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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The 7 Princesses Are Back

The 7 Princesses Are All Back At Mediacorp!

So here's a quick recap from what I can recall:

1. Jeanette Aw
(Recipient of Star Awards for All-Time Favourite Artiste in 2015)

2. Rui En
(Recently received Star Awards for All-Time Favourite Artiste in 2016)

3. Joanne Peh
(Upcoming Recipient of  Star Awards for All-Time Favourite Artiste in 2017, Mother Of One Child & Wife of 715)

3. Dawn Yeoh
(Showcased her singing skills in recent Xinyao Inspired TV Drama "Crescendo")

4. Jesseca Liu
(Owns Spa Business In Langkawi & Dabbled in Other Home Decor Retail Business with Ann Kok)

5. Fiona Xie
(Explored Different Career Path in Hong Kong and Seems To Have Traveled Around)

7. Felicia Chin (Ventured Into Further Studies & Currently Owns F&B businesses)

Except for Jeanette Aw, Joanne Peh and Rui En, the other 4 girls have left Mediacorp for quite a while before their return in recent years.

The last one who're joined the bandwagon in June 2016 is none other than Fiona Xie, who still comes across as really bubbly in this video interview at TOGGLE:

More at:

Here's a look at the girls now:

Dawn Yeoh:

Fiona Xie:

A photo posted by -fiona xie- (@xplacidacidx) on

Felicia Chin:

Jesseca Liu:
A photo posted by 刘子绚 jesseca liu (@jesssseca) on

Rui En:

Joanne Peh:

Jeanette Aw:
A photo posted by Jeanette Aw 欧萱 (@jeanetteaw_xuan) on

Rui En
A photo posted by Dennis Chew (周崇庆) (@denniszhouchongqing) on



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