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Monday, May 04, 2015

Kate Pang Had A Miscarriage During Hosting Stint Between Star Awards Show 1 & 2

Many things go on un-noticed behind the scenes during awards shows. What we normally see are all the glitz and glamour.

It comes as a surprise when I found out about Kate Pang's miscarriage via her hubby's instagram account. Apparently, she had lost her 2nd child (about a month old).

She had to go through a medical procedure in between rehearsing and prepping for her hosting stints for the Star Awards Show 1 & 2 in April 2015.

According to a report from toggle:  she experienced bleeding and went for a checkup. Her doctor found out that her baby was no longer developing. She was advised to have a surgical operation to remove her baby.

Was rather moved by her professionalism and bravery throughout this tough time. RESPECT!

Excerpt from the report:

"As the 32-year-old was a host for the second show of Star Awards, she had originally planned to undergo the procedure to remove the baby after the show, but was advised to do so quickly to prevent the awkward situation of bleeding while hosting."

“When I learnt that I needed the surgery, I immediately phoned Andie. Soon after, his manager called and asked if I needed any help. She told me that Andie burst into tears at the film set (after the call).”

Kate added, “I didn’t expect it to be such a big blow to him. I am someone who is better at concealing my emotions and tears from others, so I was shocked that he cried.”

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