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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Julie Tan - A Date with K-pop Stars 我和韩星有个约会

Julie Tan is featured in a new Channel U Travel Variety Show "A Date with K-Pop Stars". The cute and whimsical, popsy launch trailer style kinda reminds me of MISS KOREA, I"M MAE  web series.

 A Date With K-Pop Stars:   Episode 1
Julie received an invitation to Korea to attend an event and to meet K-Pop stars. She met up with Dal Shabet after reaching Seoul. They organised a welcome party for Julie and Julie stayed in their hostel. She also met up with many K-Pop stars and made friends with them.

A Date With K-Pop Stars:   Episode 2
Julie met up with ZE:A member, Kwang Hee. He brought her to a restaurant where K-Pop stars usually visit. Kwang Hee shared many secrets with Julie. They had a great time together. He also introduced members of Jewelry to bring Julie out for sightseeing and enjoy maple leaves.

A Date With K-Pop Stars:   Episode 3
Dal Shabet brought Julie to a beauty salon frequent by K-Pop stars to be styled for Style Icon Awards red carpet event. K-Pop top stars like G Dragon and Lee Jong Suk also attended the event. After the ceremony, Dal Shabet and Julie went to nightclub to experience Koreas night life.

A Date With K-Pop Stars:   Episode 4
Julie and Dal Shabet met up with supermodel Saerom and star stylist Han Hye Yeon. They shared fashion tips and the upcoming fashion trends. Julie teamed up with Saerom against Dal Shabet as they compete to put together an outfit, using the designated funds and within a time limit.

A Date With K-Pop Stars:   Episode 5
Rainbow and A-Jax played host to Julie and introduces her to the restaurants frequent by various K-Pop stars. They tried the spicy ramen, Patbingsu and even live Octopus. They also visited the Gwangjang Market, a traditional market famous for its street snacks and Hanbok stores.

A Date With K-Pop Stars: Episode 6
Julie learns some dance moves from Dal Shabet. They invited Julie to their concert where Julie met Teen Top. At the farewell party, Julie whips up a Singaporean dish to thank the girls for their care during her stay.

21 year old Julie gets to meet up with a couple of Kpop stars such as Dal Shabet, Rainbow, Teen Top, A-Jax, Jewelry, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, Clara, Moon Hee Joon and more. 

She heads off with activities with them to try out different Korean food and activities together that include traditional Korean sauna.

Julie also had the chance to be upclose to G-Dragon and ctach his live performance.

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To be updated with episodes when available.

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Anonymous said...

Any updates on the kpop songs featured in the program? They are very nice and catchy tunes.

singpost said...

Hi there, the song used on the launch trailer is "CROOKED" by G-Dragon from Big Bang from Korea. Here's the link to the music video:

Anonymous said...

Any idea what's the background song for this clip?

singpost said...

It's "First Love Melody" by ACOUSTIC COLLABO. Music Video with Eng Subtitles at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

韵贤妹妹 said...

A Date With K-Pop Stars: Episode 4
near 20min ,is what song?

singpost said...

Hi 韵贤妹妹, the song used on 18:54 is "HEARTBREAKER" by G-Dragon from Big Bang from Korea. Here's the link to the music video:

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