-old woman a year ago but was acquitted.



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