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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Channel 8 New Show


Weekdays on Channel 8
From 27 August 2015
9pm to 10pm

Zhu Jia Nan (Elvin Ng) lost his parents and grandfather when he was 10. He then notices that he has the ability to jinx everyone around him. Because of that, nobody dares to take him in, except for his aunt, Chen Xin Shan (Xiang Yun).

To protect others from himself, he chooses to stay away from people and lives a reclusive life. The only friend he has is easy-going Zheng Dan Le (Zhang Zhen Huan), who is the only one not affected by his ill-luck. Jia Nan stays in his grandfather’s terrace house and earns his income by making furniture and collecting rental fees from his love-struck tenant, Xu Zhi Cheng (Jeffrey Xu).

Theme Song:

Du Jun Ning (Rebecca Lim) is a property agent who is good at pleasing others around her, even to the extent of buttering up people whom she secretly dislikes. Jun Ning is a beautiful woman who is extremely tactful and hence she is able to succeed in her career. Jun Ning tries to persuade Jia Nan to sell his house but the latter refuses.

After an “accidental kiss”, both Jun Ning and Jia Nan experience changes in their lives. Jun Ning has lost her ability to lie after her encounter with Jia Nan. She offends her clients and co-workers with her tactlessness.

Jun Ning even criticizes her boyfriend, Zhou Yao Wen (Charles Lee), for his obsession with cleanliness and that leads to their break-up. On the contrary, things start to look up for Jia Nan as he makes his way up to be a top furniture designer.

Everything is not going well for Jun Ning, she concludes that her luck starts to go down after the “accidental kiss”.  How will the story end?

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Elvin Ng 黄俊雄    Zhu Jianan 祝家南    Stay Home Guy (住家男)

Rebecca Lim 林慧玲    Du Junning 杜均宁    Property agent

Carrie Wong 黄思恬    Tian Zhenzhen 田珍珍 Du Junning's friend and assistant

Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰 Zheng Danle 郑丹乐

Jeffrey Xu 徐鸣杰    Xu Zhicheng 徐志成

Xiang Yun 向云    Cheng Xinshan 程欣善    Zhu Jianan's aunt

Zhu Houren 朱厚任    Du Zitong 杜梓通      Du Junning and Du Junjie's father

Maxi Lim 林俊良    Du Junjie 杜均杰     Du Zitong's son

Charles Lee 李家庆    Zhou Yaowen 周耀文 Doctor

Brandon Wong 黄炯耀    Mai Dechu 麦德初     Property agent Du Junning's colleague and rival

Wang Yuqing 王昱青    Herman Wong    Du Junning and Mai Dechu's boss

Aileen Tan 陈丽贞    Qian Fengzhu 钱凤珠    Zheng Danle's mother





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 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 1

Real estate agent Du Junning is a high achiever with her firm. She is jubilant when her rival, Mai Dechu, loses out to her yet again. Zhu Jianan, a man who is a jinx to the people around him, saves Junning from a motorcycle attack and falls in love with her.

Dechu is unhappy when Junning receives an award for chalking up the best sales record. Junning lies all the time to pander to her clients and colleagues.

Tired of doing so, she gives vent to her frustrations at home. She has no choice but to use a fake identity online, to avoid getting sued, and even has to lie to her father Du Zitong. Zitong is a lazy and slipshod person. Junning lies to help preserve her father’s image. Junning moves to Jianan’s neighbourhood.

Jianan feels bad when his bad luck rubs off on her. He is glad his only pal, Zheng Danle, seems unaffected by his presence. Danle senses that Jianan has fallen for someone. Jianan’s parents died when he was 10, and he was raised by Xinshan.

Jianan is grateful, as all his other relatives shun him. He often walks to the nursing home to visit Xinshan. Dechu is unhappy when Junning poaches his clients. Their superior, Herman, hands an en bloc project to the two of them; the target is the row of terrace houses where Jianan lives.

Danle finds out that Jianan’s crush is a real estate agent when Junning turns up for a visit. Junning’s doctor boyfriend, Zhou Yaowen, is a cleanliness freak. She does not tell him the truth about his obsession, for fear of hurting him. Jianan saves Junning from a falling flowerpot, but runs off immediately.

  Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 2

 A string of uncanny coincidences leads Junning to suspect someone is out to harm her. Her assistant, Zhenzhen, who is versed in Thai boxing skills, offers to be her bodyguard. Both women like a coffee table advertised on a website and place orders. They do not realise the company belongs to Jianan. Dechu accepts Junning’s challenge.

Whoever convinces house number 8 to agree to the en bloc sale will earn the commission for the entire project. Junning believes Danle is the owner of house number 8 and hopes Zhenzhen can convince Danle to sell the house, as they are both in a Thai boxing class together.

Dechu turns up at house number 8. He meets the tenant, Zhicheng, who tells him the house owner will not see him and he should leave if he does not want to become unlucky. Danle learns the house is worth $1.9 million.

He and Zhicheng support its sale, but Jianan cannot bear to let it go. Junning’s brother, Junjie, vows to be a woman in his next life, as he hates being in the army. Zhenzhen forgets her task when Shiqian calls her at the Thai boxing school.

She is in love with Shiqian, but he is a flirt. Jianan is happy when he discovers his new customer is Junning. Junning is unhappy with Zhenzhen for neglecting her work, but she puts up with it. She goes to house number 8 personally and is puzzled when Jianan runs off at the sight of her.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 3

Junning goes to the showroom and is embarrassed when Uncle Chang complains that Zitong has been skiving at work. However, she is moved when she hears Zitong telling his neighbours how capable she is. Junjie pretends to be in a daze, so as to get two weeks of medical leave. Junning finds out, but plays along with her brother.

Jianan walks back after visiting Xinshan. Avoiding people on the road, he imagines becoming Junning’s guardian angel someday. Jianan agrees to sell his house in the en bloc exercise because of Junning, but is soon regretful, as his grandfather had urged him to protect the house. Xinshan and Jianan have happy memories of the house. 

Nonetheless, Xinshan is supportive of Jianan’s decision. Yaowen returns after attending a medical seminar overseas and decides to give Junning a surprise. Zitong invites him to join them for dinner. Junning is unhappy when Yaowen comments that her house is dirty, but she puts up with him. However, when he cleans all the utensils with antiseptic wipes and criticises the food, she tells him to leave. 

Junning is dining with Zhenzhen and Panpan when Shiqian appears with Sally. Junning prevents Zhenzhen from seeing Shiqian and tells her to go to Jianan’s place with Panpan to get Jianan’s signature on the en bloc contract. Panpan sneakily hands the document to Dechu instead.

  Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 4

Junning is infuriated when Dechu gets the commission because of Panpan’s betrayal. Zhenzhen feels bad, but Junning cannot bring herself to scold her. Jianan picks up an old children’s book entitled, The Frog Prince and a wooden box from the trash.

Jianan learns Junning has been going through a bad patch. He is sad that he has passed his bad luck onto Junning and wants Danle to find a new home for him, so that he can stay away from Junning. Zhenzhen buys a branded bag for Junning and apologises. They reconcile and Zhenzhen vows never to betray her again.

Junning suspects Jianan is the boss of the furniture shop. Jianan denies this. Zhenzhen meets Danle at the boxing school and shares that she wants to give Shiqian a surprise. She is stunned to see Shiqian fooling around with Mandy in the washroom, but pretends to be indifferent about it. Danle feels sorry for her.

Junning and Zhenzhen notice a yellow line in the house when they visit Danle. Zhicheng tells them a very unlucky person lives in the house, who must keep his distance from everyone except Danle. Junning notices the box her grandmother had left her in Jianan’s possession, and asks for it back. A series of accidents leads Jianan to give Junning artificial resuscitation.
 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 5

Zhicheng is stunned to see Jianan kissing Junning, and shows his surprise that nothing bad happens to Junning. Jianan runs off. Junning tells Zhicheng off for believing in the bad luck story. She does not realise she can no longer lie. Concerned about Junning, Jianan urges Danle to warn Junning to be careful.

Junning assumes Jianan is just a stalker who uses the name Little Frog online to keep tabs on her. She also assumes Jianan has lied about his owner status because he wants a higher price for the house. Zhenzhen deduces that Jianan did so much for Junning because he likes her. Back in the office, Junning lashes out at Panpan for being a traitor and warns Dechu that if Panpan can betray her, then she can also stab him in the back.

Junning threatens to call the police if Jianan refuses to stop tailing her. Jianan discovers that after the artificial resuscitation incident, he no longer passes bad luck to others. Junning tells Zitong the breakfast he has prepared tastes awful. She scolds Junjie for playing computer games all day. Burton likes Jianan’s designs and wants to work with him. Junning lashes out at her clients and the developer and loses her deals and contracts. Only too late, she realises she is in trouble.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 6

Xinshan is happy to learn Jianan has somehow gotten rid of the curse. Jianan hopes to take Xinshan home after her surgery, but realises he has sold the house. Junning is troubled about the recent events and suspects they could be related to Jianan. Herman is incensed that the developer has decided not to work with the company on account of Junning.

Even Sally has decided to join Dechu’s team. Zitong cannot understand why Junning has been shooting her mouth off recently and offending so many people. Junning realises that after the incident in house number eight, she has been saying whatever comes to her mind without reservation. Jianan learns Xinshan’s surgery has been brought forward and that he will get his house back, as the developer has gone bankrupt. He goes out for a meal with Danle and learns from Zhenzhen that Junning is in deep trouble. Jianan turns up to get his cheque and sees Junning being chased out by Herman for revealing his secrets.

Junning does not want to see Yaowen, as she is afraid she will shoot her mouth off again. Zitong suspects Zhicheng has cast a spell on Junning. He gets a talisman from the temple to burn outside the Zhus’ house and is chased away by Danle. Burton introduces his clients to Jianan. One of the clients, Ava, turns up with Shiqian. Junning causes Shiqian to break up with Zhenzhen. She tells Zhenzhen off for being stupid.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 7

Zhenzhen runs off in tears after being scolded by Junning. He is remorseful and wants to apologise, but Zhenzhen refuses to see her or take her calls. Zhenzhen goes to the boxing school and tells Shiqian to hit her if he wants, to vent his frustrations. Danle pities Zhenzhen and hits Shiqian. Infuriated, Zhenzhen boxes him.

She agrees to stay away from Junning if Shiqian reconciles with her. Xinshan moves to Jianan’s house after her surgery. Danle is envious of their close relationship. Xinshan sees the wooden box and finds it familiar. Jianan tells Xinshan he does not dare tell Junning how he feels, as Junning has not been to stop herself from shooting her mouth off since their so-called kiss. Danle finally visits Fengzhu, his mother. She explains that she had him at the age of 17 and could not bring him up.

When she married Tai, she lied to him and they adopted Danle. Danle blames Fengzhu for lying to Tai and causing Tai’s death after the truth came to light. Jianan wants to celebrate Xinshan’s birthday, but no one dares to come. Yaowen takes Junning to see his classmate, Jay, who is a psychiatrist. Jay concludes that Junning is stressed. Yaowen is sad when Junning admits she does not love him. Junning loses her temper when Jianan suggests he kiss her again and see if things improve. When she learns Zitong has been fired, she lashes out at her father. To Jianan’s dismay, Junning breaks down in tears.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 8

Junning is disturbed that Zitong seems to be angry with her. She lashes out at more clients and almost loses her job. Jianan is pleasantly surprised when he wins a prize in a lucky draw. Xinshan believes that as long as he has a good heart and is charitable, his bad luck will disappear. Jianan gets his first big client for his furniture business.

Danle is envious when he sees Xinshan caring for Jianan like a mother would. Junning meets Panpan while viewing a unit with a client. She is ashamed when Panpan reminds her of what she used to say in her heyday. Panpan sneers at Junning when she clinches the deal. Back at the office, Dechu shows off his sales figures on the notice board.

As Herman is unhappy with her performance, Junning decides to resign. Jianan returns the wooden box to Junning. When Junning holds the box, she treats Jianan gently, but when the box leaves her hand, she detests Jianan again. Relatives turn up for Xinshan’s birthday party because they know Jianan won a big prize.

Danle is sceptical when a distant cousin, Weiqiao, moves in with them. Zhenzhen resigns and patches up with Junning. Junning is sad that Zitong continues to ignore her. Junning finds the storybook in the box and discovers the way to change her luck.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 9

Junning rushes to Zhenzhen’s house to show her the storybook. Her teacher had given her the book as a reward when she was in primary school. She had written, “I hope I need not lie again in future” on one page, and there were two more lines on the next page that read, “The princess never lied again and the prince stopped being a jinx.” Zhenzhen suggests Junning should ask Jianan whether he wrote the sentences in the book.

If Jianan admits it, Junning can just kiss him again and solve the problem. Weiqiao learns Jianan will earn $160,000 when the project is completed and decides to remain with him. Danle helps Jianan get Weiqiao off his back. Junning tries to kiss Jianan after confirming he did write the lines in the book. Weiqiao’s boyfriend, Rain, thwarts her attempt by kicking up a fuss. Weiqiao asked Rain to pose as a creditor; their plan is to cheat Jianan of his money.

Junning looks on with disdain when Jianan forks out wads of cash to help Weiqiao repay her “debt”. Xinshan tells Jianan how she had broken up with Zitong years ago, as she saw no future with a man who refused to get a proper job or get married. Jianan is stunned when Weiqiao gives him a kiss for helping her, but he rejects her love.

With Rain, she plots to get even more money from him. Junning’s attempts to kiss Jianan fall through. Zhenzhen learns Shiqian is marrying a woman who is pregnant with his baby. She beats him up at the boxing school. Later, she gets drunk and kisses Danle.

 Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 10

Danle finds himself falling for Zhenzhen after their kiss. Zhenzhen confides in Junning, who is happy her friend is relieved of Shiqian. She learns of the kiss and is envious, as she has tried to kiss Jianan but to no avail. Danle tells Jianan about the kiss. Jianan senses Danle has developed feelings for Zhenzhen.

Hoping to create an opportunity to kiss Jianan, Junning decides to imitate Zhenzhen’s example of being drunk. She asks him out for drinks and tries to avoid talking. He gets drunk very quickly and has to be taken home. Junning soon realises how much he really likes her and is worries he will become a jinx again after she kisses him.

However, she has no choice. Weiqiao appears on the scene and ruins Junning’s chances of kissing Jianan. Jianan is upset Junning had witnessed Weiqiao kissing him. Danle visits Fengzhu and dines with her for the first time in several years. Xinshan tries to counsel Zitong. Weiqiao is sad when Jianan rejects her love yet again.

Xinshan urges him to give Weiqiao a chance. Jianan, Danle, Zhenzhen and Junning drink together. While playing Truth or Dare, Zhenzhen creates a chance for Junning to kiss Jianan.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 11
 Zhenzhen achieves her goal. Pleased, she takes Junning home. She believes Junning will soon revert back to her normal self. Junning realises she still cannot bring herself to lie. Pulling herself together, she decides to move on with her life. She drags Zhenzhen out to exercise in the morning, They see Zitong and Xinshan in the park having breakfast like an old couple.

Junning asks Zitong whether he is dating Xinshan. Father and daughter fall out again, as he assumes she looks down on him. Xinshan advises Junning to think positive, so as to avoid hurting others. Junning tries, but cannot help criticising Weiqiao’s bad fashion sense. Dechu turns up at the Zhus’ house to discuss a deal, as he now represents another en bloc developer.

A special is filmed at the boxing school. Danle is impressed Zhenzhen gets along well with everyone on the set. Jianan realises Junning has design talent and invites her to join his company. Danle asks Zhenzhen to help out with PR work.

Weiqiao lies that she owes $50,000 because a friend ran away after using her as a guarantor. Danle sees Weiqiao handing Jianan’s cheque to Rain. Jianan plucks up the courage to tell Junning how he feels about her.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 12

Zhenzhen suspects Junning has fallen for Jianan. Danle is unhappy with Jianan for giving Weiqiao the cheque without informing him. Xinshan learns Weiqiao’s parents disowned her after she cheated them for her boyfriend’s sake. Jianan feels he can earn the money again and would feel bad if something had happened to Weiqiao on account of money.

Junjie has matured since being in the army. He helps Junning and Zitong reconcile. With Jianan, Junning meets the Mas to discuss the furniture design. Her harsh words offend Mrs Ma. Even so, Jianan refuses to fire her. She is moved. Junning gives Jianan a treat. They spend a happy time together at the ice skating rink. Danle finds out the timber factory recommended by Zhenzhen belongs to Fengzhu. He tells her about his family’s problems.

Jianan’s aunts, Xiuzhi and Xiulian, move in with him, and claim they have a share in the house. Jianan’s good luck continues. The police manage to nab Weiqiao and Rain, and the Mas decide to hire Jianan. Burton enters Jianan’s works in competitions and wins awards. Zhenzhen feels Jianan owes his good fortune to Junning. Junning finds another clue in the book and again plots to make Jianan kiss her.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 13

 Zhenzhen learns about the frog prince storybook and deduces that the spell will only work if Jianan kisses Junning voluntarily and not the other way round. Junning worries that Jianan will become a jinx yet again, but Zhenzhen reminds her that he should return the good luck to her. Jianan declares he is willing to give up everything for his beloved.

Junning cannot bring herself to let him revert to his old self, but she cannot be sure she has fallen for him. Danle suspects Junning is trying to get close to Jianan to exact revenge, but Jianan thinks otherwise. Danle tells Junning not to hurt Jianan’s feelings. Fengzhu hopes Danle will invest $200,000 for her factory’s expansion. She asserts that Jianan should give Danle half of the company’s shares, as they are partners.

Zitong discovers Xinshan still has the silk scarf he gave her 30 years ago and assumes she still has feelings for him. Danle becomes jealous watching Zhenzhen entertain their clients. In Jianan’s assessment, Danle is in love. Danle falls ill and Zhenzhen spares no effort to cheer him up. He seizes the opportunity to express his feelings for her.

Burton throws a party before leaving the country. Junning accuses one of the guests, Adriana, of being in an affair. As a result, Adriana and her husband quarrel. While drunk, Junning admits to Jianan that she is not really in love with him. He is disheartened.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 14

The next day, Jianan pretends nothing went on when Junning asks what she said to him while she was drunk. Despite knowing she is lying about being in debt, Jianan lends his aunt $20,000. He tells Junning he does not mind sharing the money, as long as everyone is happy. Xiulian lacks one person for a mahjong game.

Tempted to join in, Zitong decides to skive from work. Xinshan feigns illness to make him take her to the clinic and even accompanies him to his office. He dreams of a future with her. Dechu forces Junning to use her sharp tongue while meeting clients. Danle loses a client as a result and is infuriated.

Panpan tries to persuade Jianan to sell the house. Jianan and Junning go to Fengzhu’s factory to look for suitable wood to make a musical box for the upcoming competition. Fengzhu mentions the factory expansion plan and hints that Jianan should not let Danle down. After an argument with Danle over the $20,000 he gave to his aunt, Jianan decides to set up a joint account with Danle. Herman promises Junning a raise and promotion if she can persuade Jianan to sell the house.

Jianan tells Junning his grandfather once made a wooden box for someone special to him. Zhenzhen urges Junning to make Jianan kiss her, as she will get her luck back and he will gain more than $2 million from the sale of the house. Jianan’s feelings are hurt when Junning tells him about the deal with Herman.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 15

Junning apologises to Jianan for not making clear her stand earlier. He asserts he is already very happy to be able to work with her. He has decided to sell the house to repay her; he only hopes she will participate in the competition with him. Junning takes out her wooden box and is surprised she no longer feels nice and warm when carrying it. She suspects it is because she has hurt Jianan’s feelings. Jianan asks Danle to open a joint account with him.

He also hands him a cheque for Fengzhu. Junning mentions she had overheard Zhongqiang asking Fengzhu to demand money from Danle. Yaowen returns after a stint with Doctors Without Borders. He plans to court Junning again. Junning is moved by what Yaowen is willing to do for her, but finds herself thinking of Jianan. Zhenzhen suspects Junning has really fallen for Jianan. Zitong intends to propose to Xinshan on Valentine’s Day. Adriana turns out to be the competition’s judge.

Jianan stops Junning from pandering to Adriana’s whims and fancies. A series of accidents puts Jianan’s work in first place. Adriana asserts that Jianan’s win is a lucky one. To worsen matters, Yaowen makes it clear to Jianan that Junning is his girlfriend. Jianan is unhappy when Danle exposes his relatives’ attempts to fleece him. He decides to kiss Junning and let her revert to her normal self. Jianan realises his newfound good fortune has made him unhappy.
Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 16 Jianan is happy when Junning is able to lie once again. He decides to stay away from her, as he does not want his bad luck to rub off on her again. Junning has mixed feelings about her “recovery”. Danle admonishes Jianan for giving up everything for a woman who does not even love him.

He also quarrels with Zhenzhen, who asserts that Junning had refrained from letting Jianan kiss her earlier, as she was concerned about him. Junning lashes out at Jianan’s relatives, who are trying to force him to sell the house, so that they can get a share of the money.

When she reveals he has reverted to his old self, the relatives run off. Zhicheng returns to Singapore to look for a girlfriend. He hugs Jianan, but is unaffected by bad luck. Jianan finds out he will suffer ill fortune, but will no longer affect others around him.

Danle realises Fengzhu really wants to expand the business. He and Jianan reconcile after the misunderstanding is cleared. Junning discovers Xinshan merely regards Zitong as a friend. Yaowen intends to go into medical research and hopes Junning will assist him. He deliberately behaves intimately with her when Jianan is around. During the celebratory party, Jianan is accused of copying Xin Kena’s work in his competition entry.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 17
Junning drags Jianan away to avoid any embarrassment. She does not understand why Xin Kena had accused them of copying her design. Jianan believes she did not do it, but Zhicheng does not trust her. He suggests Junning admit her mistake, so that Jianan can retain his reputation. Jianan objects, as the music box is a joint project. Junning decides discuss the matter with Xin Kena personally.

Junning explains to Xin Kena that she once saw a box with a Bohemian theme in an exhibition in Prague and liked it. That box turns out to be Xin Kena’s work. As both she and Xin Kena like the Bohemian theme, the two wooden boxes resemble each other. Xin Kena agrees to accept compensation and an apology. However, as Jianan is about to leave, he accidentally breaks a treasured vase. Enraged, Xin Kena demands Junning and Jianan admit to copying her design at a press conference and pay compensation. Junning convinces Jianan to let her take the rap alone, to ensure that Danle and Zhenzhen do not lose their jobs.

Xinshan rejects Zitong’s marriage proposal. Though he appears to be taking it well, he disappears. Junning and Xinshan worry. Dechu is unhappy when Junning returns to work. Herman wants both she and Dechu to take charge of a hotel project. On the day Junning and Dechu are supposed to meet the person-in-charge at the hotel, Dechu sends Panpan to lock Junning up in the washroom.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 18

 Junning is locked up in the toilet with a lady named Daley. By the time they finally are out, Dechu has already pitched his idea to the manager. Luckily, Daley turns out to be the boss and Junning is given 30 minutes to make her presentation.

Junning has no choice but to turn up late for Xin Kena’s press conference. As Xin Kena refuses to allow the apology to be even one minute late, Jianan takes the microphone and admits he had copied the design. By the time Junning turns up, the press conference is over. Danle and Zhicheng do not believe Junning was late because she had no choice, but Jianan trusts her. Dechu badmouths Junning, and causes Zhenzhen to doubt her as well.

Nonetheless, Jianan still chooses to trust Junning completely. Yaowen is sad Junning ignores him while watching the video of the press conference. Junning apologises to Jianan and is moved when he asserts that even if he gets to choose again, he would kiss her and return her the good luck.

Jianan loses the award and the hotel project recommended by Burton. Junning tells Zhenzhen she has fallen in love with Jianan. Xinshan is worried to find Zitong going out with Wu Meili. Danle and Zhenzhen are busy dealing with all the customers who want to annul their contracts with Jianan. Danle learns Fengzhu has stomach cancer.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 19

Junning expresses her feelings for Jianan, but he does not dare to accept her love, for fear of passing on his bad luck again. He even urges her to return to Yaowen. Jianan rejects Junning’s kiss. Later, he calls on Yaowen to persuade him not to give up on Junning.

Danle and Zhenzhen try in vain to convince Fengzhu to seek medical help. She insists on taking Chinese medicine instead. When Zhenzhen learns Fengzhu needs $200,000 to repay her debts or risk having to close down the factory, she decides to help. Zhicheng has no money to give Zhenzhen. Junning promises to help if she clinches the hotel deal and earns the commission.

Junning finds out Zitong has obtained a taxi driver’s licence and is sharing a taxi with Meili, who is a widow. Xinshan is happy Zitong is finally trying to improve himself. Junning succeeds in finding a buyer for the hotel project. Dechu, Panpan and the rest try to gain her favour. Yaowen gives Junning up and becomes her godbrother.

He even urges Jianan to accept her love. Just then, Jianan learns a fire has left him with no materials. To help Jianan, Junning asks Herman for part of her commission. Jianan learns Danle needs money to help Fengzhu as well. He decides to sell his house and close down the business. Jianan is sad when Danle takes Junning’s money to save his mother’s factory. An accident at the factory causes Jianan to be injured.

Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男 Wen Wo Ba Zhu Jia Nan Episode 20
Danle feels bad when Jianan is sent to the hospital. Junning decides to let him kiss her and get rid of his bad luck. Unfortunately, his face is bandaged and he cannot kiss her. Danle and Zhenzhen fall out over the money problem. Danle learns from Xinshan that Jianan sold the house because he also wanted to help him.

He feels bad about betraying his pal. When Danle calls on Fengzhu, he discovers she is leaving with Zhongqiang and letting the bank take over the factory. Once again, he is abandoned by his mother. Danle breaks up with Zhenzhen at the boxing school. He then calls on Jianan and apologises before moving out of Jianan’s house.

Zhenzhen is unable to stop him. Jianan is discharged. Moved by Junning’s love for him, he gives her a kiss. Three months later, life has returned to normal. Jianan is not unlucky anymore and Junning is able to lie, even though she does so sparingly. Jianan and Junning are about to move house when they stumble upon the secret of the wooden box. Jianan’s grandfather, Wenbiao, and Junning’s grandmother, Yuying, were each other’s first loves, but war broke them up.

The two boxes were made by Jianan’s grandfather for Yuying. Zhicheng remains in Singapore and goes into business with Zhenzhen. Though she has yet to accept his love, she is willing to give him a chance. Jianan has found a job in a furniture shop and enjoys his work. He and Junning can finally be together forever.