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Monday, May 12, 2014

Great White Rips Captain Apart In A Few Seconds Scam


Came across the link "Great White Rips Captain Apart In A Few Seconds" on Facebook. Got curious and wanted to take a look. I was scared at the same time.

The Facebook News Post:

Weird thing is, when I clicked, you're requested to share the link before you can view the video. Well I did share the link but I did not get to see the video.

The Facebook Page:

Next, I searched for the video based on the main title on YouTube and saw this:
When I clicked on the video, within seconds, I knew I've been "Rick Roll'D". Horrible. I've been scammed! Ahahah. They made use of my stupidity, curiosity and naivety to con me.. Oh well.


This means that the photo had most likely been photoshopped by combining 2 images:
1. Big Shark Image
2. Deep Sea Fishing Image


Anyway I was still pretty curious about sharks and went on to search for real footage on Shark Attacks and came across these 3 great videos:

First 2 videos are real sharks attack attempts at a man swimming and another biting into a boat.

The last video is the best in terms of capturing a shark attack in it's full glory in HD resolution and graphics. But they were recorded via a planned fake bait to resemble a seal.

At the end of this little shark journey, I find the shark really majestic, vicious and graceful at the same time. I am in awe and fear. Not going to the beach for a while.

Check out:

Exploding sperm whale carcass caught on camera

Here are some other photoshopped shark pranks:


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