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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pan Ling Ling And Her Battle With Breast Cancer

Pan Ling Ling discovered that she had lumps in her left breast when she went for her routine checkup in 2013. In a report from on 16th March 2014, she shared that her doctor warned her about it on 8 March 2013.

It's been a year since the bad news hit her. 43 year old Pan Ling Ling has since undergone surgery to remove 7 cysts. 6 were discovered to be non-cancerous (benign lumps) and one was malignant.

She had chemotherapy and radiotherapy as part of her battle with breast cancer. She also had breast reconstruction surgery. Expectedly, she experienced hairfall as part of the side-effects of chemotherapy. Her eyebrows and eyelashes also suffered a similar fate as the hair on her head. She also felt bloated.

While she underwent the various medical treatments, she also faced news of her father's failing health in November 2013. Both her father and her soldiered on with their fight with cancer. However, she lost her Dad eventually in 2 February 2014 from lung cancer.

She kept her health condition under wraps as she did not want others to be worried about her and only recently broke the news. She will be on medication for the next 5 years as part of the recovery process.

"We need to be optimistic. Having a terminal illness doesn’t mean that we are on a road of no return,” she said. “We still can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.” - Pan Ling Ling

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kelly said...

Does Mammogram detect bacteria? {BAD gut bacteria may cause cancer by disarming immune system }

A Ugunda study on Kaposi sarcoma or Lymphotic Cancer found that cancer is related to parasites.

Does mammograms detect parasites?

Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), a tool for diagnosing liver tumours considered USELESS and INEFFECTIVE!​/328/7438/507.full named Mammogram a one of the Top 10 Deadly Medical Traps!
Mammograms, biopsies and even cancer-removal surgeries have the potential to SPREAD cancer.
Why are we not told these?

Have you ever hear of cancer charities telling you that chemo causes balding, not the cancer?
No? And do you ever wonder why?

I like Pan Ling Ling a lot but believe she is a willing tool of propaganda. And she is not even aware she's been made use of.

I hope lesser celebrities get hoodlinked to help line the pockets of those pharmaceutical companies who sell people harmful chemo drugs!

singpost said...

Links from Kelly comments for easier browsing:​/328/7438/507.full

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