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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Channel U Mini Series - LOVE

Premieres 24 Feb 2015, Every Tue 9.30pm

Watched the first episode of this mini-series and it's pretty good.
1 story. 1 Episode. There are 6 eps only. So don't miss it!

The story and plot is short, sweet, succinct and entertaining.

Hate it when dramas get over draggy.
This set has none of that.

Editing and graphics are cute too.


There should be more romantic comedy shows like this!

Love? - EP1
(Let's get married)
Starring Belinda Lee and Bryan Wong

Bryan and Belinda meet during a matchmaking session and have a good impression of each other. However, chances of them becoming a couple are destroyed when he ruins her chances of buying an apartment. Bryan helps Belinda out when she stains her outfit.

This gives them a chance to start dating. However, they break up due to character differences.

A turn of events gives Bryan and Belinda a chance to reconcile and get married. Within two years, they have two children. Even though their lifestyles and characters still clash, they have learned to be more tolerant and accommodating.

Love the part where they shrink Bryan down into a miniature. As well as the whatsapp-like conversations on screen.

Wished:Bryan Wong and Belinda Lee can tone down some of their acting. It's a little too theatrical for TV. 

Love? 限量爱情  - EP2

(Older Woman, Younger Guy)
Starring Paige Chua and Aloysius Pang

Aloysius and Paige’s romance started with a one-night stand after they met at a pub.

He was unable to forget her, and they started a relationship despite the 10-year age gap. As time passed, the differences between them became apparent.

When he graduated from university and headed overseas for further studies, she broke up with him. Six years have passed. Aloysius has returned and he wants to start anew with Paige. Unfortunately, she has been married for six months.

 Love? 限量爱情 (TIF) - EP3
Long-term Romance 爱情长跑

Romeo and Sheila have no plans to get married; after all, they have gotten along well for more than 10 years. However, when she accidentally gets pregnant, she contemplates tying the knot.

Their relationship is put to the test when problems crop up while they are planning and discussing the wedding. Romeo manages to get over his fears and finally proposes to Sheila.

Love? 限量爱情  - EP4

Felicia is a woman with a mediocre job, educational level and looks. In the day, she is like any normal office worker, but in the evenings, she becomes a sexy and attractive woman seeking love on the Web. Felicia and Tony have been dating online for six months and she believes Tony is her Prince Charming.

The ending is a bit sick. I can't believe what she did for him.
Things that women do for love. Madness.
Preferred Aloysius and Paige's episode to this story.

 Love? 限量爱情 (TIF) - EP5
Love Conquers Everything 爱就是这样

Weilie is a good man who dotes on his girlfriend, Jiajia. He even chalks up credit card debts to please her. On their wedding day, he is irked by the pranks played by her bridesmaids and decides to call off the wedding.

Everyone assumes Weilie had called off the wedding because of the bridesmaids. The real reason is that he got drunk during his bachelor party and had a one-night stand. Guilt-stricken, he made the decision not to marry her. Weilie gains Jiajia’s forgiveness and reconciles with her. The incident teaches them that love conquers everything.

Love? 限量爱情 (TIF) - EP6

Tay and Rebecca are a successful couple who do well at work and are the envy of people around them. The truth is that Tay has been having an affair with the assistant in his clinic, as Rebecca is too busy with her career.

When Rebecca discovers the affair, she does not fuss and merely asks him to handle the matter well. He breaks up with his lover and discovers Rebecca is also having an affair. Unable to bear the shame, Tay demands a divorce.



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