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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Jade Seah Wedding 2015

Lovely 31 year old Jade Seah married her bf, Terence Lim (32) in Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes in Singapore on 31 January 2015. Her husband works in a bank and they both met at church.

Here are excerpts of Jade Seah's Wedding in January 2015 from her YouTube Channel and Instagram Posts:


Catch Yina Goh here:

So...I got married yesterday! Snapped this #selfie in the car while the cousin & dad fussed about tying ribbons on his car. We were just leaving my folks' place for church. (I was late to my own wedding, but more of that another time, haha...) We had a few interesting things that happened yesterday... Being the scatterbrain that I am, there were many things I forgot to bring/ dropped/ couldn't remember where I put, which caused a bit of a frenzy. Silver lining to every cloud though: I saw loved ones scramble to help & to pick up the pieces that I'd dropped - literally & figuratively! πŸ’œ Other than this picture & the ones I posted just before this, I didn't have any chance to snap any other pictures on my phone. I also realised that I don't think I managed to get any proper photos with my family (my own family, extended family & even my new family!) at dinner. 😱😭 I can only hope my awesome photographers managed to get some nice candid shots. Fingers crossed! Again, the silver lining is that I have all these amazing memories that will forever live on in my heart. Also, friends & family who managed to get some snaps have been sharing pictures & videos with me all day. (Please continue to do so!) I am enjoying looking at all of them, as well as the pictures others have posted on Instagram. I want to re-post them all, but am going to practice some restraint so I don't choke up your feed with #terryjade2015 pictures! My heart is very full with love & gratitude now. I feel very loved & blessed. I am also very happy to have been able to truly find my other half, when I wasn't even looking for him. #bestfeelingintheworld
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A photo posted by Jade Seah (@jadeseah) on

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