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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Improvement Series - Kitchen Exploration - Cement Kitchen Cabinets

Been toying with the idea of using cement as one of the key building blocks of my kitchen.

Theme: Modern concrete living space.
Here are some inspirational pictures below.

I love this concept of concrete + cottage style brick with steel appliances.
 A cement counter area which I love!
This is a more harsh and sharp usage of the cement kitchen theme. Too stark for my liking.

This picture looks more acceptable because of the flowers, fruits, greenery and wood panels. Otherwise it's quite stark as well.

Nice and sturdy cement kitchen island.
Hmm, it's possible to do up a cement sink too?! Wrapped around cabinet with cement frame and counter top.

I think the contractors need to prepare the cement on the ground itself to set it.
It's probably too heavy and the size and shape might not fit in the lift.

Some pictures to illustrate how cement blocks are constructed:


Vertical Cement slabs are placed first.

I see some rods and wood panels that form the circumference to contain the wet cement for the counter top.

 Smoothing the concret..

After it's dried...


 After: Adding white tiles

 And granite countertop

From Ikea Hackers: DIY Cement Framed Cabinet Structure + Ikea Cabinets

 From the picture below, it seems that it's possible for the cement idea to be seamlessly integrated with the wall, with additional cabinets within the confines of the cemented framed cabinets. Cool..

Cement can be painted in green too it seems.

Other option I found on the web: Staining Cement:

Her final look:
Loving the hidden electrical outlets on her island table!

 More Info on building a concrete kitchen worktop and frame:

Current thoughts:

Thinking of not having any upper cabinets.
I will have one run of lower cabinets and 2 small islands.
The cabinet base will be made of concrete, to keep out the bugs, as there will not be any gaps.

Other new jargon I learned from this research

"Masonry Cabinets"
Masonry Cabinets are outdoor storage units made of either cement blocks or a metal frame that’s covered in decorative stone, brick or stucco veneer.

While harder to install and often more expensive than other outdoor cabinets, they are extremely resistant to weathering and provide a really “built-in,” customized appearance to your kitchen.

Loving the Counter Tops:

Random:  This is a pretty cool look too. Exposed grey bricks + White Cabinets + Steel Counter Tops and Appliances for the kitchen.


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