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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feng Shou Kuai Le Mediacorp Channel U TV Show 分手快乐

Show begins on 23 February 2015 on Channel U
Every Monday to Friday at 10pm

Not to be confused with Disney’s hit track ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, this 13-episode series takes a leaf from Fish Leong’s hit song – literally translated as ‘Happy Break Up’, and explores love and relationships through the eyes of our female protagonist, a famous blogger cum relationship expert. Let’s hope this blogger has more zest and character and is not just your ordinary doormat.

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Yan Neo (Jeanette Aw) is a blogger who shot to fame for baring her multiple breakup experiences. Not only does she detail her failed relationships on her blogging space, she exercises no discretion when it comes to shaming her exes. There is, however, her fifth ex-boyfriend who has never been exposed.

A newspaper reporter, Judy interviews Yan. Judy is not in favour of Yan’s post-breakup approach. She feels that Yen is asserting a negative influence over her readers to give up on their relationships easily. In fact, Judy is tangled in an underground relationship.

Yan co-habits with her long-time bestie, Du Jia Yi (Mindee Ong). Jia Yi is a flight attendant and has a close boyfriend, Ethan. Jia Yi plans a surprise on Ethan’s birthday but catches him in bed with another girl! Shattered from the sight, she attempts suicide. Yan makes it in time to stop her. Witnessing this episode, Judy breaks off from her unstable relationship with her boss.

There is a reason to Yan’s happy breakup theories. Yan once had a secondary schoolmate, Joyce whom she was extremely close to. They were 15 years old then. Unable to deal with the pain of a breakup, Joyce committed suicide. Up till now, Yan still feels pretty choked about this incident and firmly believes that the tragedy would not have happened if someone was there for Joyce, to help her let go of the relationship and move on,.

Won over by Yan’s approaches to happy endings, Judy invites Yan to start a column on breakup experiences, hoping that her stories could “heal” readers.

Ah Man (Calvin Soh), a makeup artist, is Yan's tenant; they are close friends who keep no secrets from each other. As a makeup artist for celebrities, Ah Man claims to be a trend-setter with an exquisite eye for beauty. However, Ah Man and Jia Yi find each other a pain in the neck.

When Jia Yi broke up with Ethan, Yan thinks that Jia Yi is able to let go and move on happily. Little did she know that things have backfired. Yan finds out that Jia Yi is harbouring hopes on reuniting with Ethan and is strongly against it. Jia Yi does not understand why Yan is so against this relationship. Their friendship sours.

To prove Ethan is a womanizer, Yan engages Mark Chow (Elvin Ng) a freelance photographer under the recommendation of Ah Man. To her surprise, Mark (Elvin Ng) is a conservative man with a strong sense of integrity. Mark refuses Yan’s request to snoop around taking pictures of cheating partners. Angered by the rejection, Yan takes matters into her own hands.


Yan Neo: Jeanette Aw

A fashionable 33-year-old single blogger, Yan Neo is known for explicitly baring her breakup experiences and shaming her exes online. Tough on the ouside, soft on the inside, Yan is fiercely loyal to her loved ones. She appears to be emotionally stronger after each breakup but her confidence in relationships dwindles. She keeps a Chinchilla, a gift from that special ex-boyfriend, in the hope that he would come back for her one day.

Mark Chow: Elvin Ng

An emotionally unavailable bachelor, Mark Chow is a 35-year-old freelance photographer; Mark is a man of few words and has a strong sense of integrity. He is born in a well-off family and his parents are kind and loving. He is faithful when it comes to love. He is good in taking black and white photographs, which is a reflection of his own personality; he sees things in black and white. Mark is unable to move on his first love because there was no proper closure to it. Mark learns to let go the pain and move on from his first love after he meets Yan.

Ah Man: Calvin Soh

A well-known 35 years old makeup artist from Malaysia, Ah Man calls himself a Sensitive New Age Guy as he is sensitive and a sentimental weeper. Ah Man is born to a poor and large family that is single-handedly cared for by his mother. His ambition is to make a name for himself in Singapore. He is Yan’s tenant and they are close friends that keep no secrets from each other. He extremely vain and strongly believes that men possess a gentle side too. Ah Man is passionate about his job and the eyeliner he wears is the pride of his makeup career. Unknown to others, he uses the eyeliners to mask his inferior complexity.

Du Jia Yi: Mindee Ong

A 33 years old flight attendant, Jia Yi is sweet and gentle ladykin. She appears to be weak but transforms into a stronger person when angered. Jia Yi is Yan’s roommate, classmate and also her bestie. She is protective over the weak; believes in love yet dates an unfaithful man. Jia Yi develops a crush on Mark. Although she always bickers with Ah Man, she buries the past and helps Ah Man wholeheartedly to achieve his dreams when she finds out that he is terminally ill. This touches Ah Man and convinces him that Jia Yi is the one he has been waiting for.




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Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go:

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 1 | Episode One

Reporter Judy is interviewing blogger Yan Liang Yuyan when Yan’s pal, Jiayi, attempts suicide because her boyfriend, Ethan, has two-timed her. Besides saving her, Yan gives Judy the motivation to break up with her boyfriend, Tim. Judy’s impression of Yan improves. She suggests Yan should be a columnist who writes stories about her breakups and how she survived them. Yan had just broken up with her 10th boyfriend on the day Jiayi tried to kill herself. However, she is immune to such situations and can walk out of her misery quickly.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 2 | Episode Two

Yan manages to get pictures of Ethan with another woman. Instead of appreciating her help, Jiayi insists on reconciling with him. She breaks Mark’s camera.Mark demands that Yan return the camera, which was a gift from his first love. Guilt-stricken, she offers to get him a new camera, but he rejects it. She is puzzled by his insistence on retrieving his old camera.Yan decides to give up the column, as she does not want Jiayi to misunderstand. What Mark says enlightens her and she decides to support Jiayi’s reconciliation with Ethan.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 3 | Episode Three

Yan’s first article is finally published and the topic is Jiayi’s happy breakup. Many of Yan’s blog fans show their support. Amongst them is Mabel, who is looking for her missing lover. Out of curiosity, Yan arranges to meet Mabel and promises to help find her lover, who had left without a word. Her hope is that Mabel can bury her past and start anew. Mark apologises to Yan for misunderstanding her motives and offers to help Mabel.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 4 | Episode Four

Some readers badmouth Yan when they find out she earns money through the commercials on her blog. Yan hopes to boost her popularity. When she learns Jiayi’s friend, Jane, has just broken up with her boyfriend, she offers to help her get over the relationship. Knowing Yan’s real motive is to attract even more commercials for her blog, Mark deliberately thwarts her efforts. Mark saves Yan from being attacked by Jane’s ex-boyfriend, Weijie. He finds out it is Weijie who is suffering more after the breakup.
Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 5 | Episode Five

Mark helps his friend, Albert, out at work and learns that Albert’s friend, Calvin, is grieving over a recent breakup. Man hopes Yan can help, but she is busy with her new suitor, Clement. She likes Clement, but is still considering the relationship. Jiayi likes Mark and hopes Yan can help her take their relationship a step further. Yan teaches her to create sparks between them. Jiayi is happy when Mark carries her to a doctor after she sprains her leg during a game of badminton.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 6 | Episode Six

Man promises to take care of Jiayi all her life if she is disfigured and unable to find a husband. His feelings are hurt when she rejects the offer.Jiayi asks Mark out on a date and is peeved when he brings Man along and the two men tease Jiayi throughout their time together. While shopping, she tries to hint to Mark that she likes a pair of lovers’ watches.Yan’s loyal fan, Little Bee, is dying of a terminal disease and is afraid his wife, Flower, will be devastated by his death. He asks Yan for advice on how to break up with her, so that she can hate him and not feel sad when he dies.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 7 | Episode Seven

iayi does not seem to understand Man’s feelings for her. Mark urges him to try again, but she still seems nonchalant about everything. Yan’s mother turns up at her door to find out whether she really has a boyfriend. Man uses a picture of Mark to pacify her. When Yan’s mother insists on meeting Mark, Yan has no choice but to beg him to pose as her boyfriend. Man lies to Mark that Yan’s mother is dying, to get him to agree to help out. Yan and Mark quarrel when they try to practise how to be lovers.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 8 | Episode Eight

Mark leaves in a huff when he discovers he was conned yet again. Yan is puzzled when she finds herself feeling depressed over the whole episode, even though Mark was just posing as her boyfriend. He, too, feels bad and regrets lashing out at her.

Man observes Yan's downcast face and asks Mark for help. Yan goes for a jog to vent her frustrations. Mark finds her at the lighthouse and clears up their misunderstanding.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 9 | Episode Nine

Mark gathers his nerves and survives the visit by Yan’s mother. Man wants Mark to help him court Jiayi. Mark’s lack of enthusiasm makes Jiayi sense that Mark does not even like her. Man is happy when Jiayi asks him out.

He is disappointed she merely wants to clear the air; she is not keen on him at all. He asks Mark to continue helping him. While out with Jiayi, Mark confirms that he has fallen in love with Yan.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 10 | Episode Ten

Yan is disturbed by Daniel’s email. Man objects to Mark expressing his love for her, as he is sure she will not accept him at this time. He uses the same excuse when Jiayi considers making her feelings known to Mark. Yan notices Man's despondence and learns he has fallen for Jiayi. She claims Mark is merely a friend to her.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 11 | Episode Eleven

Man and Mark make their feelings known to Jiayi and Yan, respectively. Both are rejected. Yan insists she and Mark are just putting up an act and that he cannot continue to be her friend if he cannot separate reality from make-believe.

Yan’s mother tries to help, which leaves Yan assuming that Mark is using her mother to try to move her. Yan’s mother knows well that Yan loves Mark. Yan discovers she no longer loves Daniel as much as she used to.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 12 | Episode Twelve

Refusing to accept an unashamed two-timer, Yan breaks up with Daniel. She evens abandons Daniel's chinchilla in the park. When she is regretful and turns back, the chinchilla is gone. Desperate, she seeks help from Mark and cries in his arms.

They kiss each other and she comes to her senses. Apologising for turning to him in her time of need, she tells Mark she will not to see him again unless necessary. Yan declares she has fallen out of love. She posts Daniel’s picture on her blog and writes about him in revenge.

Feng Shou Kuai Le  分手快乐 Let It Go: Episode 13 | Episode Thirteen

Yan decides she should sever all ties with Mark; she will not even take back the chinchilla. She makes plans to go overseas. Man feels he is not good enough for Jiayi and tries hard to matchmake her with Mark.

Yan tells Judy she is not qualified to continue writing the column. Judy urges her to use her heart to find answers to her love problems. Mark confides in the chinchilla. When he finds a love knot on the chinchilla, he is reminded of what Yan once wrote.



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Hi, do u have the ost for this show?

singpost said...

Hi Xiwen,

The theme song is by Bevlyn Khoo titled "Don't be too lonely" "Bie Tai Ji Mo" "别太寂寞".

You can listen to it at this link:

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