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Monday, May 04, 2015

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Channel 8 New Show

Mind Games is thriller-romance drama with many unexpected twists and suspense. Liang Wen Jie (Tay Ping Hui) is a paralegal at a law firm; he is in-charge of many mysterious cases that requires thorough investigations.

In each case, suspects are extremely careful as they plot elaborate lies to escape from detection. However, none of them can escape from Wen Jie who has a sharp analytical mind and is attentive to even the smallest details.

Weekdays from 7th May 2015
Channel 8: 9:00 to 10:00pm


Joanne Peh as Zhao Anni

Tay Ping Hui as Liang Wenjie

Zhang Yao Dong as Guo Yongyan

Paige Chua as Feng Xuezhi/Liang Huixin

Yuan Shuai

Terence Cao




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Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi 

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 1

Several young girls have been killed by a psychotic killer, who keeps the heads but discards the bodies. The police put officer Zhao Anni in charge of the case. There are no leads, and she decides to use herself as bait. Her ploy fails.

Anni’s boyfriend, Liang Wenjie, is a paralegal in Wu Yuan’s law firm. Wu Yuan depends heavily on him. Wenjie has it in him to be a good lawyer but chooses to be a legal assistant instead, which leads onlookers to feel he lacks ambition.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 2

To her surprise, Anni learns Yongxin is Chief Hong’s foster son. She tails him and is reminded of how they had met. He had once used hypnosis to save a suicidal pregnant woman. Anni is asked to return home for dinner. She realises her parents are trying to help her reconcile with Wenjie.

She apologises to Wenjie, who does not mind and seems more interested in discussing the headless body case. She senses that he still cares about her. Wenjie has been looking for his sister for years, and there is finally news from the private investigator.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 3

Fuqiang falls for Anni’s trap and admits his guilt. The other police officers turn up to arrest him. Anni assumes the headless corpse case is closed, but Fuqiang only confesses to two killings.

 He denies having anything to do with May’s death. Anni’s superior tells her not to be overly suspicious. Anni confides in Wenjie and squabbles with him over the matter. Kaili meets Zhenbang at her daughter’s niche.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 4

Wenjie is worried Kaili may be in danger. Before he can warn her, he learns she has been in an accident. At the hospital, he pretends to console Zhenbang and manages to get the latter's hair strands for a DNA test. Yongyan goes to the columbarium to visit May.

Zhenbang, who is there, is surprised to learn Yongyan was May’s psychiatrist. Yongyan hypnotises Zhenbang to make him reveal the truth, but the latter is too strong-willed to comply.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 5

Wenjie and Anni manage to find Xuezhi. Xuezhi’s heart stops for a moment, but is miraculously revived by a teardrop from Wenjie’s eyes. Anni senses that he has special feelings for Xuezhi.

Anni gets Wenqi to confront Zhenbang, who admits to swopping identities with Dawei and also killing May. Wenjie is relieved when Xuezhi finally comes round. Ke’er and Tony play games at an Internet cafe. Tony loses and accuses Mark of cheating.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 6

Vivian suspects Tony was poisoned to death. Laboratory tests show his drink was laced with cyanide. Ziliang reveals Mark and Tony are the champion and first runner-up of the online game, Terminator. Anni asks Ziliang to find out who the second runner-up, Stranger X, is. Wenjie buys tonics for Xuezhi and goes to the flower shop.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 7

The murder weapon was a sharp unidentified weapon. Anni consoles Ke’er while her team checks out the scene. Anni tells Wu Yuan the police suspect Ke’er may be involved in the murder and she may need to return for questioning.

Wu Yuan is concerned about Ke’er's anxiety. As the top three winners of the Terminator online game are dead, Anni tries to get clues from the third runner-up, who is currently overseas.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 8

Xuezhi is attacked. Anni saves her in the nick of time. Anni blames Wenjie for interfering in the case and hopes he will not do so again. Wenjie visits Ke’er. He is well aware how worried Wu Yuan is about his daughter. Ke’er speaks incoherently and does not even recognise Wu Yuan.

Anni knows Wenjie visited Ke’er. She senses something amiss when a rumour spreads online about Ke’er feigning insanity to escape the legal process. Anni lays an ambush at the hospital. Sharon turns up and tries to kill Ke’er. She admits she killed Mark and Tony, so that Wenguang could become the champion. However, he was ungrateful and wanted to break up with her to be with Ke’er. In a fit of anger, she killed him and set Ke’er up for the murder. 

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 9

Wenjie is surprised when Anni proposes getting back together. Xinde is found dead and the police suspect a revenge killing. Anni learns he owed Chief Hong a large sum of money before he was arrested. She is about to question Chief Hong when she notices Yongyan with him.

Chief Hong mistakes her for Yongyan’s love interest and invites her to dinner. During the meal, Anni reveals her identity and makes Chief Hong very unhappy by questioning him. Yongyan promises he will keep his distance from her. Wenjie rejects the idea of reconciling with Anni. Another man, David, is killed. He was one of the people Xinde had contacted upon his release.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 10

Xuezhi shows Wenjie her childhood photographs and relates details of their past together, which lead him to believe she really is Huixin. Anni has no leads on the murder cases. Attention zeroes in on Uncle Chen, who goes missing yet again when another person is killed.

Yongyan suggests using hypnosis to make Caiyun recall the murderer's face. Uncle Chen learns of the plan and worries that the culprit is his son, Chen Yanbin. He threatens Caiyun and falls into Anni’s trap. Uncle Chen admits he is the murderer, However, Anni uncovers loopholes in his statement. She is unable to find the murder weapon even after a prolonged search of the river where Uncle Chen claims he had thrown the weapon.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 11

Xuezhi has a premonition Wenjie will be in danger. She tells Anni, who gets her men to investigate. Mingxian chases Anni and Xuezhi out when they call on him. Xuezhi becomes increasingly anxious over her persistent sense of Wenjie being in danger. Anni learns Mingxian and Jessie seem to be selling all their assets. He lets Jessie collect the ransom.

 Anni sees through their ploy and arrests them. Jessie and Mingxian each blame the other and refuse to reveal Wenjie’s whereabouts. Wenjie is bleeding and in a state of delirium at a junkyard. With Xuezhi's help, Anni manages to find him, and rushes him to a hospital. Wenjie needs a blood transfusion urgently. As Xuezhi and Caiyun are not suitable donors, Anni offers her blood.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 12

Jingxiang is unable to accept Qingwei’s death. The police suspect she killed him because she did not want a divorce. Wenjie asks Wu Yuan for help. Anni is unconvinced by all the theories put forth. Junrong learns business at the flower shop is poor.

He gets reporters to do a special report on the shop. Xuezhi’s attractive face generates good publicity and many people turn up, hoping to befriend her. Wenjie and Wu Yuan find out that Qingwei had an affair. Wenjie goes to Qingwei’s office, where he discovers Qingwei was in a relationship with Joanna, who is pregnant.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 13

Trying to get into Yongyan’s good books, Ke'er visits Professor Guo Zhipeng with him. Zhipeng urges her to give up and jokes that hypnosis can help her forget her attraction to Yongyan. Joanna reveals the poisoned red wine was from Wilson. When questioned, Wilson claims the red wine was from an overseas friend.

After Anni leaves, he makes a phone call. Jingxiang drinks with Wenjie. When he falls asleep, she goes to the washroom before returning to wake him up to watch the sunrise. Anni learns Wilson has been killed and the surveillance camera recording makes Jingxiang a suspect. Wenjie is Jingxiang’s alibi.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 14

Yongyan believes Junrong was hypnotised. He and Anni watch the bar's surveillance camera recording but find the incriminating portion erased. On her way back, Anni is hypnotised. Anni turns up at the flower shop and aims a gun at Xuezhi.

Another call on her mobile phone makes her take Xuezhi to a designated place. Wenjie is worrying about Xuezhi when he receives a message from Yongyan.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 15

Anni and Wenjie fail to stop Dick from jumping off a building and killing himself. Xuezhi claims she has no idea what is going on. Anni voices her suspicions about Xuezhi’s statement. Wenjie loses his temper, and Anni reminds him to keep his cool on matters related to Xuezhi. Xuezhi feels bad, as she had counter-hypnotised Dick and caused his death.

Junrong does not dare to greet Xuezhi when they meet. Chief Hong asks Junrong out for a meal, but it is Old Ke who turns up. Old Ke threatens to reveal what happened more than 20 years ago if Chief Hong does not give him $500,000. The professor comes round and is told Dick is dead. Anni is infuriated when she discovers Yongyan did hypnotise her. He promises not to do it again.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 16

Wenjie catches sight of a woman before passing out.. Anni goes to a house in which there are many books and educational resources. Jason tells her Old Ke was jobless and had chalked up huge gambling debts in Macau. Chief Hong’s steward, Zhong Daochen, was the last person who spoke to him. Uncle Chen learns Chief Hong sold his shares at a low price to raise more than $400,000 in cash. Just then, Daochen calls Anni and admits he killed Old Ke to silence him. When she asks him to surrender himself to the police, he hangs up. By the time the police reach him, he has killed himself.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 17

Posing as Tiancheng, Wenjie contacts Wanren to extort money from him. Wanren makes plans to kill “Tiancheng” to cover up his crimes. The police are ready for him and he is arrested. Wanren admits to his crimes, but Anni senses he has not revealed everything. Yongyan needs to go to Macau. Before he leaves, he expresses his feelings for Anni. He hopes she will put the past behind her and accept his love. She is taken aback. Yongyan sends messages to Anni every night. Though moved, she cannot being herself to enter into another relationship just yet.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 18

Anni ignores the threat sent to her via email. Just then, she learns Sandy has been found dead, apparently strangled by fishing wire. A laptop bag and pollen were found at the scene. Anni begins to be suspicious of Xuezhi when she learns the pollen probably came from Xuezhi’s shop. Furthermore, Xuezhi has the same bag as that which was found.

Wenjie and Anni deduce that Xuezhi is keeping something from them. Anni takes medical leave and is moved when Yongyan takes care of her upon his return from Macau. He tells Wenjie he wants to court Anni and hopes Wenjie will make his stand clear, so that Anni will not harbour hopes of a reconciliation.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 19

Anni receives a letter, warning her that the first attack was just a small gesture and she and her family would not be so lucky the next time. She realises the threat is not merely a prank and that the suspect could be associated with a jewellery robbery eight years before. There were three robbers at the time. Two were arrested; their chief was killed on the spot. One of the convicts, Qiangsheng, was released early for good behaviour.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 20

Wenjie is disturbed by the trouble involving Xuezhi. Ke’er tries to cheer him up. Yongyan invites him out for a drink, and he asks Anni along. Anni and Yongyan feel awkward. Caiyun calls to say Xuezhi has left. Anni rejects Yongyan when he expresses his love for her. When leaving, she is attacked by an assailant. Yongyan rescues her and is injured. Ke’er meets her ex-classmate, Wang Ruoxi, who is pregnant but not married.

After they have parted, Ruoxi is attacked and miscarries. Anni visits Cindy, who was beaten up by her new boyfriend, Qiangsheng. He had challenged her to call the police. Thinking about her own assailant, Anni deduces that he could not have been Qiangsheng, if Cindy is telling the truth.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 21

Wenjie manages to convince Xuezhi to stay. Gary denies all the allegations and hires Wu Yuan to defend him. Wenjie finds himself caught in between Anni and his work. Wenjie finds out Gary is having an affair with Sophia, a rich married woman.

He tells Anni this fact can prove Gary’s innocence. Old Ke’s buddies turn up to confront Yongyan and Lida. Anxious about his family, Lida decides to off-load his assets. Junrong finds out and quarrels with his father. He confronts Old Ke’s buddies and is annoyed when Yongyan ruins the discussion.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 22

Anni is about to fire a shot at herself when Wenjie arrives. They work together to subdue Guo Xing, who is eventually killed. Yongyan sends a gift to Anni and is pleasantly surprised when she asks him out.

Gary holds a press conference to clarify his relationship with Ruoxi. Anni puts him under protective custody, as she is worried Ruoxi's murderer might harm him. The culprit does turn up and he is Ruoxi’s neighbour, Jacky.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 23

Wenjie tells Anni he did drink on the night in question but was still sober. Even when shown the alleged evidence, he insists he could not have killed Mad Dog. Ke’er declares she had fainted and was not sure whether Mad Dog was killed on the spot.

Caiyun almost passes out when she learns Wenjie has been arrested. He asks Xuezhi to take care of Caiyun and herself. Anni argues with Yongyan, who cautions her against being biased in her investigations.

Hao, a loanshark, tells Anni he had issues with Mad Dog over money but did not know him well. Ke’er finds an elderly rag-and-bone picker to be Wenjie’s witness. The testimony seems scripted, and Anni finds out Ke’er had bribed the witness to give false statements.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 24=======================

Wenjie begins to be suspicious of Yongyan after the Mad Dog case. Ke’er steals Yongyan’s computer records to help him find out more. Wenjie discovers that Guo Xing’s wife used to be Yongyan’s patient. He confides in Anni, who tells him not to break the law by stealing information.

When questioned, Yongyan admits he had treated Guo Xing’s wife, but had no idea Guo Xing was her husband. Anni chooses to trust him. Yongyan senses a familiar figure tailing him, but the latter disappears when he turns around.

Hao’s girlfriend, Coco, turns up and tells Yongyan she saw what Yongyan did to Hao that night. She threatens to inform the police if he does not give her money. Wenjie sees them together and takes a picture of Coco. When he learns Coco is Hao’s girlfriend, his suspicions deepen.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 25

Yongyan asks Linda to stay by his side and hides her in an apartment. Annoyed when Anni questions him based on what Wenjie had said, he storms off. Wenjie and Caiyun visit Xuezhi in the hospital. She wants to be discharged. Knowing her days are numbered, she prefers to die at home.

Wenjie has no choice but to agree. Xuezhi is happy Caiyun still regards her as her daughter, despite knowing the truth. Yongyan apologises to Anni for losing his temper at her. Moved, she forgives him.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 26

Wenjie remembers his encounter with Coco and deduces that the secret lies in her mobile phone. He still suspects Yongyan. Anni, however, has been brainwashed by the latter.

Wenjie goes about his own investigations. He stumbles upon Coco’s mobile phone in Yongyan’s place. Just when he is leaving, Yongyan returns. Wenjie comes round and finds himself at a bar.

 He is supposed to have taken an entire bottle of whisky. Back home, he feels bad that Caiyun has been waiting up for him. The next day, Wenjie asks Anni and Yongyan out.

Anni is puzzled when Wenjie apologises to Yongyan in front of her. Yongyan is happy, as he is about complete his revenge plan. Wenjie becomes very grouchy and flares up at Wu Yuan, Ke’er, Caiyun and Xuezhi.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 27

Anni discovers she is pregnant. Yongyan takes Lida to the place where his parents were killed and questions him. Lida passes out when his failing heart acts up. Xuezhi suspects Yongyan is related to the lady who had bought flowers from her shop, as she could smell the same scent on Yongyan. She does a portrait of the lady for Anni. Anni is shocked, as the woman Xuezhi saw is Linda, who is supposedly dead.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 28

Yongyan breaks down after listening to the recording Linda had left him. Wenjie is not dead. Anni had saved him before he hit the wall. Wenjie's plan was to lure the culprit out. Instead, Linda’s death left Anni with a suspension. Ke’er meets Junrong at the hospital and urges him to stay strong.

On the way back after driving Ke’er to the law firm, Junrong meets a conman and decides to check his car camera. He is taken aback by the images recorded. Junrong calls on Yongyan and hits him. The brothers have a falling out. Anni asks the professor to set Wenjie completely free from his hypnotised state.

The professor tries to persuade Yongyan not to let his inner demons rule his actions but to no avail. Smiling Tiger comes round and relates how Yongyan’s father, Guo Jingming, had decided to rob a bank because he owed Lida money. When Smiling Tiger and his brothers succeeded, Jingming wanted a share of the loot. Smiling Tiger and his brothers decided to massacre Jingming and his family.

Yongyan was the sole survivor of that bloodbath. Anni advises Yongyan to give himself up to the police. She contemplates aborting her baby, as she does not want the child to lead an unhappy life. Wenjie and the doctor try to talk her out of it.

Yongyan gets into a fight with Wenjie and is shot by Jason. He escapes to a motel and removes the bullet by himself. While visiting Wenjie, Anni receives a threat from Yongyan. Jason suddenly attacks Wenjie.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 29

Anni is injured when she tries to stop Wenjie and Jason from fighting. She needs surgery and decides to bear with the pain without anesthesia, as it would affect her baby. Ke’er is in Lida’s ward with Junrong when Junrong receives a message.

Her suspicions are aroused when Junrong rushes off. Junrong goes out to meet Yongyan. He still regards the latter as his brother and agrees to give him money to escape. Xuezhi’s condition takes a turn for the worse and she suffers persistent nose bleeds. Wenjie is sad she may leave him soon. Unexplainably, she sees images of him firing a shot at her. Anni is discharged and reinstated.

The professor is killed in a hotel, and the killer is likely to be Yongyan. Lida comes round and reveals he had swopped Junrong and Yongyan during the fire, which means Yongyan is his biological son. Junrong rushes off to tell Yongyan the truth. Ke’er tips Wenjie off and helps the police capture Yongyan.

Yongyan embarks on his plan and forces Anni and the others to give in to him. When Anni helps him escape, he knocks her out. Yongyan hypnotises Wenjie and makes him attack Lida. Xuezhi appears when Wenjie is about to fire a shot at Lida.

Mind Game 心迷 Xin Mi Episode 30

 Yongyan locks Anni up and tells her that Wenjie killed Xuezhi when he attempted to kill Lida. Anni is utterly disappointed when Yongyan vows to let all her loved ones die one after another. Uncle Chen takes Wenjie to see Xuezhi one last time.

Yongyan turns up and discovers it is a trap schemed by Wenjie. Xuezhi has merely feigned death. During the tussle, she is injured, but the police manage to capture Yongyan. Yongyan refuses to reveal where Anni is.

Wenjie learns about Yongyan’s real parentage and decides to use Lida to make Yongyan reveal Anni’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Lida dies before there is any conclusion. Junrong tries in vain to make Yongyan repent. Yongyan remembers that Wenjie said Anni is pregnant with his child. He feigns suicide and manages to escape. Anni refuses to forgive Yongyan.

A fire breaks out when Wenjie turns up and gets into a fight with Yongyan. Reminded of the past Yongyan finally realises he is Lida’s son. He is filled with guilt and has no desire to escape from the fire. Xuezhi is moved when Wenjie proposes to her. They spend one last day together before she dies in his arms.

Yongyan is sent to prison. When Anni visits him, he urges her to take good care of the baby and herself. Three years pass. Wenjie is still unable to forget Xuezhi and even feels she is always by his side.

To be updated.



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