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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ya Hui as Wen Ya in Gonna Make It 雅慧饰演张文雅 - 小小传奇

Wenya: "The boy is mine!" "他是我的。"

Who Will Oscar Choose? Xiao Xiao? Or Wen Ya?
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Ya Hui's acting in "Gonna Make It"  小小传奇 is raising some eyebrows.
She plays a mean character, "Wen Ya" (张文雅),  who is scheming and bent on making things horrible for the female lead of the show, "Xiao Xiao" (played by Julie Tan)

With her sweetie pie face, it's hard to fathom how she could convey the expressions of the cunning character so subtly and naturally.
Julie Tan & Ya Hui Face Off in "Gonna Make it"

Watch video to find out more:
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Ya Hui and Julie Tan are not on good terms? 雅慧与陈欣淇闹不和?

She posted a number of Instagram posts related to her characters emotions with related captions
as a marketing effort.  Some of them are Super emo!



 I waited, but you never appear. 
我只想说, 我爱你。

Kudos to Ya Hui.  Gonna make it indeed.
It's tough to play the baddie and be liked by the audience.

Hope she gets recognized for her acting skills and
get a Star Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2014. 

Here's Ya Hui being interviewd by CTV (Ngee Ann Poly's campus television station) during Star Awards 2013:

Ya Hui & Xu Bin Video Bloopers from 小小传奇, Gonna Make it:

Behind the Scenes of "Gonna Make It"
"Most Unforgettable Hairstyling Experience" Interview with Xu Bin and Yahui by

Her Original Name is
许雅慧 Koh Yah Hwee.

Race: Chinese
Height: 1.7 metres
Weight: 52kg
Date of Birth: 18 MAY 1987
She is 26 years old this year. (Year 2013)

Ya Hui studied in Manjusri Secondary School and Serangoon Junior College.
She was the prom queen during her college days.

Ya Hui entered Star Search in 2007 and won the Most Photogenic Award.
Thereafter, she signed a contract with Mediacorp.


She like to tells jokes too.
Yahui at a photoshoot with Esquire Singapore in early 2013, cracking a rather lame joke.
hahaha... You're warned.

Recently in September 2013,
Ya Hui was also involved in a music video from
"Ministry Of Toilets"?
I am not sure if this is a real ministry.. hmmm...weird rite.
Here's the video. You are warned. Kinda shocking!!!

In 2011, she removed the usage of her surname "Xu" and
became known as "Ya Hui" (雅慧) instead of "Xu Ya Hui" (许雅慧)

Once she changed her name by removing her first name, 2 advertisers came knocking on her door. Though it's not clear if the name change caused the soaring of her popularity, there were speculations that she was following the footsteps of Ou Xuan (Jeanette Aw) and Rui En, who both have 2 worded names, instead of the usual 3 worded norm. 

So is she dating anyone??
Hmmm... Not sure if Ya Hui is dating Aloysious Pang (冯伟衷).

But I think it's likely that they're just acting in a new drama together.
Drama titled: 《烧。卖》(Shao Mai meaning Steamed Dumpling)
"Served H.O.T."

Ya Hui hamming it up with Ian.
I think if she was really dating Aloysious, Aloysious would have been really jealous to see this gesture.
So nah.. not likely they are dating.

Are sparks flying between Aloysius Pang and Ya Hui already?! 冯伟衷和雅慧在开拍前已擦出火花了?!
Watch Video from xinmsn:

Yahui seems to be close with Chen Liping, Rebecca Lim and  Jessica Liu.
Some photos from her instagram posts:


 Some goofy selfie videos from her instagram:

Find out more about Ya Hui at:


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