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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yuan Shuai Plans To Return To China

Is Yuan Shuai leaving Singapore? In a report from The Straits Times, Life Section on 10 March 2014, Yuan Shuai shared his plans to return to China.

Being the only child and son from his family, he is planning to head back to China to help his Dad out in their family business. They run a factory that produces security seals for bottles.

His father has leukemia and is currently recuperating from a bone marrow transplant surgery from 2013.

Yuan Shuai joins Zhou Ying and Ann Kok in the latest slew of upcoming celebrity departures from the Mediacorp group of Talent and Artists.

But all is not lost as Yuan Shuai seems likely to set aside time to pursue his passion in acting while tending to business and family obligations.

In his Twitter post, he tries to comfort this fans and friends who have asked if he was really leaving.

"...Somebody cried.. Somebody asked me if I'm leaving... Don't cry. Don't be sad. What I mean is I'm going to divide my time between home and business, while trying to remain true to my passions. I am not leaving. I'm only taking on more responsibilities as part of the journey of growing up" (Loosely translated)

The Straits Times, 10 March 2013.


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