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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Journey: Tumultuous Times 信。约:动荡的年代

The Journey: Tumultuous Times
Xin Yue: Dong Dang De Nian Dai

"Tumultous Times" is a 30 episode drama and a continuation of the trilogy ‘The Journey".
"Tumultuous Times" is the 2nd part after "A Voyage"

The story begins from end 1941 right up to 1965 when Singapore gains its independence. The soul-stirring 20 years of Singapore’s nation building is played out by five young protagonists.

It's the 2nd series of the hugely popular Chanel 8 2013 TV Drama THE JOURNEY: A VOYAGE
动荡的年代 will air on 24 November 2014 with 30 episodes.

Titled: "THE JOURNEY: TUMULTOUS TIMES",(hard to spell! cut and paste..)
it stars Andie Chen, Jeanette Aw, Romeo Tan,
Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Carrie Wong and more.

The story revolves around 5 young people spanning 2 decades:
between the period of World War 2 and Singapore's Independence.


Jeanette Aw: Ming Hui.  (Shi Tou and Yazhi's Daughter)
Andie Chen: Dang Yong.  (Shi Tou and Yazhi's Son)

Romeo Tan
: Zhang Yan. (ZTP and Ming Zhu's Son)

Felicia Chin
: Zhang Min.(Tian Ying and Hui Niang Adopted Daughter)
Shaun Chen is playing Hu Jia. (Tian Ying and Hui Niang's son.)

Notably, Chen Hanwei will be playing the villain this time round - Hu Wei Ren. (胡为人)

I think his character has bladder problems later it seems.

 He gained weight to play this role.

Carrie Wong: Tang Shui Mei (Tang Shui Shu's Daughter)

Jeanette Aw 欧萱, Li Nan Xing 李南星, Joanne Peh 白薇秀,
Andie Chen 陈邦鋆, Chen Han Wei 陈汉玮, Shaun Chen 陈泓宇,
Brandon Wong 黄炯耀, Zheng Ge Ping 郑各评,
Chris Tong 童冰玉, Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧,
Desmond Tan 陈泂江, Felicia Chin 陈凤玲,
Carrie Wong 黄思恬, Allen Chen 陈祎伦

信约: 动荡的年代

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 1

It is the 1940s. Tianying and Huiniang have two children, Zhang Jia and Zhang Min. An adopted child, Zhang Min often intercedes when Zhang Jia is naughty and begs for mercy on his behalf. Tianying enjoys a comfortable life. Business in the pharmaceuticals factory is good, and Huiniang is a good wife. Word that the Japanese are nearing Malaysia leaves him worried that war will soon break out. Indeed, on 12 Dec 1941, the people are awakened by an air raid.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 2

Tianpeng has no choice but to leave when Tianying and his family fail to turn up at the pier. In February 1942, the Japanese enter Singapore and start a massacre. On New Year’s Eve, Tianying and his family eat a simple meal.

He wants Huiniang to go to the village to hide, while he stays to protect the company. She refuses to leave, and suggests they send the children to Hong Shi and Yazi when the situation stabilises.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 3

After Huiniang’s death, Zhang Min disguises herself as a boy and sets off with Zhang Jia to Hong Shi’s place. Along the way, they meet Weiren, who wants to present Zhang Min to the Japanese. Zhang Jia falls into the water with Weiren in his efforts to protect his sister. In Ipoh, Hong Shi and Yazi are anxious about Tianying and Tianpeng.

They remind their children, Dangyong and Minghui, how the two brothers had helped them. Zhang Min turns up at their door and tells them Huiniang has passed away, while Tianying and Zhang Jia are missing.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 4

Weiren tells Hu Jia that like him, his son was smart and very filial. It has been six years since he died shielding his father from a stab wound. Weiren believes his son’s soul has possessed Hu Jia and wants him to be his son.

Hence, he lies that Tianying has been sent to build the railroad in Siam and only he can help save him. He promises that once Tianying returns, their own ties will be severed.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 5

Hu Jia tells Sweet Soup Girl he is repaying her for saving him in the past. Black Dog died during their tussle years ago. Since then, White Dog has been trying to avenge him. Hu Jia falls into White Dog’s trap. Sweet Soup Girl tips Hu Jia’s lackeys off, and Bullethead leads a band of men to save their chief.

Hu Jia returns to his hideout. Weiren has become slow-witted after a bout of fever and often imagines people are in pursuit of traitors like him. Ten years ago, Hu Jia had saved Weiren, who was ill.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 6

Zhang Yan asks the Caucasian police inspector to help him. Hu Jia saves Bullethead, but his efforts leave Zhang Yan and the inspector injured. Zhang Min and Dangyong rush to aid Zhang Yan. Meanwhile, Hu Jia and Bullethead challenge Zhang Yan to a fight.

Hu Jia’s quick reflexes leave a deep impression on Dangyong. Hu Jia’s boss, Sihai, wants Hu Jia to get Bullethead to surrender to the police. Hu Jia cannot bear to do so, as Bullethead has a family.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 7

White Dog will release Xiaoping if Bullethead will join his gang. He also wants Bullethead to show his loyalty by killing Hu Jia. Hu Jia, who had merely pretended to be drunk, attacks White Dog. Zhang Yan is investigating Yujie’s father’s accident when he learns about Xiaoping’s predicament.

He notices Minghui and Sweet Soup Girl trying to locate her and becomes concerned. Police officer Xiaoliu warns Zhang Yan of trouble if he probes into the accident. Zhang Yan asserts his status as a lawyer and soon-to-be public prosecutor, and insists he is merely seeking compensation for Dahai. Xiaoliu agrees to help look for Xiaoping.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 8

Zhang Yan finds out the driver who had knocked Dahai down was drunk. He makes the driver pay out compensation, and the case is settled. Not knowing Luo Xin is eyeing him, Dangyong gets the workers to hold a demonstration on Dahai’s behalf.

Dangyong quarrels with Zhang Yan when he learns the latter had settled the case out of court. Minghui and Zhang Min mediate. Zhang Yan worries when he finds out Zhang Min and her students will be holding a demonstration and handing in a petition against the National Service Ordinance.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 9

Hu Jia decides to save Bullethead on his own when Sihai refuses to help. Luo Xin gets acquainted with Dangyong and talks about his goals. Dangyong realises they have similar aspirations. Luo Xin notes that if the student protests are noticed, public dissatisfaction with the colonial government will intensify.
Hu Jia kidnaps White Dog’s son and demands White Dog fork out money to save Bullethead. Zhang Yan fills Zhang Min in when the business association steps in to mediate and the students disperse.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 10
Hu Jia likes Minghui. He saves her from being attacked by a gangster who is at the hospital for treatment. Zhang Yan insists on charging Bullethead with murder, even though the Caucasian prosecutor wants him to lift the charges. Ordering Hu Jia not to offend the Caucasians again, Sihai warns that there will not be a second chance.

The government wants to force the students to succumb by bringing forward the mid-year break. It exerts pressure on the business associations. Disgruntled, the students organise a hunger strike. Dangyong tells Zhang Min he is in contact with the underground forces and may be arrested or exiled someday.
The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 11

 Minghui and Sweet Soup Girl try to persuade Hu Jia to change. Making her way home, Minghui is stalked by a crazy man. Hu Jia saves her and sees her home. Along the way, they meet Zhang Yan, who is unhappy with Minghui for being with Sweet Soup Girl and Hu Jia for such a long time.

Hu Jia is disheartened by his assumption that Zhang Yan and Minghui are lovers. Zhang Yan tries in vain to stop Minghui from seeing Hu Jia again.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 12

 Zhang Yan is infuriated when he opens the box from Hu Jia to find salted fish and not money. Hu Jia returns the money to Sihai. He intends to raid the convict van and help Bullethead escape. Sihai knocks him out, so that he will not risk his life. Minghui worries when Sweet Soup Girl reveals she has not seen Hu Jia for two days.

She denies tipping him off, but asserts that she knows Zhang Yan had forced Hu Jia to put up an act in Minghui’s presence. When questioned, Zhang Yan claims he merely wants Minghui to see Hu Jia’s true colours. Sweet Soup Girl confronts Sihai and is locked up with Hu Jia.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 13

 Zhang Yan complains to Hong Shi, who lashes out at Dangyong for being an ingrate. Dangyong insists he is doing no wrong. To get more support, Dangyong badmouths Tianpeng and calls him a capitalist who exploits workers.

He even labels Zhang Yan a lackey of the colonial government. Zhang Min is upset, but there is nothing she can do. Dangyong gets ruffians to ruin Zhang Yan’s election campaign. Dangyong wins the election, but Zhang Yan’s party wins the majority of seats in the legislative assembly.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 14

 Dangyong tells Zhang Yan that to accomplish his aims, he is willing to sacrifice his life, let alone love. He asserts that he has told Zhang Min she can give him up if the need ever arises. Enraged, Zhang Yan vows to deal with him if anything should happen to her. Dangyong and his men organise another strike, which grinds the entire city area to a halt.

Minghui is anxious when she is unable to catch the bus to work. She helps out when Chicken King’s wife goes into labour and asks Hu Jia to take the latter to the hospital. Along the way, he meets White Dog and stays to deal with him. Minghui rushes off with the pregnant woman.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 15

Episode 15

Hu Jia’s lackey is about to attack Zhang Min when Hu Jia appears. She is in a panic because her students refuse to return home. Minghui is busy tending to the injured police officers and commoners. 

She is angry that even foreign correspondents were beaten up. Dangyong discusses with his comrades how they can defeat the colonial government via continued rioting. He objects when Zhang Min suggests letting the students return home; he realises the police will never dare to kill the students.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 16
Episode 16

Sweet Soup Girl chases Hu Jia away and tells him she is getting married the next day. Hu Jia is sad that Sweet Soup Girl is getting married and Minghui is getting engaged. Realising he is not qualified to have a wife, he drinks to forget his misery. He blames Weiren for turning him into a gangster.

When Weiren mentions that Tianying was killed by the Japanese, Hu Jia realises he has been lying all along. Hu Jia wakes up the next day and finds out Sweet Soup Girl has left home for the wedding. He is worried when someone says the groom, Lin Yougui, has venereal disease. He drags Yougui to Minghui’s clinic for a checkup. With her help, Sweet Soup Girl is spared the sentence of becoming Yougui’s concubine.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 17 

Hong Shi publishes a notice in the newspaper, declaring officially that his ties with Dangyong have been severed. Dangyong sets off on his escape route. Zhang Yan is unhappy Zhang Min refuses to leave Dangyong, even though Hong Shi has advised her to consider her own happiness. Zhang Min refrains from telling Zhang Yan she had met Dangyong.

Zhang Yan promises to talk to the authorities, and asks her to convince Dangyong to give himself up. Zhang Min is certain Dangyong will never betray his comrades and work with the authorities. In 1956, talks with the British government regarding autonomy in Singapore fall through. The chief minister resigns. The labour representative takes over as chief minister, and Zhang Yan is promoted.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 18

Episode 18

Sweet Soup Girl is infuriated when Hu Jia asserts that his father is dead and he does not care what happens to Weiren. Weiren is captured by Chicken King and Iron Teeth. Back home, Hu Jia reads the letter his father had left for him and cannot decide if he should save Weiren.

He suddenly remembers that Weiren has also left a letter for him. Minghui asks Sweet Soup Girl about Hu Jia and voice her suspicion that Hu Jia is Zhang Jia. White Dog cuts off Weiren’s ear and sends it to Hu Jia. Locating the letter Weiren had left him, Hu Jia finally learns how his parents died.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 19

Episode 19

Zhang Yan orders the arrest of many underground activists. A few women’s organisations are dispersed. Hu Jia saves Dangyong from being arrested. Zhang Yan captures Hu Jia and tries in vain to make him talk. Zhang Yan denies he is involved in the arrests and asserts that Zhang Min and Minghui will understand his intentions someday. He claims he is trying to save Dangyong by making him give up his underground activities.

 Zhang Min asserts that Dangyong would rather die than succumb to the colonial government. Minghui is shocked when Zhang Yan warns her that if she continues to help Tao-jie, their relationship will be threatened. Zhang Yan stops Zhang Min from moving to the school hostel. He vows revenge if Dangyong causes her to be sacrificed. On her part, she realises Zhang Yan is consumed by his ambition and will do anything to climb up the ranks.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 20
Episode 20
Hu Jia urges Minghui not to marry Zhang Yan. She is stunned when he declares that he likes her. Zhang Yan overhears the conversation and is enraged. Minghui hands the cake she has bought to Hu Jia and tells him she hopes he will be reunited with Zhang Min. Zhang Yan has threatened to take action against their gang, and Sihai orders Hu Jia to capture Dangyong.

Hu Jia agrees reluctantly, but helps Dangyong escape yet again. Hu Jia tells Dangyong he is in a fix, as he does not want to betray his buddy, but he cannot defy his chief’s orders as well. Dangyong pretends to want to give himself up to the authorities, knowing Hu Jia will never let him do so.

The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 21

Episode 21

 Zhang Yan throws the gold bars back at Sihai, but agrees to a week to settle matters when Sihai mentions his close relations with Mr John Kerry. He insists Hu Jia is Dangyong’s accomplice and refuses to listen to Sihai’s explanation. Hu Jia is sad Minghui is marrying Zhang Yan.

After numerous raids on his outlets, Sihai realises his gang will suffer if he does not hand Dangyong over. Hu Jia admits he did help Dangyong, but denies he is an activist. Sihai orders him and Old Cai to capture Dangyong. Hu Jia has no choice but to take Old Cai to Dangyong’s hideout. Though there is only a drunkard in the warehouse, Old Cai gets hold of information on Dangyong’s whereabouts.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 22

Episode 22
White Dog strong-arms his way into Sihai’s turf. Iron Teeth and his pals join him. Sweet Soup Girl urges Hu Jia to go into hiding, but he is determined to gather his men and retrieve Sihai’s turf. On Minghui’s wedding day, Hu Jia finds out Zhang Yan has sent men to tail Zhang Min, who is on her way to meet Dangyong.

He asks Sweet Soup Girl to alert Dangyong. Minghui is stunned when she overhears Zhang Yan ordering his men to arrest Dangyong and kill him if he resists. Acting on Sweet Soup Girl’s tip-off, Dangyong flees. As the police officers are hot on his heels, Hu Jia uses a tear gas bomb to help Dangyong escape.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 23

Zhang Yan warns Zhang Min not to have contact with Dangyong. She does not believe he did not give orders to have Dangyong killed. Zhang Yan uses Hong Shi and Yazi to force Zhang Min to resign from the school. The British decide to make Singapore an autonomous state.

Zhang Yan is jubilant and wants to celebrate with Minghui, but she snubs him. Upset, he seeks the company of prostitutes. Since leaving school, Zhang Min has been working with the medicated oil company. It has been six months since Dangyong was last seen. Even Minghui has advised her to forget him.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 24

Minghui is disappointed when she discovers Zhang Yan has been accepting bribes and even justifies his actions. She breaks down and cries on Hu Jia’s shoulder. Zhang Yan is infuriated at the sight. He tries to think up an excuse to lock Hu Jia up, but is afraid of affecting his elections. Tianpeng and Mingzhu urge Zhang Yan to have a child soon. He tries to consummate his marriage, but Minghui rejects him.

Hu Jia tells Sweet Soup Girl’s father that he will check out the groom before she can get married, because he is like a big brother to her. Minghui continues to reject Zhang Yan’s advances, and he accuses her of having an affair with Hu Jia. He seeks the company of other women and gets into an accident. He is bitter when Hu Jia speaks up for the hawker he has knocked down and demands compensation.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 25

Many people are arrested in the campaign against leftists. Zhang Yan tricks Zhang Min into going to a chalet, to prevent her from seeing Dangyong. She tries to leave when she discovers Tianpeng, Mingzhu and Minghui are not there, but he convinces her to stay the night. The next day, he admits his aim is to stop Dangyong from seeing her.

Zhang Yan tells Zhang Min her biological mother is a prostitute who had left her at Tianying’s doorstep. He feels this revelation should help her empathise with him and his political ideals. He also tells her that he has lost Minghui, and does not want to lose her as well. When she tries to leave, he locks her up.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 26

 Hu Jia is looking for Iron Teeth when police officers turn up to arrest him. Iron Teeth manages to flee. Well aware Zhang Yan is abusing his authority in interrogating and torturing Hu Jia, Minghui quarrels with him.

She is so anxious about Hu Jia’s safety that she finally tells Zhang Yan he is Zhang Jia. Zhang Yan releases Hu Jia after informing him that Minghui has told him everything. Zhang Yan visits Zhang Min at the villa and lies that Dangyong has been arrested and may be sent to prison. He promises to help her save him.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 27

Zhang Yan fires a shot at Dangyong, who falls into the river. After Zhang Yan has left, an injured Dangyong surfaces. His comrade Ding Hao meets him. Ding Hao’s evil intent is to take over Dangyong’s place in the syndicate.

He tries to kill Dangyong, but Hu Jia saves the latter just in time. Zhang Min attempts suicide after being tainted by Zhang Yan. He tells her to fulfill her end of the bargain, as he has already helped Dangyong escape. Dangyong survives but loses the use of his right hand. He is bitter and disillusioned, as even his own people are trying to kill him.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 28

Hu Jia is surprised to learn Zhang Min wants to go overseas. Zhang Min’s female attendant tells Zhang Yan that Zhang Min may be pregnant. Minghui overhears their conversation. Hu Jia takes Zhang Yan and his entourage to the boxing schools and temples to canvass for votes.

Minghui is of the view that the political party that cares for the people will win the elections. White Dog places bets on Zhang Yan’s party, while Hu Jia bets on the other party.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 29

After his electoral loss, Zhang Yan resumes working in the medicated oil company. He uses company funds to hire White Dog to kill Hu Jia. Tianpeng tells him off for throwing his weight about instead of learning the ropes from Hong Shi and the others. Tianpeng discovers Zhang Yan has bribed White Dog to kill Hu Jia.

Zhang Yan defends himself by lying that he wants Hu Jia dead because of the latter’s affair with Minghui. Knowing the truth, Tianpeng is so enraged that he tries to beat Zhang Yan up. He is injured, and falls into a coma. Hu Jia is attacked while out shopping. Dangyong and Minghui rush him to the hospital.

 The Journey: Tumultuous Times Episode 30

While trying to flee from the police, Dangyong meets Ding Hao and saves him. Ding Hao apologises for what he did years ago. Dangyong refuses to return to the syndicate; he regrets sacrificing so many young students in his youthful quests. Dangyong returns home and is happy to learn Zhang Min has given birth to a son.

White Dog tells Zhang Yan that Dangyong is hiding in Bukit Ho Swee. Zhang Yan suspects Dangyong’s three-year-old son is his child, and his fury builds as he observes Dangyong’s happy family life. Zhang Yan makes plans to burn Dangyong and his family to death. While trying to entice Hong Kuan to leave with him, he slips, and his lighter sets the kerosene aflame.

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Update 11 Dec 2014:
Falling in love with  the "Cha Qu" or 2nd soundtrack of the show
as the show is airing currently.

插曲 - 诀别书
主唱:林倛玉 插班生
作词/作曲:小寒 林倛玉

Think the male singer used to be from Dreams FM.
No idea who is the female singer.
Lovely song!

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