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Friday, July 19, 2013

Korean Make Up Tutorial From YouTube - Get It Beauty Self - Amazing Transformation

This Korean Make Up Tutorial From YouTube has got to be one of my favs. 

Lovely Before and After results. Great music and video editing. The works.

How do you go from this .. 

To this in 10 minutes?? Amazing!!

Deep Dive Difference: Eyes and Complexion are significantly more attractive.
I think it helps that the model has small define features to begin with as well.

She resembles Korean actress, Choi Ji-woo, from the Korean Drama - Winter Sonata.

Make up and tools used in the video tutoral are from
Mac, Bobbi Brown, Make Up Forever and more.

Here's some screenshots of the video for quick reference
on how she does it and what tools and make up she used.

I think this is a good video that Beauty Brands should learn from to place in their stores or to do marketing. Good learning video for consumers as well.