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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village - K Reality Variety Show

Been catching 3 Meals A Day Fishing Village religiously on Channel M these few weeks on Saturdays.

The little puppy in the show is so cute. His name is Sanchae. Is he a chihuahua? They keep playing with him and showering him with kisses. He flips around on his back and acts really cute!

Not sure why, but this show is kinda addictive. It's about 3 guys stuck on an island.

They have to fish, grow vegetables, make kimchi, bake bread and cook meals as requested by the PD (Producer/Director).

I don't even know who these celebs are, but it's amusing to watch how they go about surviving the day on the island with the bare necessities.

You can catch the full episodes here if you're from the US or Canada:

Some episode synopsis available here:

Some snippets:

If you really wanna watch the show, you have to subscribe to Channel M. I guess I have to watch it religiously coz there is no other way I can catch up on the episodes if I miss it on TV. Bleah....

Here's the song they were dancing to "Roly Boly by T-ara"


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