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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting a Cab In Singapore

If you're waiting in line for a taxi or cab for more than 5 minutes in Singapore, it's time to take action. If you have a mobile phone, dial one of the hotlines below that will direct you to a customer service officer if you're a first time caller. Or if you're a repeated caller, the cab company will likely prompt you to select one of you previous booking locations. Your taxi request is likely to arrive within the next 3 to 15 minutes, depending on the weather (Long wait if it's raining), your location (is it out of the way or whether the road is packed with traffic.) and your luck.

Taxi Cab Hotline
1. CityCab - 6552 1111
2. Comfort Taxi - 6552 1111
3. SMRT Taxis - 6555 8888
4. Smart Cab - 6485 7777
5. TransCab - 6555 3333
6. Premier Taxis - 6363 6888
7. Prime Taxi - 6778 0808
8. Yellow-Top Taxi - 6293 5545
9. Dial-A-Cab - 6342 5222
10. Common Taxi Booking Number - 63425 222.

During peak or holiday periods, it might be hard to get through the hotline. This is the time when you should consider downloading a Taxi Booking App in Singapore. Here are a few recommendations. Be aware of roaming data charges from your service provider as a tourist on vacation.

For iPhone Users:
1. Comfortdelgro Taxi Booking -
2.SMRT Book A Taxi -

For Blackberry Users:
1. Taxi Singapore -

As your very last resort, if you've been waiting for more than 45 minutes trying to get a cab, it's time to consider taking public transport to get yourself to a more likely area to get a cab.

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