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Monday, November 25, 2013

About Alfred Low

Alfred Low Profile

Name: Alfred Low (刘玮良)

Age: 22 (Year 2013)

Gender: Male

Height: 1.85 metres

Born in: Singapore

Schools attended:
NYP: Nanyang Poly (Industrial Design)
Greenridge Secondary School

Alfred Low Recent Projects

1. 2014:Channel U Show: SCRUM

2. 2013: Channel U Hey Gorgeous Contestant and Winner

3. 2013: Mediacorp "RACE ME" Event Appearance

4. 2013: Variety Show "囧什么" Appearance

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Alfred Low Related YouTube Videos

Start Video at: 9:55

Start Video at: 5:05

Alfred Low Trivia

1. He has a girlfriend

2. He joined the Color Run in 2013 and even put on a tutu! :)

3.He likes to collect vintage cameras
Source: Video above

4.He might be starting his own business instead of entering showbiz after he complete his studies.

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