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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rui En Songs

I didn't know Rui En could sing till I heard Di Ya (陈迪雅) from Cha Ban Sheng (插班生, The Freshman) singing Rui En's "Tao Yan" in a singing competition some time back. It was such a nice song so I wanted to listen to it again and I searched online and found out it's actually Rui En's song. OMG.

Some research:
Rui En has dabbled in the Taiwanese music industry before returning to Singapore to focus on her acting career. She looks like a teenager in those videos! Here are some of her previous songs:

討厭 by 芮恩
tao yan - rui en

是谁 by 芮恩
Shi Shui by Rui En

She has even appeared in a Jay Chou MV! 暗号 by 周杰伦. Spot her..

She has also collaborated recently with Taufik in a song he wrote himself:
Sky's The Limit - Taufik Batisah feat. Rui En

Found another of their collab on YouTube:
Reach out for the Skies by Rui En and Taufik (NDP 2005)

So pretty and love her cornrows!


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