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Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Journey 3: Our Homeland 信约:我们的家园 Xin Yue Zhi Wo Men De Jia Yuan Channel 8 New Show

This drama serial is the finale of the trilogy “The Journey”.

The Journey : Our Homeland 信约 : 我们的家园: THEME SONG

2015 Olivia Ong 新歌大首播
《信約:我們的家園》 主題曲【夢裡家園】
@ iPlay 愛流行頻道

Spanning two decades, it depicts the development of Singapore from her budding steps during post-independence in 1966 to her era of prosperity in the 1980s.
“Our Homeland” features the partings and reunions of the main characters in “Tumultuous Times”, and through the disintegration of one family, bring out the changes of the era.

As the plot develops, many major historical events will be presented, for example the Home Ownership Policy, implementation of National Service, withdrawal of the British troops, 1969 racial riots, explosion of tanker Spyros in 1978, collapse of Hotel New World in 1986, the global stock market crash in 1987 etc.


From 16 July 2015
Weekdays at 9:00pm on Channel 8


SHAUN CHEN as Zhang Jia 张佳

JEANETTE AW as Hong Minghui 洪明慧

RUI EN as Yang Meixue 杨美雪

ROMEO TAN as Hong Kuan 洪宽 & Zhang Yan 张晏

REBECCA LIM as Wan Feifei 万菲菲

FELICIA CHIN as Zhang Min 张敏

JAMES SEAH AS Yan Yimin 严义民

JEFFERY XU as Hong Rui 洪锐

SHANE POW as Wan Zihua 万子华

ZHEN HUAN as Yan Yisheng 严义生

JULIE TAN as Yao Jiahui 姚嘉慧

IAN FANG as Wan Zicong 万子聪

CHERYL WEE as Wan Fangfang 万芳芳






The Journey 3: Our Homeland

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 1
It is the end of 1966. Hu Jia goes to the temple to seek the deity’s permission to change his surname back to Zhang. Unwittingly, he is caught in the confrontation between the villagers of Wanxing Village and Wanshou Village. A fight is about to break out. Nonetheless, the owner of New Phoenix Troupe tells his artistes that their opera must go on.

Zhang Jia subdues Jingui and hands the statue of the deity to Xiaoxiong. Meixue, who is a nurse, rushes to inform the opera troupe owner that her mother, Lihua, cannot perform. The troupe owner tells her to stand in for her mother. In the midst of the fight between Jingui and Xiaoxiong, Spareribs is seriously injured. The fight extends to the stage, and the pregnant Liu Qing collapses.

Meixue rushes her to the hospital. Zhang Jia is on his way home to give Minghui her surprise birthday gift when Meixue asks him for help. He is incensed when the gift is crushed under the trishaw. At KK Hospital, the pregnant Minghui is very busy.

Liu Qing gives birth to a daughter, but takes away the Wus’ baby boy. Minghui sees the birthmark on the baby girl and deduces that it was Liu Qing who stole the boy, as her husband, Xiao, had threatened to divorce her if she produced another girl. Wanshan teaches Zicong and Fangfang how to cheat others. Minghui and Meixue are conned of their money when they try to go after Liu Qing.

Zhang Min takes her sons, Hong Kuan and Hong Rui, out to get a birthday cake for Minghui. She angers Xiao when she foils his attempt to sell his daughter, Daidi. Creditors have taken away his baby son, and Xiao is desperate for money to redeem him. Hong Kuan witnesses Qitai stabbing Bing, but Zhang Min mistakenly assumes Xiaoxiong is the culprit.

A commotion is stirred up, and Hong Kuan and Hong Rui are almost crushed by a falling shelf.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 2

Hong Kuan pushes Hong Rui out first. Xiaoxiong kicks the shelf and Hong Kuan manoeuvres his way out unscathed. Xiaoxiong takes him hostage and runs off. Xiaoxiong hands the money to Spareribs and makes plans to hide in a durian plantation in Johor for a few months. When he finds out Hong Kuan is lost, he takes him home.

Zhang Jia is appalled that Minghui made such efforts to find the stolen baby boy in spite of her pregnancy. She is cheering him up when Dangyong and his family turn up. To his surprise, Zhang Jia learns Zhang Min does not allow Hong Kuan to eat with everybody else.

Minghui shows concern for Hong Kuan and urges him to tell Dangyong if he feels Zhang Min has done wrong. Zhang Min is happy Hu Jia has changed his surname back to Zhang. She loses her temper when Hong Rui jokes that he and Hong Kuan want to take the surname "Zhang" as well.

Minghui tells Zhang Jia she will name her baby Zhang Junteng if is a boy and Zhang Jingchu if it is a girl. Wanshan and his family of six live in a one-room flat and owe many months of rent. Zicong does not want to go to school, so Zihua suggests he help out at Qiufeng’s noodle stall. Zihua delivers noodles to Lihua.

Qiufeng urges Meixue to take Lihua to the doctor, as Lihua may have tuberculosis. Meixue is waiting for a letter from Yisheng and ignores Lihua’s advice to forget him. Yisheng, who is Qiufeng’s son, left for China six years ago and has not returned.

Meixue, Minghui and Zhang Jia call on Man-ge to get their baby boy back. Liu Qing uses her jewellery to redeem the baby. This is the first Xiao has heard that the baby was stolen; he threatens divorce. In the chaos, he pushes Minghui to the ground.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 3

Zhang Jia saves Minghui from a bad fall. Xiao hits Liu Qing and scolds her for using her jewellery to redeem somebody else’s son. Zhang Jia teaches Xiao a lesson, while Minghui returns the baby to his mother. Zicong and Fangfang eat the buns Jinnu had left for Wanshan.

Zihua shields his siblings and is beaten up instead for the deed. Zicong opens car doors to earn tips and salivates when he sees Hong Rui eating cake. Dangyong gives Zicong a piece of cake as well. Zhang Min refuses to take Hong Kuan along to visit Mingzhu. Dangyong sees Spareribs and his wife begging Zhang Min to spare Xiaoxiong.

Hong Kuan relates what happened. Dangyong offers to defend Xiaoxiong. He is surprised that Bing’s wife, Xiuzhen, intends to buy a sports car, just days after her husband’s death. Zhang Min sees Qitai hiring a prostitute and bribes the prostitute to help her check whether Qitai has a scar.

The prostitute betrays Zhang Min. Zhang Jia saves Zhang Min from being attacked by Qitai. As Hong Kuan had helped to save Zhang Min, she reluctantly agrees to let him go on the trip. Zicong returns Dangyong’s wallet. Wanshan remembers Dangyong had saved him during the Bukit Ho Swee fire. Dangyong’s reputation as a lawyer soars after he proves Xiuzhen had used Bing’s money to buy insurance policies, then collaborated with her lover, Qitai, to kill him.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 4

Wanshan lies that he is unable to work because of his hand injury, so his two daughters cannot go to school. Zhang Min empathises with the girls and invites them to her story-telling sessions. Zhang Jia calls on Minghui at the hospital and realises Meixue is the opera artiste who had ruined his gift. Zhang Jia hands out fliers on tuberculosis prevention on Minghui’s behalf, but is unable to answer medical questions.

Qiufeng asks Songtao to send some new clothes to Yisheng for her. Just then, someone turns up to warn Songtao not to sell Zhang Min’s book any longer. Unfazed, Songtao declares someone should speak out against the corrupt practices in society. Songtao removes the ship ticket Qiufeng had hidden amongst the clothes for Yisheng. Wanshan and his family move into Qiufeng’s house and demand a cut in rent when they hear someone coughing next door.

Meixue recognises him as the conman who had cheated her of the taxi fare. Zhang Jia attracts more people to sign up for the tuberculosis X-ray with free gifts. He eats with Minghui and Meixue at Qiufeng’s stall, and learns Meixue is Qiufeng’s prospective daughter-in-law.

Wanshan stops Zihua and Zicong from going to school. Qiufeng is unhappy when Songtao helps Wanshan repay some interest because of the children. Minghui over-exerts, and bleeds uncontrollably after giving birth. As she lays dying, she asks Meixue to keep an eye on Zhang Jia.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 5

Minghui dies. Zhang Jia is devastated. Zhang Min offers to take care of Junteng for the time being. Dangyong and Zhang Min are concerned that Zhang Jia might blame Minghui’s death on Junteng. What Dangyong says reminds Zhang Min of Hong Kuan. Wanshan hopes Dangyong and Zhang Min will adopt his children. They refuse to, but agree to let Jinnu work for them.

Meixue is inspired by Minghui’s example, Meixue enrols for a course to train as a maternity nurse. She helps Zhang Min carry Junteng and is thrilled when the baby stops crying right away. Dangyong worries that Junteng will grow up in an environment of bitterness, as Hong Kuan did. Zhang Jia pulls himself together and takes Junteng home.

Wanshan tails him and steals the baby when Zhang Jia is distracted. His plan is to use the baby as repayment for debts he owes Jingui. Meixue saves Junteng from being sold, and Zhang Jia vows to take good care of his son. Meixue gets Liu Qing to breastfeed Junteng.

The people cannot accept the new rule that boys who reach 18 have to serve national service. Zhang Min convinces Liao, the village chief, to give her some space to hold classes. She also stops Xiaoxiong from seeking revenge on the neighbouring village over a wild boar incident. Meixue takes care of Junteng and even prepares breakfast for him. Zhang Jia is grateful for her help.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 6

Dangyong receives a bullet while handling an opium den case, while Zhang Min receives prank calls. Wanshan takes away the gold chain Zhang Min had left at home. Not knowing he is being followed, Hong Rui runs after the candy hawker when school ends.

Zhang Min and Dangyong manage to find him and Hong Kuan. Hong Kuan is scolded by Zhang Min for not taking care of his brother. Dangyong advises her to be wary of suspicious characters. Zhang Jia goes to the village with Zhang Min and donates 30 tables and chairs to the students. He leaves first and meets Meixue along the way.

When he learns she is looking for a pregnant woman named Lin Jinniang, he helps her out. Zhang Min admonishes Jingui’s son, Xiaoniu, for bullying other children. Jingui knocks her out and locks her up to teach her a lesson. He is about to molest her when Zhang Yan appears. Zhang Yan refuses to tell the blind-folded Zhang Min who he is.

Dangyong is worried he is the reason Zhang Min is in trouble. He receives two calls. One is from Jingui, who asks to see him; the other is Wanshan, who pretends to be the kidnapper. Zhang Jia visits Jingui on Dangyong’s behalf and manages to injure Zhang Yan. Xiaoxiong rescues Zhang Min.

She has a hunch that the mysterious man is Zhang Yan, who is now a fugitive. Zhang Yan is injured. As he tends to his wound, he vows to kill Dangyong and Zhang Jia.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 7

Zhang Min has nightmares about Zhang Yan returning for revenge. She goes to the village again and mistakes Xiaoxiong for a stalker, when he is merely trying to protect her. Zhang Min settles a dispute between the two villages over reared pigs. Jingui shreds Wanshan’s clothes when he is unable to repay his debts.

Qiufeng goes after Wanshan for his rent. Wanshan wants to run away. He decides he should leave two of his children with Dangyong. When Zihua, who wants to stay, declares he can make money selling curry puffs, Wanshan picks Zicong and Feifei. Jinnu reminds them to be obedient.

Zicong instructs Fangfang to lure Feifei away, so that she can replace Feifei. Dangyong and Zhang Min are surprised when Zicong asserts that they are his and Fangfang’s parents from now on. As Wanshan is nowhere to be found, Dangyong takes them in for the time being. Qiufeng asks Yimin to feign chickenpox to avoid being conscripted. Meixue worries about Yisheng when she learns many young men have been sent to the rural areas to do hard labour.

Songtao decides to go to China to look for Yisheng. Qiufeng cries when Yimin finally enters the army. Hong Kuan goes out to buy food and drinks for Hong Rui and meets Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan is unhappy that Zhang Min seems to detest Hong Kuan.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 8

Hong Kuan, Hong Rui, Zicong and Fangfang go to school together. Zhang Yan visits Hong Kuan and returns the handkerchief. She shows her concern and even steals medicine from home for him. Zhang Yan learns Minghui has passed away. Zhang Yan pays respects at Minghui’s grave and vows to make Zhang Jia pay for not taking good care of her.

He prepares to attack Zhang Jia when the latter turns up at Minghui’s grave, but Meixue’s appearance thwarts his plan. Zhang Jia asks Meixue to be his partner at Mr Robertson’s ball and buys a gown for her. At the ball, Zicong and Fangfang are envious that Dangyong and Zhang Min are accompanied by Hong Kuan and Hong Rui. Zhang Yan sneaks in to harm Dangyong and Zhang Jia.

Meixue is shot when she shields Zhang Jia. Hong Kuan finds the injured Zhang Yan in the toilet and helps him escape. Meixue asserts that she had risked her life to save Zhang Jia because of her promise to Minghui. He is touched. Hong Kuan hears Zhang Min talking about Zhang Yan. When confronted, Zhang Yan asserts that he is Hong Kuan’s biological father and is in this state because of Zhang Jia, Dangyong and Zhang Min. Zhang Min finds Zhang Yan with Zicong’s help.

Zhang Yan falls into the river after a confrontation with the police. Hong Kuan deduces that Zhang Min detests him because his father is Zhang Yan. Liu Qing sees Zhang Jia taking care of Meixue and encourages her to date him. At word that Meixue has tripped and fallen, Zhang Jia rushes to her aid. She is pleased.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 9

Dangyong takes Zhang Min and the children out for a picnic. She refuses to let Hong Kuan eat with the rest of the family. Dangyong tells Hong Kuan how Zhang Yan had hurt Zhang Min in the past, and why his friendship with Zhang Yan soured. However, he asserts that Hong Kuan will always be his son and hopes he and Hong Rui will be good brothers.

Zicong overhears Zhang Min suggesting to Dangyong that they find foster homes for him and Fangfang. Infuriated, he plots to set Hong Rui up. Lihua returns after a trip and insists Meixue should move back home. Meixue learns Zhang Jia’s business is in trouble. Lihua and Meixue send gifts to Qiufeng, who tells Meixue off for allowing gossip about her and Zhang Jia to circulate.

It is a known fact that she and Yisheng are a pair. Meixue worries when Songtao returns with no news of Yisheng. Zicong and Fangfang are taken to meet the Wus. They go on their knees to beg Dangyong and Zhang Min to keep them. Dangyong agrees, but wants them to retain their surname “Wan”. In 1968, the British troops pull out of Singapore.

 Zhang Jia’s business is affected. Meixue gets acquainted with Henry and tries to help Zhang Jia out. Zhang Yan locks Zicong and Fangfang up in the toilet before taking Hong Kuan and Hong Rui away. A confrontation ensues, and Hong Kuan helps Dangyong and the others escape. Dangyong turns back to save Hong Kuan.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 10

Zhang Min rushes back after hearing gunshots. WIth his dying breaths, Dangyong urges her to take good care of the children. Meixue agrees to go on a date with Henry for Zhang Jia’s sake. The deal is called off when Zhang Jia hits Henry for trying to get fresh with her.

Zhang Jia and Zhang Min are devastated by Dangyong’s death. Fangfang wants to return to her parents’ place, but Zicong stops her. Zhang Jia tells Xiaoxiong and Spareribs that Zhang Yan killed Dangyong and took Hong Kuan away. Xiaoxiong vows to avenge Dangyong. Zhang Yan intends to go to England with Hong Kuan.

Hong Kuan plays along and runs away when Zhang Yan falls asleep. Back home, Hong Kuan is sad to see Dangyong’s wake. Zhang Min passes out after questioning him. Zhang Jia and Xiaoxiong knock out the boatman ferrying Zhang Yan. Zhang Yan manages to escape and make his way ashore. Zhang Min tries to run him down.

When Zhang Yan is accidentally electrocuted, she leaves him to die. Zhang Jia agrees to sponsor gifts for the Clean Singapore campaign, so as to gain support from the people to make the campaign a success. Zhang Min flares up and throws Hong Kuan out when she learns he had paid his last respects to Zhang Yan. Zhang Jia follows the doctor’s recommendation to let Zhang Min recuperate in a quiet place. He picks Wangxing Village.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 11

Zhang Jia sells his laundry shop and wine shop, and makes plans to sell jeans instead. He is worried about Hong Rui, who cries all day because he misses Zhang Min, and Hong Kuan, who is still missing after being thrown out of the house. Hong Kuan becomes a shoe polisher. Jingui likes him and even helps him out when he is bullied. Hong Kuan decides to become Jingui’s lackey.

Zhang Jia and Meixue discuss sewing their own jeans, which would be cheaper. As they map out their business plan, Lihua looks on with disdain. Xiaoxiong sees Zhang Min at Dangyong’s grave every day and tries to use a medium to urge her to treasure her own life. She sees through his ploy.

Zhang Min dashes out of the house when she dreams of Dangyong visiting her. She feels bad when Xiaoxiong is injured while trying to help her retrieve her lost necklace. Xiaoxiong is relieved when Zhang Min finally pulls herself together. She promises to conduct classes for the children again.

Zhang Jia and Meixue are selling jeans in the streets when they spot Hong Kuan with Jingui. Zhang Jia convinces the boy to return home. Zhang Jia organises an "a-go-go princess" contest to promote his jeans. Zhang Jia visits Zhang Min with the children. Noticing how tired he is, she decides to return home. Zhang Jia shows Meixue the factory he intends to run. Back home, she learns that Yisheng has died.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 12

Meixue reads Yisheng’s diary and learns how afraid he was when he was caught in the Cultural Revolution. She sees a regretful Songtao burning the ship ticket Qiufeng had prepared for Yisheng and consoles him.

Qiufeng does not believe Yisheng is dead and even tells Meixue that she has to wait for him to return. Hong Kuan is on the way home from school with his siblings when he spots Zhang Min. She sees him hiding from her. Jingui’s men drag him away. Zhang Jia rushes to Hong Kuan’s rescue. Jingui is surprised to learn Hong Kuan is Zhang Jia’s nephew.

However, he insists Hong Kuan has officially joined his gang. Zhang Jia lets Jingui and his men beat him up, in exchange for Hong Kuan’s freedom. Zhang Min delivers Hong Kuan’s clothes to Zhang Jia’s place. She is hopeful he will take care of Hong Kuan. She has applied to be a teacher and hopes return to work soon. Meixue avoids Zhang Jia, as she does not want others to gossip about her. However, when she learns he is having problems at the factory, she helps him out.

Zhang Min’s job application is rejected. She decides to peddle kueh in the streets. Xiaoxiong sees her being bullied and intervenes. Zhang Jia takes Junteng and Hong Kuan to Zhang Min’s place for a meal, but Hong Kuan sneaks off before he enters the house. After being caught a few times for illegal hawking, Zhang Min finally gets a license to sell kueh. She and Zhang Jia rush to find Hong Kuan when they learn a riot has broken out in the area where he is making a delivery.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 13
Four years pass. Zhang Min is running a kueh shop called Little Nyonya. Hong Rui rushes to the shop to help, as Fangfang is busy with rehearsals. Zhang Min orders him to do his homework instead. Zicong is happy when Xiaoxiong tells him to concentrate on his studies instead of helping out at the shop. Zihua works at a roast meat joint and is often bullied by his boss, Uncle Hai.

Zicong gets into a fight with Jiahui at the shop. When he sees Zihua, he runs off. Meixue has become Zhang Jia’s assistant and is jealous when Richard offers to matchmake him with Lin Meimei. She turns up at the restaurant where they are meeting and claims there is a problem with their delivery. Meixue takes Junteng out to shop for new clothes and to have noodles at Qiufeng’s stall.

Qiufeng is unhappy to see them together, but Songtao reminds her that they cannot expect Meixue to wait forever for Yisheng. Zhang Jia hopes to make Hong Kuan return home for the reunion dinner, as it is also Zhang Min’s birthday. Hong Kuan does return to Zhang Min’s house for dinner, but leaves halfway when he cannot agree with his mother on which subject to study. She finds the earrings he had bought for her in her drawer. Feifei is upset Zihua cannot have reunion dinner with her. Xiaoxiong tries to cheer Zhang Min up by taking her to see the villagers of Wanxing Village.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 14

Uncle Hai refuses to teach Zihua how to prepare the char siew sauce. Zihua sneaks in to listen to the English class at night. While there, he meets Meiyun. Jiahui mistakes Zihua for a lecher and feels bad when Meihua clarifies the misunderstanding. She accidentally tears Zihua’s shirt, and finds that the char siew smell on it is familiar.

Zihua returns home to find Feifei fighting with Wanshan, who is back to get his wife’s money. Wanshan explains that he was locked up in Kuala Lumpur after being arrested during racial riots. Feifei runs off and goes to stay with her buddy, Ying. Both are co-workers at the clothes factory. Feifei offends fellow worker Lan because of Ying.

She is set up by Lan, and is grateful when Hong Kuan helps her out. Xiaoxiong and Zhang Min make plans to buy a kueh factory, as the rental on the shop keeps going up. They meet Jingui, who is a relative of the factory owner, Mr Zhu. Wanshan threatens Zhang Min by reminding her of how Zhang Yan died.

Xiaoxiong is injured when he deals with Jingui on Zhang Min’s behalf. Meixue is happy when Zhang Jia recommends Meimei to Shun instead. Meixue dolls herself up to go on a date with Zhang Jia and is shocked when Yisheng turns up at her door.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 15

Qiufeng whips up a feast and invites Meixue and Lihua to a meal. Yisheng’s stint in China has left him crippled in one leg after his stint. Zhang Jia is stunned to see a man embracing Meixue. After she has made the introductions, he excuses himself and leaves. He has mixed feelings when he looks at the ring he had prepared for her. Songtao apologises to Yisheng for encouraging him to go to China all those years ago.

Yisheng learns how Songtao had kept the ship ticket and thwarted his attempt to return early. Lihua urges Meixue to reconsider her situation. She notices that Yisheng has changed in the 10-plus years and finds his strange. Zihua knocks into Jiahui outside the night school. She sees his notes and laughs at him. On her account, he is chased away by the night class teacher. Feeling bad, she tapes the lesson for him, but he has no money to buy a cassette player. Wanshan meets Hong Kuan and is startled, as he looks exactly like Zhang Yan.

Richard asks Zhang Jia to venture into the Hongkong market. Zhang Jia is happy when Hong Kuan offers to go with him. Zhang Jia calls on Meixue. Yisheng sees them together and learns they are a couple. Zhang Min is incensed that Hong Rui is attending home economics class. Wanshan threatens to tell Hong Kuan how Zhang Yan died unless Zhang Min gives him $3000.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 16

Zihua makes some delicious char siew and gives it to Jiahui, who is devastated by the death of her idol, Bruce Lee. Zhang Jia cannot make it to the meeting with the school’s department head. Instead, Zhang Min turns up, wearing the earrings bought by Hong Kuan. Hong Kuan has done well in school and is encouraged to go overseas for studies. Zhang Min offers to cover the expenses.

Wanshan gambles away the $3000 and returns for another $10,000. Zhang Min makes him vow never to let Hong Kuan know the truth. Zhang Jia tells Hong Kuan he would like to take him to Hongkong, but will let him decide whether he prefers to stay by Zhang Min’s side instead. Yisheng is badly affected when his books are rejected by the bookshops. Meixue encourages him to write about new topics.

She is tongue-tied when he proposes to her. Yisheng prepares the wedding invitations and cakes without Meixue’s consent. When she objects, he confronts Zhang Jia and tells him to back off. Zhang Jia closes down his business and hands the pay cheques to the employees. Meixue has no idea there is an air ticket in the envelope. Xiaoxiong kills Wanshan while trying to save Zhang Min from the latter. Hong Kuan discovers the truth about Zhang Yan’s death. Meixue is about to leave with Zhang Jia when Yisheng attempts suicide. She decides to give Zhang Jia up.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 17

Hong Kuan fails to turn up for the photo-taking session at Zicong’s university graduation. Zicong comes up with a solution to help Little Nyonya when Daidi leads the other workers in a strike. Zhang Min is happy that Hong Rui stands in for her when a group of tourists turn up for a visit. Jiahui, who is the tour guide, praises Hong Rui for being a good speaker.

Zicong falls out with Jiahui over some pandan cake and finds her very familiar. Zicong brings the cakes to the law firm to butter up his boss, Lawyer Huang. Lawyer Huang drags him to meet Yao Renyi, the boss of Yao Movies. Renyi’s generosity impresses Zicong. Zicong offers the cake meant for Lawyer Huang to Renyi when he learns that the latter’s daughter did not buy any of his favourite cake. He has no idea Jiahui is Renyi’s daughter.

Hong Kuan returns home for a meal, but his relationship with Zhang Min is still strained. Zhang Min visits Xiaoxiong in prison and becomes concerned about his worsening eyesight. Yisheng tails Meixue and is unhappy to see her pay respects to Minghui. Back at the bookshop, he flares up. Qiufeng learns what happened and warns Meixue to watch her behaviour. Meixue helps a regular customer at the bookshop. Yisheng flies into a rage because the customer is a man and insults Meixue. Injured after a tussle with Yisheng, Meixue learns she is pregnant.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 18

 The government maps out a 10-year plan to clean up the Singapore River. Jiahui, who has hopes of studying photography in Europe, takes pictures of the river. Liwan encourages Jiahui to help Renyi out in the business after her return. Jiahui is not interested in Justin, the blind date Liwan has set her up with.

She tries in vain to find Zihua at Wei Ji. Jinnu develops dementia after Wanshan’s death. One day, she loses her way. She meets Jiahui, who offers to take her home. Jiahui is reunited with Zihua at Jinnu’s place.

He had joined Wei Ji after completing his National Service and has since been promoted to head chef. Zihua tells Feifei he may be out of a job soon. Uncle Wei’s wife has been dead for a year and Uncle Wei intends to sell the business. Feifei’s plan is to find a night-shift job, so she can take care of Jinnu in the day. Yisheng feels uneasy when he sees Meixue chatting with Peishuang, who had accompanied him on the China trip.

 When Peishuang goes to the bookshop, Yisheng pretends not to recognise him. Peishuang tells Meixue that the trip to China had caused him to lose his sight in one eye, while Yisheng became crippled. Their other buddy, Zhiqiang, was beaten to death. Peishuang is leaving for America; her hope is that Meixue will be able to help Yisheng overcome his trauma.

Lawyer Huang asks Zicong to be his scapegoat when a deal between Director Chen Ze and Renyi nearly falls through. Zicong gets Fangfang to help expose Lawyer Huang’s true colours. To thank her, he takes her to the department store to buy a handbag. Feifei sees them together and sneers at them. Zicong is pleased to be hired by Renyi as his company’s legal adviser. He mistakes Jiahui for a thief and realises too late that she is Renyi’s daughter.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 19

Hong Kuan is ordering cakes for his colleague. To his surprise, he finds out Hong Rui gave up his business administration studies to sell cakes. Hong Rui begs him to keep this development a secret, as he hopes to convince Zhang Min of his preference for a culinary career after he attains success. Zhang Min praises Zicong for helping her solve a rental problem.

Zicong hints that he hopes to open his own law firm; she refuses to sponsor him. Zicong advises Fangfang to take over Little Nyonya, as she may lose everything after Hong Rui graduates. He knows Zhang Min favours her biological son. Hong Kuan does not want Hong Rui to sell cake without a licence. He suggest Hong Rui wins an international baking competition to gain Zhang Min’s approval. Hong Rui receives a big order.

Hong Kuan gets him a kitchen to prepare the order with help from Daidi. Jinnu has a heart attack. Jiahui admires Zihua when he asks Feifei to take care of Jinnu full-time, while he takes on another job to be able to support them. As Zicong refuses to help with the medical expenses, Feifei decides to become a dance hostess.

Yisheng suffers a relapse but refuses to seek psychiatric help. Meixue returns home for a breather and learns her biological father is a Japanese businessman named Tianzhong. Hong Rui manages to get to the finals of a baking competition. Zicong tips Zhang Min off about it.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 20

Zhang Min is incensed when she finds out what Hong Rui has been doing with help from Hong Kuan and Daidi. However, she is moved when Hong Rui explains why he had changed his competition dish from Nyonya rice dumpling to Rempah Udang. On the way home, Zicong and Feifei seize the opportunity to stir up discontent. However, Hong Kuan urges Zhang Min to let Hong Rui pick the road he wants to take. Hong Rui hopes to learn more from Bernard in Malacca.

Zhang Min is well aware that Zicong is trying to ruin her relationship with Hong Rui. She forgives Hong Rui and allows him to work in Little Nyonya. Zihua makes char siew for Jiahui, to thank her for showing concern for his mother. Feifei encourages him to win Jiahui’s heart. Knowing Jiahui will inherit Renyi’s assets, Zicong decides to court her. Jiahui accepts him as a friend, but tells him she and Renyi both detest bootlickers.

Spyros, a Greek tanker, explodes at the local shipyard, causing 76 deaths. Zhang Min and Hong Rui mistakenly assume Hong Kuan is among the victims. Witnessing her devastation, Hong Kuan finally feels his mother’s love for him. Songtao convinces Yisheng to make peace with Meixue and take her to Japan to see her father. Zhang Jia returns to visit Hong Kuan and is happy to see that Yisheng is treating Meixue well. Hong Kuan still blames himself for Spareribs’ death, as the latter had taken his place that day. He breaks down when Zhang Min encourages him to get over his guilt.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 21

Xiaoxiong is released from prison. He has been diagnosed as having a brain tumour, and Zhang Min wants to take him to America for treatment. Meixue is in such pain that Zhang Jia takes her to the clinic. The doctor advises her not to overwork, as the foetus’ condition is not stable. Yisheng is unhappy to see her with Zhang Jia.

Meixue decides not to travel to Japan with her mother. Yisheng is upset when Meixue lies that she has not seen Zhang Jia. Zhang Jia learns from Hong Kuan that Meixue had made the decision to stay with Yisheng after Yisheng attempted suicide. Zhang Min and Hong Rui are thrilled when Hong Kuan agrees to help out at Little Nyonya while Zhang Min is away. Zicong promises to help Fangfang, but he will not join Little Nyonya, as he has set his sights elsewhere.

Hoping to make a good impression on Jiahui, Zicong pretends to be a filial son. He is unhappy about how close Zihua and Jiahui seem to be. He discovers that Jiahui even made Renyi buy over Wei Ji for Zihua’s sake. Zicong arranges for Zihua to prepare char siew in front of everyone during a party to celebrate Renyi’s wedding anniversary.

He sabotages the food to embarrass Zihua. Zihua feels inferior, but Jiahui assures him of her love for him. When Meixue tries to persuade Yisheng to see a psychiatrist, he leaves in a huff and spends the night outside. Meixue meets Zhang Jia on the way back from the airport. He gives her a hand when she feels dizzy. Yisheng kicks up a fuss, which causes Meixue to pass out.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 22

Meixue suffers a miscarriage. Qiufeng and Yisheng are incensed with her for losing the baby. Yisheng even accuses her of infidelity and blames Zhang Jia for causing him to lose his baby.

Zhang Jia is sad when Meixue tells him not to call on her again. Feifei helps Xiaohong deal with a difficult customer. Impressed, Jingui tries to get fresh with her. He is unhappy when Mimi takes her away in the nick of time.

Zicong goes to the nightclub to celebrate a killing he has made on the stock market. He discovers Feifei has become a dance hostess to earn money for Jinnu’s medical expenses. However, he continues to be tight-fisted about money for his mother. Hong Kuan meets Feifei and Jinnu at Haw Par Villa, and realises she is Zicong and Fangfang’s sister.

Meixue is discharged. She decides to recuperate at her mother’s place, and urges Yisheng and Zhang Jia to stay away from her. Zhang Jia regrets leaving Meixue behind all those years ago.

He tells Yisheng off for being a lousy husband. Meixue decides to go to Japan to look for Lihua. Yisheng loses control of his senses and tries to strangle her. Meixue is moved by Lihua’s willingness to forgive her father. Zhang Jia turns up in Japan to see Meixue.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 23

Fangfang cancels the contract with Uncle Huang. To her displeasure, Hong Kuan takes Daidi’s side and decides to look into the matter. She complains to Zicong, who advises her to find other means of taking over the company. Fangfang meets Director Chen Ze. Her hopes of becoming a star rekindled, she decides to go for an audition. She does not realise Chen Ze has abandoned the movie project, as the sponsors want to make major changes. Sam uses the audition as an excuse to take Fangfang to the dance hall to meet Jingui.

Feifei helps out when Fangfang gets into trouble, but Fangfang assumes she is aiming to snatch away her lead role. Jingui learns the two girls are sisters and realises Feifei wants to save Fangfang. He agrees to let Fangfang leave, and targets Feifei. Luckily, Hong Kuan turns up just in time. He saves Feifei by staging a fake fire. Feifei apologises to Hong Kuan for not telling him earlier that she is a dance hostess. Jiahui is back in town. She calls on Zihua, who senses the gap between them. He feels inferior.

Renyi praises Zicong for suggesting he should run a private hospital. He wants Zicong and Jiahui to work on the proposal together. Zicong is happy Liwan is keen to pair him and Jiahui up. To help Uncle Huang, Feifei swallows a piece of kueh that has turned sour. When Fangfang sneers at her for being a dance hostess, Hong Kuan scolds her for not helping to take care of their mother. Jingui finds out he was conned. He kidnaps Feifei and Hong Kuan.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 24

Jingui tells Feifei that he will release Hong Kuan if she waits on him. Refusing, she jumps out of the car, which leaves her unconscious. Jingui is scared. He releases Hong Kuan and runs off. Zihua wants Feifei to quit her job, but she knows he cannot afford to pay Jinnu’s medical bills by himself.

She promises to be extra careful. Hong Rui is concerned Jingui may be after Hong Kuan’s life. Fangfang blames Feifei and is reprimanded by Hong Kuan. Zihua meets Mimi at the nightclub and learns it was Feifei who wanted to buy over Wei Ji for him. Burdened by the debts, Zihua decides to distance himself from Jiahui.

Realising Jiahui is upset about being snubbed by Zihua, Zicong spends all night singing with her and cheering her up. Hong Kuan has to rest after the ordeal. Zicong instigates Fangfang to get rid of Daidi while Hong Kuan is on medical leave. Fangfang is jubilant when she manages to make Daidi resign. The workers are unhappy with Fangfang and stage a strike.

Hong Rui is at a loss. Hong Kuan turns up to resolve the problem and reemploys Daidi as a manager. Zicong makes Fangfang apologise to Daidi. Zicong finds himself falling in love with Jiahui. He deliberately tells her about Zihua’s financial problems.

Zihua’s pride is hurt when Liwan sneers at him. However, Jiahui assures him of her love and asks him to attend the count-down party with her. Zihua turns up late for the party. When he sees Zicong on stage with Jiahui, his sense of inferiority overcomes him.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 25

Zihua ignores Jiahui when she turns up at the stall to ask him why he did not turn up at the party as promised. Zicong makes extra efforts to console her. Zicong gets to know Jingui through Albert. Knowing Jingui is not one to be trifled with, he is reluctant to help the latter invest in shares. However, when Fangfang offends Jingui, Zicong has no choice but to pacify him.

Fangfang is bothered by Hong Kuan’s loyalty to Daidi. Albert suggests she set up her own business. Zicong hatches another plan. Jiahui visits Jinnu and tells the latter about her problems with Zihua. Feifei overhears, and tells her Zihua cares for her and that she should not let him down. Jiahui gets upset when Zihua tries to end their relationship. Hong Kuan is impressed when Feifei helps him convince Uncle Huang to move to a new location. He gets her a job at Little Nyonya.

Hong Kuan insists on hiring Feifei. Fangfang is frustrated, and decides to go to the disco for a break. The police conduct a raid, and she almost gets into trouble when drug traffickers put the dope into her bag. Fangfang flushes all the dope down the toilet bowl, but is made to compensate Jingui for the losses. Zicong agrees to invest in stocks for Jingui if he will spare Fangfang.

Zicong decides to set up New Little Nyonya with Mr Zhou. Feifei clinches an overseas deal for Little Nyonya. Zicong and Fangfang scheme to snatch that business away.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 26

Jiahui is so despondent at home that Zihua is affected, but he stops himself from going forward to console her. When he sees her with a blind date at the restaurant where he is working, he tells her that he hopes she will find a capable man who will love her. She leaves in tears after thanking him for his well wishes.

Liwan is unhappy Jiahui abandoned the blind date. When she mentions Zihua, Jiahui flares up and tells her not to mention his name again. Zicong is happy to learn that Jiahui has broken up with Zihua. He invites her to a concert. Zicong worries when Jingui refuses to let him off, even after he has helped him earn a pile in the stock market.

Fangfang makes up excuses to get the recipes of Hong Rui’s new creations. Hong Kuan delivers kueh to the nursing home. He is impressed by Feifei’s filial piety. In turn, Jinnu is happy to see him holding Feifei’s hand. Hong Rui and Daidi find out Fangfang has opened New Little Nyonya and used Hong Rui’s new recipes.

hey have even lost the overseas deal to New Little Nyonya. Zicong and Fangfang move out of the Hongs’ house after quarrelling with Hong Kuan and Hong Rui. Feifei manages to get Zicong and Fangfang to see Jinnu at her deathbed. Refusing to accept Jinnu’s jade bangle, Fangfang breaks it.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 27

The Wans split up after Jinnu’s funeral. Zihua decides to help Wei in Hongkong. He leaves Feifei in Hong Kuan’s care. Junteng returns from overseas and learns Fangfang set up a rival business to Little Nyonya.

Hong Kuan and Hong Rui urge him not to tell Zhang Min. Junteng puzzles over the web of relationships, as Zhang Min’s instructions to him were not to tell the Hong siblings that Xiaoxiong’s condition has deteriorated. Junteng is back for his National Service. He reveals Zhang Jia and Meixue are still as loving.

He learns Yisheng’s condition has improved and he is now a writer with a new girlfriend. Renyi dines with Zicong, Jiahui and Liwan to celebrate the smooth construction of his hospital. Jingui meets Zicong and serves him shark’s fin to get into his good books.

Renyi is displeased Zicong is mixing with gangsters. Jiahui is moved by Zicong’s love for her and accepts him. Hoping to be rid of him, Zicong tips the police off on Jingui’s drug deal. Feifei witnesses Jingui killing Xiaohong for betraying him and becomes anxious for Zicong.

She calls Hong Kuan for help before rushing to Zicong’s house. Feifei and Zicong run away from Jingui and his men. Zicong is shot in the leg. Hong Kuan confronts Jingui.

During the tussle, Feifei is shot when she shields Hong Kuan. The police kill Jingui. Hong Kuan learns Feifei will be paralysed, as removing the bullet will endanger her life.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 28

Zicong hires a private nurse to tend to Feifei. Hong Kuan remains close by, and tells Zicong that Feifei does not want Zihua to know, as Zihua may lose his job.

Hong Rui and Junteng welcome Feifei home upon her discharge and urge her to return to work at the factory soon. Zicong discusses the hospital’s opening ceremony with Jiahui.

Meanwhile, he also tries to get medical help for Feifei. Jiahui’s love for Zicong deepens when she realises how much he cares for his sister. Feifei is in a temper because she has to depend on painkillers.

She is moved when Hong Kuan proposes to her, but does not want to be a burden to him. Feifei turns up at the hospital’s opening ceremony. Jiahui tells her the specialists may be able to help her. Fangfang returns from overseas and reports on the progress of the expansion plan.

She learns about Feifei and concludes the latter acted as she did for Hong Kuan’s sake, so that Zicong need not feel guilty. Zicong asserts that when Feifei was shot, he finally realised they were truly family. Feifei is well aware Hong Kuan gave up a chance to expand Little Nyonya into the Philippines because of her.

She buys an air ticket and makes him go while she undergoes surgery at the hospital. Two years pass. Hong Kuan still has not received news of Feifei. Zicong and Jiahui are about to get married. Zicong loses money on his investments and resorts to high risk investments to recoup his losses. Zihua returns and meets Jiahui at the hospital.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 29

Jiahui is in a dilemma, as she knows Feifei does not want anyone to know where she has gone. Zicong is unhappy to see Zihua with Jiahui. Feifei survived the surgery, but is yet to be fully rehabilitated. She will only return to Hong Kuan when she can walk again.

She now works in a bank and has been repaying her medical bills in instalments. Fangfang’s New Little Nyonya is not doing well, as there are no new products. To save the business, she attempts to copy Little Nyonya’s signature kaya. Hong Kuan starts legal proceedings against her for copyright infringement.

When Fangfang receives Hong Kuan’s lawyer’s letter, she asks Zicong for help. Having just made a big profit on his investments, he promises to help her out financially. Jiahui takes Zihua to see Feifei. Zicong fumes when Jiahui gives them a ride home.

Zicong confronts Zihua and tells him to leave. When taunted by Feifei, he decides to invest in futures, so as to be able to earn an even bigger profit. Zhang Min returns after Xiaoxiong passes away in America.

She stops Hong Kuan from suing Fangfang and is upset when Fangfang tries to sue her instead, for using Jinnu’s kaya recipe. Zicong tells Hong Kuan that Jiahui knows where Feifei is. Fangfang meets Feifei when she goes to the bank to withdraw money. The building collapses, leaving the two sisters trapped.

The Journey 3: Our Homeland Episode 30

Zihua, Jiahui and Zicong rush to the scene. Hong Kuan, who is in a civil defence volunteer, asks to join the rescue team. Feifei shields Fangfang. She promises that when the rescuers reach them, she will let Fangfang go out first. Junteng manages to locate Fangfang and Feifei.

Hong Kuan and Junteng go in to save the two sisters. After Fangfang has been rescued, more debris falls, and Feifei is trapped. Fangfang apologises to Zhang Min. She finally recognises that she has been wrong and should treasure their kinship ties. Hong Kuan reads the letter Feifei had written before her surgery and is impressed by her courage. Refusing to give up, he finally manages to rescue her.

Zicong loses money in the futures market. He embezzles funds from the company and loses everything. Left with no choice, he tells Jiahui why he is under pressure to do well. When she urges him to give himself up to the police, he assumes her heart is still with Zihua. He tries to suffocate her, but gives up at the crucial moment Disillusioned, Zicong attempts suicide.

Zihua, Fangfang and Feifei manage to stop him. Jiahui promises to wait for him to be released from prison. Time flies; it is the year 2015. Zicong has married Jiahui, while Hong Kuan, Feifei, Hong Rui and Daidi have all settled down and have their own families.


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