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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Jessica And Krystal on Channel M

One of my current favorite shows on TV now is JESSICA & KRYSTAL on Channel M every Tuesday night. Jessica is from "Girls' Generation" and Krystal is her real life younger sister who's in a different girl group "FX".

It's kinda of like a reality show that showcases the girls as they hang out together on trips, at a dorm, on photoshoots, music video filming, chatting and eating. You get to know them on a more personal level and get to see them talking to each other in cutesy language.

It's amusing and entertaining to watch the 2 of them frolicking around in leopard print tights at home and giggling over the silliest stuff.

Here's an excerpt of the first episode with English Subtitles:

f(x) Video:

Girls' Generation Video:

Jessica And Krystal (With English Subtitles)

Complete Playlist:

Episode 1


Driving Lesson

Unpacking Day

L.A. Road Trip

Jessica's Birthday

Episode 2

Playing Around

Food & Family

Jessica Cooks

Hyoyeon & Tiffany Visits The Apartment

Episode 3

Fun & Games

New York City

Work & Play

New York Style

Eat! Play! Love!

Episode 4

Hello My Friend

Girls' Talk

Thanks, My Fans

Home Relaxing

Home Cooking

Episode 5

Home Alone

Jessica's Fashion

Jessica's It Place

An Idol's Life

Episode 6

After the Show

Meet With Friends

Fun With Friends

Jessica, the Mom

Time Flies Fast

Episode 7

Girls Night Out

Date Night

How Not To Bake

Baking, Take 2

No Tarts But Love

Episode 8

Jessica & Krystal Ep 8 Part 1

Jessica & Krystal Ep 8 Part 2

Jessica & Krystal Ep 8 Part 3

Jessica & Krystal Ep 8 Part 4

Jessica & Krystal Ep 8 Part 5

Episode 9

Jessica & Krystal Ep 9 Part 1

Jessica & Krystal Ep 9 Part 2

Jessica & Krystal Ep 9 Part 3

Jessica & Krystal Ep 9 Part 4

Jessica & Krystal Ep 9 Part 5

Episode 10

A Surprise Gift

Tears and Laughter

In The Beginning

Fun, Fashion, Food

Cheers! The End


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