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Monday, March 24, 2014

Desmond Tan Blacks Out - Falls - But Soldiers On With Musical Performance

Up and coming actor, Desmond Tan got seriously injured on his face last Thursday (20th March 2013), when he blacked out suddenly and landed on his face.

According to a report from Channel News Asia site on 22 Mar 2014, he decided to carry on a pre-arranged gig the next day, even though he looked like he needed to rest. He performed on Friday, at the Music Dreamer Live! Café at Marina Square.

Desmond Tan shared more of his harrowing experience below in the following excerpts from report from

"It is quite scary. We were standing in a circle talking, then suddenly I just fainted and landed on my face.

"I didn't know what happened. My friends told me I was unconscious for a while. When I woke up, I was staring blankly at them. So that's when my friends got worried and sent me to hospital," said Tan.

"I was put under observation in hospital. They (his doctors) can't find the cause of my fainting. They said it is likely due to irregular heartbeats or it could be due to fits, but when I fell, there were no symptoms of fits [present]."

"The doctors wanted to keep me under observation for 24 hours after the incident, but I needed to hold the showcase ... so they made me sign an indemnity form before letting me go."

Get well soon!!

More information on Desmond Tan at:

Recent PEEL FRESH TVC of Desmond Tan and Julie Tan on -air in Singapore:



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