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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In The Name Of Love Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni

In The Name Of Love
Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni

Love is a many-splendoured thing but the course of true love never did run smooth. The protagonists of this drama series are a pair of siblings and their neigbours, an elderly couple, through whom the stories of love are played out.

Weekdays on Channel 8
From 25 Jun to 22 July 2014
9:00 to 10:00pm

Song Xinren (Pierre Png) gets acquainted with a mysterious femme fatale Pan Xiaomin (Felicia Chin) and an adorable vagrant Bai Xiaoshan (Julie Tan). He falls in love with Xiaomin, and agrees to sell his apartment in an en bloc sale, only to realise that she has been hired to con him. He soon also learns that Xiaoshan who is secretly in love with and supporting him, is an heiress.

His sister Chuyun (Ann Kok) fares no better as the father of the boy she fatally injured in an accident comes seeking revenge only to be torn as he falls in love with her. The elderly couple’s love is put to test when one of them succumbs to dementia, putting a strain on their relationship.

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Pierre Png as Song Xin Ren

Felicia Chin as Pan Xiao Min

 Julie Tan as Bai Xiao Shan

 Zhu Hou Ren as Wang Wei Guo

 Hong Hui Fang as Hong Mei Dai

 Bryan Wong  as Fang Yao Liang

 Ben Yeo as Wang Jia Shu

 Priscelia Chan as Lu Yu Chan (A-Chan)

  Rayson Tan as Lu Zhi Guang

  Chen Shu Cheng as Bai Yong Chun

  Richard Low as Hong Cai Shun (Hong Bo)

  Lin Mei Jiao as Huang Yan Qiu

  Youyi as  Laura

Ann Kok as Song Chu Yun







In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 1

Song Xinren nearly knocks into Bai Xiaoshan on his bicycle. Disgruntled, she steals his wallet. His clever ploy results in her returning the wallet. He then pays her to run an errand for him.

Meidai overhears people in the market talking about a failed en bloc sale; she is one of those who had opposed it.

She spots her husband, Weiguo, chatting with a woman at the coffeeshop and is jealous. Weiguo helps Xinren man his father’s antique shop.

Business is poor, and Xinren often resorts to tricks to make customers compensate him. Winston tries hard to persuade Weiguo to sign the en bloc papers.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 2

 Xinren runs after Xiaomin to return the money and feels bad when she refuses to accept it. Xinren asks Xiaoshan to take care of Yu’an. As Xiaoshan does not have a place to stay, Xinren agrees to let her sleep in the shop. He does not believe her when she claims she has antiques in her home.

Weiguo argues with Meidai over trivial issues, and she begins to wonder if he has dementia. A stranger, Ye Ying, tries to borrow money from Weiguo to take a taxi to the hospital to visit her family. He offers to go with her, as he does not trust her. Meidai sees him getting into a taxi with the woman and suspects he is fooling around.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 3

 Xiaoshan tails Weiguo. He reports to Xinren that Weiguo had lied and was, instead, helping Ye Ying move house. Meidai flares up when Weiguo admits he has lent Ye Ying $2000, to fund the care of her sick mother-in-law. Meidai threatens divorce; to her astonishment, he agrees.

Xinren wants to dock Xiaoshan’s pay when a customer refuses to compensate them for breaking an item. She suggests he should pay her a commission for every item she sells. Chuyun finds out Zhiguang is having an affair. She is willing to forgive him, but insists he should sever ties with his mistress.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 4

Meidai complains about Weiguo to Jiashu, whom she hopes to move in with. Jiashu rejects her. Chuyun takes Meidai home and asks Zhiguang to pick their son up from class. Zhiguang parks in a handicap lot at the mall because of Laura. She gets into an argument and the entire scene is videotaped.

Zhiguang turns up late at the tuition centre, by which time Yu’an has been taken away by thugs. A kind person saves the boy. Xinren sees his nude picture in the gallery and buys it. To his dismay, the owner puts up another right away. Xiaoshan convinces her parents to accept Xinren. When they learn he has yet to fall for her, they ask Caishun to give her a hand.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 5 

Xiaomin jumps into the water to save Xinren. Xiaoshan rushes to his side, and he assumes it was she who saved him. Caishun tells Xiaoshan he had arranged it all, to make Xinren give up on Xiaomin, who is already someone’s mistress. He stops Xiaoshan from telling Xinren the truth. Weiguo moves into a motel after leaving Meidai.

He meets Ye Ying, who offers to rent her extra room to him. Chuyun invites Xinren to Yu’an’s birthday party. Zhiguang does not attend on account of Laura. Unable to bear the farce, Xinren shows Chuyun the video of Zhiguang and Laura, which had been uploaded onto the Internet. He reveals he has long known about Zhiguang’s infidelity, but had kept silent on the matter as Zhiguang seemed to treat Chuyun well

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni
Episode 6 

Grateful to Xiaoshan, Xinren invites her to move in with him. Chuyun is stranded at a bus stop during a downpour. Fang Yaoliang tries to help her. Xinren goes to Xiaomin’s rescue at a restaurant, but treats her coldly on account of Dali.

Meidai tells Jiashu she no longer wants to sell the apartment. He lies that Chan is ill and needs money for her medical bills. Weiguo decides to help his son. Thinking Meidai is selling the apartment, Jiashu’s brother, Jiasheng, rushes back from America.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 7

Xiaomin tells Xinren she lies about being someone’s mistress, so that no man will want to court her. She admits she is in need of money, but cannot accept his help. Xiaomin takes Xinren to visit the mentally-impaired Zhihai. Thinking they are there are volunteers, he becomes irritated by Zhihai. Xiaomin asks if he can take care of Zhihai in the long term, and Xinren says he cannot.

Asking him not to look her up again, she reveals Zhihai is her brother. To ensure Xinren will be able to keep the apartment, Xiaoshan stuffs $50,000 into an antique box and pretends his father must have left the money there in the past. Xinren sees through her ploy, but says nothing. Weiguo is happy to be able to help Jiashu, and insists on writing an IOU for Xinren. 

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 8

Weiguo learns Ye Ying’s mother-in-law had committed suicide by jumping off the building. Ye Ying cries in his arms, which upsets Meidai. Chuyun tells Yaoliang she killed a boy in an accident and has since had a phobia about driving.

Chuyun is infuriated that Zhiguang wants to maintain his relationship with her as well as with Laura, so that Yu’an will have a complete home. When Laura calls, Chuyun urges him to let her and Yu’an live in peace. At Xinren’s advice, Chuyun lands a job in real estate, so that she will have time to take care of Yu’an.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 9

Chuyun is surprised to find Xinren waiting on Xiaoshan attentively. Mistakenly assuming he is a two-timer, she urges him to make things clear to Xiaoshan if he does not love her. Xiaoshan tells Chuyun that as long as she can be close to Xinren now, it does not matter if he chooses Xiaomin in the future. She finds out Caishun has told Xinren she has a terminal disease and has only three months left to live. Chuyun returns to her real estate agent job. Her feelings for Yaoliang grow. He intervenes with a difficult customer and even sells his house to help her.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 10

Xiaoshan is upset when Xinren uses a chicken wing to kiss her lips instead. Weiguo wakes up and is shocked by the sight of the insecticide bags. Learning about the suicide attempt, he takes Meidai to the coffeeshop to see Jiashu selling roast meat. Weiguo tells Meidai he has been going to the coffeeshop everyday to help Jiashu, so as to surprise her.

Xiaoshan becomes uneasy when Xinren insists friends and lovers must not lie to each other. Xinren still cares about Xiaomin. He even accompanies her to meet a movie director. He disapproves of the deal when he finds out she has to be in a nude scene in the movie. Xiaomin tells him that her other alternative is to become someone’s mistress. Zhihai has a brain tumour and needs surgery in New York.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 11

Dali denies he wants Xiaomin to be his mistress, and Weiguo and Meidai insist she was out to con Xinren. He then finds out the movie deal was a hoax, and is so upset that he rams his bicycle into a wall and is injured.

Chuyun is dealing with a difficult customer when Yaoliang turns up with a friend, who is an interested buyer. Grateful, she buys him a meal. Yu’an does not like Yaoliang, as he is afraid of getting a new father. Chuyun realises the little girl Yu’an had knocked into is Zhiguang’s daughter with Laura.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 12

Taken aback by the marriage proposal, Xiaoshan runs off. She later realises Caishun has told Xinren she is dying. Though she is worried he will not forgive her for lying, she accepts his proposal. Meidai is disappointed there is nothing for her from Weiguo on their anniversary. Yaoliang buys toys for Yu’an, to make him happy.

Zhiguang warns him to stay away from his wife and son, and even hits him. At class, Chuyun notices Yaoliang’s bruises. Zhiguang shows up, and Yaoliang decides to leave. Zhiguang wants to reconcile with Chuyun and give Yu’an a complete family. He is infuriated when she asks him to tell Laura what he has said.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 13

Xiaoshan does not dare to reveal she is not ill. She calls off the wedding. Xinren is upset both Xiaoshan and Xiaomin have lied to him. Chuyun urges him to accept Xiaoshan, who loves him. Yu’an’s school has organized a cycling activity. Chuyun is stressed, as she will need to participate. Chuyun finds out Yaoliang had stayed away from class to avoid gossip. When he hears she wants to learn to cycle, he offers to guide her. Yaoliang is the father of Yong’en, the boy whom Chuyun killed in the accident. He wants to exact revenge, but now has mixed feelings about his plot. Meidai finds receipts for a cake and earrings, and yet again she suspects Weiguo of fooling around. But he had bought the items for her.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 14

Xiaomin removes her clothes and takes the money. Stunned, Xinren confides in Xiaoshan, who senses that he cares about Xiaomin. Xiaoshan reveals she was with Xiaomin earlier. She hands a red packet to Xinren. Chuyun finds a cheque for $500,000 in it. She knows Xiaomin is not the ruthless sort, but urges Xinren to treasure his impending marriage with Xiaoshan.

Yaoliang is reminded of his son when he takes Chuyun and Yu’an out. Chuyun sees the picture of a boy in his wallet. He claims the boy is with his ex-wife. Yaoliang tricks Chuyun into taking the wheel by feigning illness. She tells him she has overcome her phobia.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 15

 Weiguo prepares tonics for his dementia. Vexed when Meidai accuses him of keeping the good stuff for himself, he decides to go out for a breather. He discovers someone has cut up his clothes and broken the earrings he bought. Meidai tells Jiashu that Weiguo is having an affair. Back home, the caterer turns up with a buffet. Weiguo goes off to collect the cake. Feeling dizzy, however, he falls down a slope.

Meidai realises it is her wedding anniversary when Xinren and the others turn up at her place. She learns Weiguo had left work early. When he does not return, she worries. Weiguo is found in a drain. Xinren learns Meidai has been feeding Weiguo poison. Weiguo is sent to the hospital. Meidai learns there was a hotel room card key in his pocket, and remembers they had booked a room to watch the National Day fireworks and he kept the key as a souvenir.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 16

Xiaomin survives. Xinren is so concerned about her that Xiaoshan decides to give him up. She confesses she is not ill and calls off the wedding. Xinren calls on Caishun just as he is scolding Zhihai for throwing things around. Caishun scoffs that Xinren will never be able to find someone who loves him as much as Xiaoshan does. Not wanting to owe Xiaoshan any more favours, Xinren takes Zhihai away. Chan asks Weiguo for household allowance.

He puts up with her demands, as he needs someone to look after Meidai. Chuyun finds a stranger in Xinren’s bed and assumes he is a robber. She later learns he is Xiaomin’s brother, Zhihai. When Xinren reveals Xiaoshan is not ill, Chuyun point out to him that he has fallen for Xiaoshan or he would not have proposed to her.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 17

Chuyun faints in fright. When she comes round, Yaoliang tells her that he had saved Yu’an in the nick of time. Yu’an is puzzled when Yaoliang lies that he had received a call when Chuyun arrived. After the ordeal, Chuyun returns the car and does not dare to drive again. Zhiguang is jealous the car is for Chuyun. Yaoliang feels bad when Chuyun defends him in front of Zhiguang.

Yaoliang is upset with himself for his failed attempt at revenge. He apologises to his son and gives vent to his frustration by speeding. Xinren holds an antique auction to help Weiguo raise money. Xiaoshan bids for a vase she had once carried with Xinren. She is sad when he hands her a cheque, indicating the end of their relationship.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni
Episode 18

Zhiguang admits he had bought a bottle of perfume for Chuyun. Laura vows not to let them off. Chuyun calls Yaoliang and is sad he seems distant. Zhiguang tries to find out who exposed his affair. Laura and Xinren deny sending the pictures to Chuyun. Chuyun asks Yaoliang out to dinner.

They even go dancing afterward. Weiguo realises his watch has gone missing. When he finds it in the microwave oven, he is certain it was Meidai’s doing. After he has left the house, Helen bullies Meidai.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 19

Xinren asks Chuyun not to confront Yaoliang; he plans to investigate the matter first. He poses as a worker and tricks Yaoliang’s maid into letting him enter the house. He discovers it was Yaoliang who sent pictures of Zhiguang and Laura to Chuyun. Xinren feels a sense of loss when Xiaoshan updates him on her Iceland travels.

Weiguo installs a pinhole camera at home and verifies that Meidai was not lying about being abused by the maid. He fires the maid and decides to take care of Meidai by himself. Xinren rushes to Pulau Ubin after receiving a message from Xiaomin and is reunited with her. She has decided to stay on the island and has even convinced the bicycle shop’s boss to hire Zhihai.

In The Name Of Love | 最爱是你 | Zui Ai Jiu Shi Ni Episode 20
 Last Episode

Xiaomin is disappointed that Xinren held himself back from kissing her. On the way home, Xinren passes Xiaoshan’s house and makes a wish that she would return soon. Caishun urges him not to pester Xiaoshan again. In an effort to give him a skill, Xinren teaches Zhihai how to restore old furniture. Xiaomin senses that Xinren loves Xiaoshan deeply. Weiguo is exhausted.

He breaks down after giving Meidai a slap. Upon persuasion, he agrees to let her stay in a nursing home. The empty house makes him very sad. Chuyun is showing a client a house when Yaoliang turns up to say he is buying the house. He has decided not to leave the country and will accept Yu’an as his godson.

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