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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Star Awards 2014 Nominees & Winners List

A. Acting Category

A1. Best Actor
Pierre Png   - The Journey: A Voyage (Winner)
Bryan Wong - Gonna Make It
Qi Yuwu - The Dream Makers
Chen Han Wei - The Dream Makers
Terence Cao - The Journey: A Voyage

A2. Best Actress
Chen Li Ping - The Dream Makers (Winner)
Jeanette Aw - The Dream Makers
Rebecca Lim - Sudden
Chris Tong - The Journey: A Voyage
Rui En - The Dream Makers

A3. Best Supporting Actor   

Dennis Chew - The Dream Makers
Shaun Chen - The Dream Makers
Guo Liang - The Dream Makers (Winner)
Zhang Zhen Huan - Break Free
Jeffrey Xu - Marry Me

A4. Best Supporting Actress    
Priscelia Chan - The Journey: A Voyage
Rebecca Lim - The Dream Makers (Winner)
Aileen Tan - C.L.I.F 2
Xiang Yun - Beyond
Hong Hui Fang - Love @ Risk

B. Host/Presenter Category

B1.  Best Variety Show Host   
Pornsak - The Joy Truck (Winner)
Quan Yi Fong - Finding U
Kym Ng - Finding U
Vivian Lai - Say It!
Guo Liang - Counter Fake

B2.  Best Info-Ed Programme Host

Lee Teng - Big Factories 2: Made by Singapore!
Cavin Soh - Let’s Cook (Winner)
Ian Fang - My Working Holiday
You Yi - Smart @ Work
Jerry Yeo - Big Factories 2: Made by Singapore!

C. Drama/Programme Category

C1/ Best Drama Serial     
The Dream Makers (Winner)
The Journey: A Voyage
C.L.I.F 2
96°C Café

C2. Best Variety Programme    
Say It!
The Joy Truck (Winner)
Finding U
Counter Fake
Superstar 2013 Campus Superstar 2013

C3. Best Variety Special    

Remembering Huang Wen Yong
Celebrate TV50
Star Awards 2013 Show 2 (Winner)
Singapore Children's Society Charity Show
SPD Charity Show

C4. Best Info-ed Programme  

Tuesday Report 2013 -The Towkays
Big Factories 2: Made by Singapore!
Smart @ Work
Tuesday Report 2013 -Where We Connect 2

D. Performance Category

D1. Young Talent Award

Alston Yeo Jun Yi - 闹闹    The Dream Makers
Oh Ling En - 王洁珊    I'm In Charge (Winner)
Chloe Ng Ying En - 小蕙娘    The Journey: A Voyage
Ivan Lo Kai Jun - 小东恩  The Journey: A Voyage
Tan Shi Ya - 林佳霖  Love @ Risk

D2. Rocket Award 
Priscelia Chan

D3. Top Rated Drama Serial  - C. L. I. F. 2

D4. Top Rated Variety Programme - Where the Queue Starts 4 

D5. Best Theme Song  
The Dream Makers     幸福不难 (龚芝怡)
The Journey: A Voyage     家乡 (沈志豪)
Sudden     骤变 (大风吹/陈罗密欧)
Beyond     呼吸 (黄丽慧)
96°C Café     啡情歌 (汤微恩)

E. Professfional Category

E1.  Best Director
The Dream Makers - Wong Foong Hwee (Winner)
The Dream Makers - Loo Yin Kam
Gonna Make It - Wong Kuang Yong
The Journey: A Voyage - Chong Liung Man (Winner)
Sudden - Leong Lye Lin (Winner)

E2. Best Screenplay
The Dream Makers - Rebecca Leow (Winner)
Gonna Make It - Ng Kah Huay
The Journey: A Voyage - Ang Eng Tee
Beyond - Phang Kai Yee
C.L.I.F 2 - Seah Choon Guan, Tang Yeow

E3. Best Variety Producer 
Stir it Up - Khow Hwai Teng
The Joy Truck - Gan Bee Khim (Winner)
Finding U - Kang Lay See
Say It! - Mandy Tan (Winner)
Star Awards 2013 - Lim Shiong Chiang (Winner)

E4. Best Variety Research Writer

Stir it Up  - Lam Yen Fong
The Joy Truck - Lim Kar Yee (Winner)
The SPD Charity Show 2013 - Ng Jin Puay
Singapore Children's Society Charity Show - Teo Kim Kee
Laughing Out Loud - Wong Eng Hong

E5. Best Programme Promo
CH8-TV50-Campaign Promo Category  - Kee Chee Wee (Winner)
CH8 The Dream Makers The Dream Makers - Single Promo Category - Doreen Neo Min Qi
CH8 Beyond-Campaign Promo Category - Loo Li Min
CHU Start Up-Campaign Promo Category - Terence Lee Ji Long
CHU Hey Gorgeous-Single Promo Category - He Jiayin

E6. Best News Story     
Taxi Booking Apps - Chng Kheng Leng
Online Affairs Website to Launch in Singapore - Evelyn Lam Li Ting
Little India Riot - Lim Wee Leng (Winner)
HDB 5 Room Resale Flat Exceed $900,000 -  Lip Kwok Wai
NEA to Fine Town Council after Mosquito Larvae Found in Water Tank - Ng Lian Cheong

E7. Best Current Affairs Story     

Frontline: Face to Face with Typhoon Haiyan - Yap Li Ling, Goh Chye Kim (Co-Winner)
Focus: Haze in Singapore -  Grace Yang Hsiao Hung, Chan Wai Hoe, Song Jia Jia
Frontline: Dementia - Soh Bee Lan, Yap Li Ling
Money Week: Used car dealers badly hit by tighter loan restrictions - Ng Toh Heong
Focus: The Impact of PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech reaches overseasChristopher Yeo, Grace Yang Hsiao Hung, Chan Wai Hoe, Song Jia Jia (Co-Winner)

E8. Best Cameraman (Entertainment Programmes)
Volkswagen Holiday on Wheels (Johor) - Thong Weng Leong
The Joy Truck - William Tan
My Star Guide 8 (Australia) - Chris Siew
Good Man Good Food (Malaysia) - Lai Siew Leong
Street Smart 2 - Ler Leong Poh (Winner)

E9 Best Set Design (Entertainment Programmes)    

Star Awards 2013 Show 2 - Ahyak Yahya (Winner)
Campus Superstar 2013 - Tay Siu Whye
SPD Charity Show 2013 - Mohamed Bin Abdul Rahim
Stir it Up - Cynthia Nora Oh
Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2013 - Ahmed Zubair Bin Abdul Aziz

E10. Best Editing (Entertainment Programmes)  
Finding U - Ep 2 - Amanda Wang
Finding U - Ep 10 - Cynthia Chia (Winner)
Good Man Good Food   - Ep 1 - Low Li Lian
Style Check In Sr.2   - Ep 6 - Eu Chuin Fang
Project Dream Home   - Ep 11  - Seah Lee Yan

F. Online Category

F1. Favourite Male Character
Aloysius Pang - 王家豪     《小子当家》I'm In Charge
Desmond Tan -洪石     《信约:唐山到南洋》The Journey: A Voyage
Elvin Ng - 阿威     《小子当家》I'm In Charge (Winner)
Romeo Tan -方启亮     《骤变》Sudden
Xu Bin -Oscar     《小小传奇》Gonna Make It

F2. Favourite Female Character
Jeanette Aw  - 赵非儿     《志在四方》The Dream Makers (Winner)
Joanne Peh - 张蕙娘     《信约:唐山到南洋》The Journey: A Voyage
Rebecca Lim - 郭玮茜     《骤变》Sudden
Rui En - 方彤琳     《志在四方》The Dream Makers
Zoe Tay - 周薇芸     《志在四方》The Dream Makers

F3. Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama)

Li Nanxing & Rui En  -  魏蓝天 /黄芷婕     《警徽天职 2》 C.L.I.F 2
Romeo Tan & Rui En - 方启亮 / 程楚宁     《骤变》Sudden
Xu Bin & Julie Tan - Oscar / 苏小小     《小小传奇》Gonna Make It
Qi Yu Wu & Jeanette Aw  - Jason Lam / 赵非儿     《志在四方》The Dream Makers (Winner)
Qi Yu Wu & Rui En - Jason Lam/ 方彤琳     《志在四方》 The Dream Makers

Catch Programmelets: Star Awards 2014 every Sunday from April 5 to 26, 10.30pm on Ch8
Catch Star Awards 2014 Show 1 Award Ceremony on April 20 (Sun), 7pm, LIVE on Ch8
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Catch Star Awards 2014 Show 2 Award Ceremony on April 27 (Sun), 7pm, LIVE on Ch8
Catch Star Awards 2014 Show 2 Post Show Party on April 27 (Sun), 10pm, LIVE on ChU

Update 20 April 2014:

Show 1 Winners:

1. Best Set Design: Ahyak Yahya for 《红星大奖2013颁奖礼》Star Awards 2013 Show 2

2. Best Cameraman: 《自由脚步2》 Street Smart 2 吕良宝 Ler Leong Poh

3. Best Variety Producer:
颜美琴 Gan Bee Khim 《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck

陈桂辉 Mandy Tan《好好说 慢慢讲》 Say It!

林雄强Lim Shiong Chiang《红星大奖2013颁奖礼》Star Awards 2013
4. Best Variety Research Writer: 林嘉仪 Lim Kar Yee for 《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck

5. Young Talent Award: 胡菱恩 Oh Ling En - 王洁珊 for 《小子当家》I'm In Charge
WATCH: Congrats to Oh Ling En for bagging the Young Talent Award again!

6. Best Theme Song:《志在四方》 The Dream Makers 幸福不难 (龚芝怡)

7. Best Programme Promo: 纪志威 Kee Chee Wee for《电视50》 CH8-TV50-Campaign Promo Category

8. Best Editing: 谢素珊 Cynthia Chia for《寻U先锋》 Finding U - Ep 10

9. Best Director:
黄芬菲 Wong Foong Hwee for 志在四方 (The Dream Makers)
张龙敏 Chong Liung Man for
梁来玲 Leong Lye Lin for 骤变 (Sudden)

10. Best Screenplay: 洪汐 Rebecca Leow for 《志在四方》 The Dream Makers

11. Social Media Award: Jeanette Aw
WATCH: Jeanette Aw never expected to get the Social Media Award!

12. Favourite Male Character: Elvin Ng as 阿威 A-Wei in《小子当家》 I'm In Charge

13. Regional Most Popular
Regional Most Popular China - Yvonne Lim
Regional Most Popular Indonesia - Rui En
Regional Most Popular Malaysia - Rui En
Regional Most Popular - Jeanette Aw

14. Top Rated Variety Programme: 《排排站 查查看 4》 Where the Queue Starts 4

15. Top Rated Drama Serial:《警徽天职 2》 C. L. I. F. 2

16. Favourite Female Character: Jeanette Aw as 赵非儿 Zhao Fei'er in 《志在四方》 The Dream Makers

17. Favourite On-screen Drama Couple: 戚玉武 Qi Yu Wu + 欧萱   Jeanette Aw as Jason Lam / 赵非儿 Zhao Fei’er in 志在四方 (The Dream Makers)

18. Rocket Award: Priscelia Chan
Update 28 April 2014:

Show 2 Winners:

1. Best Info-Ed Programme Host:  Cavin Soh (《全民新煮艺》 Let’s Cook)

2. Best Info-Ed Programme:《边城故事》 Borders

3. Best News Story: 小印度骚乱 滋事者放火烧车 Little India Riot by Lim Wee Leng

4. Best Current Affairs Story:
前线追踪:《惊天72小时》Frontline: Face to Face with Typhoon Haiyan by Yap Li Ling and Goh Chye Kim
焦点: 《国庆群众大会:海外回响》Focus: The Impact of PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech reaches overseas by Christopher Yeo, Grace Yang Hsiao Hung, Song Jia Jia, Liu Lin Yi, and Chan Wai Hoe

5. Best Supporting Actor: Guo Liang (《志在四方》The Dream Makers)

6. Best Supporting Actress: Rebecca Lim (《志在四方》The Dream Makers)

7. Best Variety Show Host: Quan Yi Fong (《寻U先锋》 Finding U)

8. Best Variety Programme:《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck

9.  Best Variety Drama Serial: 《志在四方》The Dream Makers

10. Best Variety Special: 《红星大奖2013颁奖礼》Star Awards 2013 Show 2

11. All-Time Favourite Artiste: Bryan Wong and Chen Han Wei

12. Best Actress: Chen Liping (《志在四方》The Dream Makers)

13. Best Actor: Pierre Png (《信约:唐山到南洋》The Journey: A Voyage)

14. Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes:
Elvin Ng
Lee Teng
Qi Yuwu
Zheng Ge Ping
Romeo Tan
Zhang Zhen Huan
Desmond Tan
Dennis Chew
Xu Bin

15. Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:
Rui En
Rebecca Lim
Joanne Peh
Chris Tong
Yvonne Lim
Belinda Lee
Vivian Lai
Jeannette Aw
Quan Yi Fong
Ya Hui

Online Categories:

BottomSlim Sexiest Legs Award: Paige Chua
London Biscuits Happiness Award: Xu Bin
Asian Skin Solutions Most Radiant Award: Rebecca Lim

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