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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kelly Pan Jia Li 潘嘉丽

Kelly got my attention with her super long legs in her MV "情人 " (You Are Still My Lover).

What a transformation.


 And boy, the stylist did her a huge favor and showed off her lovely legs to a T.


I don't mean to be rude.

Her voice is melodic and nice, but it does not really stand out from the bunch of outstanding singers out there in the market.


But her legs, plus her voice, it's a whole new ball game, IMHO.


Daring but good move. I mean Beyonce dresses like that on stage all the time

But for an Asian to pull it off, it definitely took some guts.

You look so good!

I did not really take notice of her previous 4 albums. Decided to do some digging on the songs from her latest album:

Miss Kelly | 情人嘉麗, 《情人》(2014)
5.Why Goodbye    

《情人》 (Lover)

《小丑》 (Clown)

But I think in one of her live performances, one of the costume looked too bare.

In the video interview below, Kelly explains her reasons for complying with her advisers on her radical style change for this album:



Her album cover was also deemed a little risque.

As it seemed like her upper torso was barely covered up, except for her hands as a shield.
But overall, she is still the good girl next door with  her sweetie-pie looks and demeanor.

Her album is available on :

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