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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good Reads on Love Bonito

Love Bonito Interview:

From blogshop to stores


Ms Lim's father ran a ship-broking business which took a "big hit" during the recession and later became a taxi driver, while her mother worked two jobs at one point - secretary in the day and bak kwa seller at night to support their three children.
Ms Tan's father stopped working as an insurance agent and turned to driving a taxi, while her mother worked as a bank officer.
Ms Tan, the eldest of three daughters, says: "I got only $15 a week to spend in junior college. I couldn't even go to McDonald's for a meal. We were not desolate, but we had to be more thrifty. If we wanted material things, we had to get it ourselves."
The part-time business venture drew a following and spurred their entrepreneurial spirit. In their first year of business, they usually made about $500 a month, but could get $1,000 in a good month.


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